H-E-B Survey at www.heb.com/survey – Win $100 gift card

HEB is a grocery store that invites the customers to take part in the online H-E-B survey at www.HEB.com/survey and help them to improve the service. The people participating in the HEB survey will have a golden chance to win a $100 gift card from HEB.

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HEB Customer Satisfaction feedback survey is as simple as sharing your recent shopping experience with the HEB. So if you have any recent visit at HEB try to be a part of the H-E-B feedback survey.

H-E-B Customer Satisfaction Survey Details

Topic Details
Survey Name H-E-B Customer Satisfaction Survey
Survey URL www.heb.com/Survey
Survey Prize $100 H-E-B gift card
Entry Methods Online and Mail
Official Website www.heb.com
Survey Limit 1 per person, per receipt
H-E-B Customer Satisfaction Survey

heb.com/survey Sweepstakes reward

Once you finish the whole feedback survey procedure by following HEB feedback survey rules and regulations, you will be eligible to win an HEB $100 gift card by just sharing your shopping experience.

To take part in this survey it may take around 15 minutes to finish the whole survey procedure. But one thing is to be noted that only one prize will be awarded per person.

How to take part in the H-E-B customer satisfaction feedback survey?

HEB customer satisfaction feedback survey

The below-mentioned eligibility criteria must be satisfied by every individual, taking part in the feedback survey to get selected for the HEB survey reward of $100 gift card

➽ Candidate participating in the survey must be 18 years old to meet the HEB feedback survey criteria.

➽ Only American residents are eligible for the feedback survey.

➽ You must have a recent purchase from the HEB store.

➽ You won’t be able to participate if you are an HEB employee or family member.

Requirements to participate in the feedback survey at HEB

You must have the below-listed items to take part in the feedback survey

You must have an email address.

➽ You can participate only if you have an Invitation code from HEB to take part in the online survey procedure.

Must able to understand and write English or Spanish (Anyone is mandatory).

Must have a computer or smartphone with an internet connection to answer the online survey questions.

If you are able to fulfill the above requirements. Then you can follow the below stepwise guiding procedure to answer the survey questions.

How to take H-E-B Survey at HEB.com/Survey?

➽ Open your computer or smartphone and log in to the HEB official website as www.HEB.com/survey.


Here you need to select your preferred language to move forward either English or Spanish.

➽ Here you will be asked to enter your certificate code. You can enter this code by looking into your HEB survey invitation form.

➽ After entering the code click on the enter tab to get started with the survey questions.

➽ All the will be asked, based upon your experience at the HEB store.

➽ Try to recall your experience and answer the questions correctly. This will help the HEB to improve their services as per the feedback provided by the users.

➽ Once you have answered all the questions, click on the continue tab.

➽ Here you need to enter your contact information such as Email address, phone number, house number, etc. And click on the submit button.

➽ within a few seconds, you will get a message that you have successfully participated in the HEB feedback survey.

By following the above stepwise guidance you will be able to complete the HEB customer satisfaction feedback survey in online mode and become eligible to get a reward of $100 gift card coupon from HEB.

Visit the official website of HEB at heb.com/survey to take part in the online feedback survey.

HEB Survey at HEB.com/Survey Video Guide 2024

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17 thoughts on “H-E-B Survey at www.heb.com/survey – Win $100 gift card”

  1. Store was very clean and organized. However there are certain items that are hard to find in stock: Accent seasoning, Folgers singles instant coffee crystals (7 singles per box). The only complaint I have and by others is: During high compacity hours on (Saturday & Sunday) between 10:00 am & 2 pm. Why does HEB allow the large carts used (for online shopping orders) that won’t be picked up until the next day to be occupied and filled during these hours? It slows up the independent customers, clogs up the isles, causes frustration & confusion. When there’s two carts on the same isle no-one can go down the aisle. Solution – Those orders should be filled after hours before the stockers arrive. Steady customer for 22 Years.

  2. heb oak hill is very clean. good kind people to help me. i like fish area and nice boy who helps me good. the carts are cleaned all day. the restroom is very nice and clean. i like this store because it is not too grande.

    thanks to heb.

  3. Heb Parmer , environment was really clean staff was great Miranda was quick with checkout process and very approachable

  4. The casher was so friendly and the person who sacked my grocers was so fast .wow
    I love the helpful people through out the store as well .No one seems to mind you asking a question ,even though they are working , stocking or filling orders .
    love our HE B .
    My cashier was BRI G

  5. H.E.B. Burleson . I have been in Crowley for almost a year and had never been to the HEB. so my girlfriend decided to take me to show me where it was. She loves it and wanted me to share the excitement. It was my first time in the store and it was a great experience. From the time I walk in the door we were met with pleasant employee’s. We ran into Zach who is Manager of the Seafood counter and was very friendly and inviting, I’m sorry that I don’t remember any other names but all the employees were great. We were able to receive a try it free
    coupon. Whenever possible I will definitely visit again and bring my husband.

    • I love HEB stores. You can find anything you want there. Everything you could imagine is there. The employees are very helpful. I got my 10 year old grandson hooked on this store. He even asked for a gift card from HEB as his Christmas gift. And said this is his favorite store.

  6. Everyone at the store is very friendly and helpful. Very clean store. It’s a shame they let politics into their policies and remove product because of someone’s political backing. Never will I shop at or in anyway support HEB again. Very sad.

  7. I tried to give my certificate code the number is 262 0606 210 347 18214 it wouldn’t go through for the the gift card $100 gift card

  8. “Kodi Mugs: Do you sell replacement parts This is for the part on the lid that slides It looks like it is removeable for cleaning, it comes off real easy,but when it is put back on the tinesI don,t need a whole new top just the part that slides Is it possible Thanks Clyde Sikesbreak”

  9. Carla, who works in the Pharmacy at the Beechnut, Houston Tx location was extremely helpful, I called to see if the Pharmacy had Suprax available and they only had 2 capsules. She offered to order it if I transferred my prescription over. She was polite and very kind and should be commended for service quality. Mary Shepherd


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