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ePayitonline – www.epayitonline.com to Pay Medical Bills Online [2022]


www.epayitonline.com is the patient-friendly portal that helps the patients to pay their medical bills hassle-free.

Paying the bills online using this portal is more convenient, secure and trusted because it gives more choices to pay medical bills.

ePayitonline portal is created by the company Data Media Associates. This company is quite popular among partners Strategic HealthCare. This is the top billing company of the USA.

ePayitonline Portal is the first preference of many of the Health care providers for managing their online billing service.

You will need to have an Access Number and your Code ID to pay your medical bills online at the ePayitonline Portal.

If this billing service portal is new to you, then you will need a guide to use the ePayitonline portal. So keep reading the information in our article.

What is ePayitonline?

what is epayitonline

Epayitonline is a portal service where people can pay medical bills online. This portal is designed by the DataMedia Association. This is a convenient way to make the medical bill payment and without going to any medical store, you can easily pay it through the Epayitonline portal. The biggest advantage is for the patients who have to pay the bill and go through trouble to pay their bill.

Company’s Name ePayitonline
Developed by DataMedia Association
Industry related to Healthcare Industry
Official URL www.epayitonline.com
Country The USA
Payment Mode Online Payment / Mobile Payment
Transactions for Payment Internet banking and Credit or Debit cards are accepted, Master Cards. Etc.

Benefits of ePayitonline Login Account?

  • Time saving and convenient
  • Faster and secure payment method
  • Easy website layout and simple navigation
  • The users can check their status easily
  • Update your personal and private account details
  • You can print receipts and keep them safer
  • Access to E-Statements
  • Checking your historical transactions and older payment account statement
  • You will get continuous support using the services.

Now you have a clear idea about ePayitonline benefits, so now we must learn about Epayitonline login steps at www.epayitonline.com. Now I must begin explaining to you about the Epayitonline portal login steps but before that I would like to explain you about the Epayitonline log in requirements.

ePayitonline Login Requirements 

  • Epayitonline login official URL
  • You must have Epayitonline login code-ID and your Access number with you.
  • Latest version of Browser
  • Personal Computer / Laptop / Tablet / Mobile

Register Account on ePayitonline Login Portal

Kindly follow the steps in the right sequence to access your ePayitonline account.

  • Open the official Epayitonline login portal at epayitonline.com
  • Now you have to enter your identification code here.
  • After entering that code, please click on Submit
  • New users will have a different page on their screen to submit their personal details like their names, email, Telephone contact number, and others.
  • Now please click on the Next button.
  • Your medical information will get submitted into the patient’s data. You can analyze the history of next page.
  • Now, the next step for patients is to submit their SSN or social security number.
  • Moving next, you will receive an identification code which will allow you to access your medical statement.
  • Before the registration process, you must ensure that you submitted all the necessary information on the portal.

How to Access ePayitonline Login Account – Step by Step Guide

Kindly access your Epayitonline account successfully by follow the steps,

login to epayitonline account

  • Now on this page, you will have to submit your Code-ID and your Access #.
  • After adding the details, please click Submit to access your Epayitonline account.

How to Pay your Medical Bills Online using ePayitonline?

  • Open the official ePayitonline login website at epayitonline.com
  • Here you need to provide your UserID and AccessNumber. (These details will be printed on your statement handed over to you by the Health Care provider.
  • You will need to enter your Patient Name, your Account Number, your address, state, your city and zip-code.
  • Please make sure to enter all the accurate details, then click the Submit option.
  • Now you can access your account details and find the details like unpaid bills, your patient details and other details.
  • Now you will be able to proceed forward with the bill payment steps.
  • You can use your Visa Card, American Express, MasterCard, Discover, etc. to make payment.

ePayitonline Contact Details

If you are looking for Epayitonline legit help, then you need to use the below epayitonline online contact details.

www epayitonline com official site help Address:

Epayitonline Privacy, C / O DataMedia Inc., P.O. Box 2305 – Alpharetta, Georgia, 30023, USA.

Contact Number: 800-533-1640

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I thank you for paying good attention to my article about Epayitonline login at the official www.epayitonline.com. I really hope you appreciated this article and it has helped you resolve your difficulties you faced before. But still if you are having issues related to Epayitonline login steps, please drop your comment, I will try to resolve your query.


Is Mymedicalme com legit or Epayitonline legit?

The www.epayitonline.com official site and the website mymedicalme.com legit. Both the website are good for use.

How to Login to e PAY IT ONLINE Portal?

First you must open the www.epayitonline.com login portal and then start adding your code ID and access number.

What kind of payment solutions are offered by epayitonline dma us?

  • Pay By Check
  • Pay By Phone
  • Mobile Pay
  • Payment Plan
  • Recurring Payment

Please open the official website for more info- https://www.dma.us/payment-solutions.htm

Why can’t I open the official www.payitonline.com website?

The correct website for Epayitonline login is www.epayitonline.com.

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