Take Best Buy Customer Satisfaction Survey at www.bestbuy.com & Win $5000 Prizes in 2024

Do you know by answering a few questions in the Best Buy Customer Survey, you can win up to $5,000 worth of shopping prizes? If you have recently learned about the Best Buy Survey and want to know more about it, this article will be the perfect guide.

You can participate in the survey from Best Buy if you have recently visited the company store. You must have an authentic receipt if you have bought any item from the store. This receipt will help you complete the survey at its official www.bestbuycares.com website.

best buy customer satisfaction survey

Taking the Best Buy Feedback Survey will require only a few minutes. You must answer a few questions in the survey and submit your response to the website. Once you do that, you can participate in the Best Buy Survey Sweepstakes, which will give you many rewards.

Before visiting the Best Buy Customer Satisfaction Survey website, you must know the rules. By understanding the rules, you will only see if the survey is fit for you. So, we should not wait any longer and start talking about the survey in detail.

Best Buy Survey Details

Survey Name Best Buy Customer Satisfaction Survey
Rewards Up to $5,000 rewards
Entry Methods Online, phone, and email
Is a prize transfer available? No
Limit for entry One person per receipt
Limit for Prize One prize per person

Best Buy Customer Satisfaction Survey Rewards

Rewards are something that puts a smile on every participant’s face. You can win the Best Buy shopping spree rewards if you want to win the reward below.

  • $5,000 Best Buy’s shopping spree rewards

The above reward will be available once you participate in the Best Buy Survey Sweepstakes. The reward amount depends upon the company so that you can get a higher or lower reward.

To know the current reward amount, you have to take a look at the Best Buy purchase receipt that you have. The reward may be available on it.

Best Buy Opinion Survey Requirements

  • You need a valid purchase receipt from Best Buy.
  • The participants can open the Best Buy survey online using its official website.
  • Please use the latest browser to open the survey site to get the best possible experience.
  • You can comfortably take the survey using your computer, smartphone, laptop, or even your tablet.

Rules for taking BestBuy Survey

  • Only one person can participate in the Bestbuy Survey per receipt.
  • If you are legally residing in any of the 50 states of the US, then you can take the survey.
  • Best Buy will give you only one chance to take the survey per purchase.
  • There is only one winning prize per person.
  • You cannot take the survey on behalf of any third person or give your survey opportunity to any such person on your behalf.
  • Best Buy also does not allow you to transfer any reward amount to any third person.
  • If your state prohibits you from taking the survey or sweepstakes, it is better that you avoid it.
  • There is no cash transfer of any reward from Best Buy.
  • Make sure you give your honest answers in the survey, as the company will only prefer those participants whose answers are valid to their experience,

Steps to participate in the Best Buy Survey

best buy customer survey

After reading the rules and requirements, do you qualify for the Best Buy Feedback Survey? If yes, please follow the steps below to take the survey effectively without any mistakes.

  • First, you must use your browser to open the Best Bur customer service survey website.
  • Once it loads on your screen, please fill in the details using your Best Buy’s purchase receipt.
  • Once you have entered the details and clicked on the “Start” button, and the Best Buy survey will begin.
  • All the questions will be available on your screen for you to provide answers.
  • Remember, you can’t skip any questions as all are mandatory.
  • The questions will mostly be about Best Buy customer service, staff’s treatment towards you, the availability of the items in the store, cleanliness, and other similar questions.
  • Understand the types of the questions and answer each of them accordingly. Some questions will require you to answer only by selecting the options; you must provide a couple of paragraphs of answers for others. Some questions will ask you to choose your scale of satisfaction.
  • Complete the survey by providing honest answers about the management, staff, environment, and working hours.
  • After you have answered all the questions, there is now time to submit your personal contact details.
  • Please type your legal name, phone contact number, and official email address, and if asked, provide your address.
  • After that, please click the “Next” button and follow the Best Buy Online survey instructions.
  • After that, you will receive an option to join the Best Buy Survey Sweepstakes.
  • If you continue with the Best Buy Sweepstakes, you can only win the $5,000 Best Buy Customer Satisfaction online survey rewards.
  • Now, you must verify the details you added and close the survey by clicking on the “Submit” button.

Contact Details

While opening the website or taking the Best Buy Customer Survey online, you must call the officials if you need any help. If you need help determining whom to call, use the details I have listed below


After carefully going through every point of this article, I am sure you have understood everything there is to know about the Best Buy Customer Survey and how to take it online. You need a valid website link on which the company conducts the customer satisfaction survey. Without having a receipt for the survey, you can still take the survey using mail or phone.

For any problem you face, I have given you the contact of the company. Please let me know if you have any further questions I still need to include in this article.


Why am I not able to open the www.service.bestbuycares.com survey website?

The company may have stopped taking the surveys on the website. You can ask the company officials using the contact details to confirm the survey website. The company may have temporarily stopped taking the surveys.

What is the Best Buy NPS Survey?

NPS, or Net Promoter Score helps the company measure the customers’ loyalty. The score depends on the customers’ willingness to buy again from the store and tell their family or friends about it. For more details about the NPS survey, please contact Best Buy officials, as the company has not published any details.

I need to find my Best Buy Customer Service Pin Receipt. Can I still take the survey?

Fortunately, Best Buy allows you to get a copy of the receipt if you call on +1-888-237-8289. After your request is processed, you will get the receipt copy.

Is the Best Buy Survey compulsory?

No, but you can let the company know your thoughts about your Best Buy Customer Satisfaction. This will help the company improve customer service the next time you visit.

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