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If you have recently visited any Bojangles restaurant chain, there is excellent news for you. You can participate in the Bojangles Survey at and win amazing rewards. By taking this customer survey, you can share your opinion about the customer services offered by Bojangles. Before you participate in the survey, you need to know its rules, requirements, and steps so you do not get disqualified. In this article, I will explain to you all about this survey and all the related details so you can refer to all other websites.

Bojangles is an American restaurant chain that provides fast food to its customers. It offers biscuits, chicken, French fries, sandwiches, kid’s menu, beverages, sweets, and much more. If you are fond of any items and want to get them for free or at a discounted price, you must participate in the Survey. By conducting the survey, the restaurant chain wants to improve its current services and provide better satisfaction to the customers. 

Bojangles has set some rules to allow only the eligible participants to take the Talktobo Survey. Therefore, only some of the customers will be able to participate in it. So, are you eligible or not? To check your eligibility, you need to know about the rules of the survey, which I will explain in this article. Before we continue the article, let us understand the restaurant chain and the purpose of the Bojangles Listens survey. 

About Bojangles

about bojangles

Jack Fulk and Richard Thomas founded Bojangles in 1977 as a fast food restaurant that slowly gained popularity over the years and became one of the most popular regional fast food chains in the USA. The success of this chain is due to the delicious and healthy fast food options that it offers. Today, there are more than 800 Bojangles stores available in the United States that offer different types of food items such as chicken, sandwiches, family meals, dinner, biscuit meals, kids meals, individual biscuits, beverages, sweets, fixings, and various other types of extras. These menu items make the Bojangles restaurant chain one of the most popular among people.

Bojangles is popular for providing buttermilk biscuits and Cajun-seasoned fried chicken. After five decades of a successful restaurant journey, Bojangles provides its customers with delicious food items and high-quality services. The main headquarters of this restaurant chain is in Charlotte, North Carolina. Bojangles has funded several sports events, invested in establishing college campuses, and done a lot of good work for the people of the country. All of it makes the chain one of the most beloved by so many people in the country.

Purpose of Bojangles Survey

Bojangles manages more than 800 restaurant stores nationwide and has thousands of customers visiting each location daily. So the company finds it challenging to track happy customers and those who did not like the services. The company cannot ask every customer about their satisfaction and invite them to tell about their experience in great detail personally. So, the company has launched Survey, which allows customers to connect to the website remotely and answer a few questions.

The survey questions will be about the most recent visit of the customers to any of the Bojangles restaurants. They will include aspects like food quality, cleanliness, environment, availability of the store, and staff members’ treatment towards them. These points are very important for any company because they tell much about customer satisfaction. After the customer answers these questions, the company will analyze them and try to understand where it needs improvement.

bojangles guest feedback survey

After carefully analyzing Talktobo Bojangles Survey answers, the company will confirm with the local stores about the same and implement, change, or remove some of the services. By implementing changes, the company will attract more customers and provide them with better restaurant satisfaction. For providing answers in the Talk To Bo survey, the company offers different reward amounts to the customers. To know more about the Bojangleslistens rewards, please read the next point.

Survey Rewards

Every participant participating in the customer satisfaction survey at thinks they should get something in return. The company also wants to reward the customers for providing valuable answers that help improve the services. So, the company has announced below survey rewards for the customers, 

  • Bojangles Listens Gift Card

The rewards you get at the end of survey will change after the company’s decision. Therefore, you must expect a different prize the next time you participate in the survey. But if you want to check the current reward, please check your purchase receipt, as it will have both the survey invitation and reward amount.

For more details about Bojangleslistens rewards, you can reach out to the restaurant and ask the in charge or manager or contact the customer support team. Now you know about the rewards, so let us learn about the requirements for taking the survey.

Bojangleslistens.Com Survey Requirements

  • You must have visited a Bojangles restaurant. 
  • You need to have a valid Bojangles purchase receipt. 
  • Knowledge about valid survey websites, i.e., or
  • To access the survey website, you need to use your laptop, smartphone, or similar device like a tablet. 
  • To take the survey, you must have a high-speed internet connection. 
  • Please take the survey in a secure and updated internet browser.

I hope you understand the requirements for taking the Talktobo Bojangles online survey. Now, let me explain to you the most important point, which is the rules of the survey.

Bojangles Listens Survey Rules

Bojangles restaurant chain has set a list of rules for the customers who participate in its customer satisfaction survey. These rules ensure that only the eligible candidate can take the Talktobo.Com Survey. If you want to check your eligibility for taking the survey, please read the below-mentioned rules carefully,

  • The Bojangles Listens Customer survey is for participants 18 years or above. 
  • The validity of the receipt is 2-3 days, so participate in the survey before it expires. If you have received older than 2-3 days, it will be invalid for the survey.
  • If you have a survey receipt, even participate only once with it. The company does not allow multiple attempts to take surveys with the same receipt. So, one survey for one receipt only.
  • The survey will be in English or Spanish, so you must read, write and understand it to take it.
  • The survey is online only, so you cannot use phone or email methods. 
  • You cannot ask any third person to take the survey on your behalf. 
  • The rewards that you win at the end of the Bojangles Survey will expire within 60 days. So, you must redeem them as soon as possible. 
  • You need to spare at least 10 to 15 minutes to complete the survey. 
  • If you live in any one of the 50 US states, including DC, Guam, and Puerto Rico, you will be eligible to take the survey. 
  • You cannot combine, transfer, or ask for a substitute for the rewards. You have to accept the rewards or prizes in their original form.
  • The company does not offer any cash rewards for your coupon or gift card.
  • Bojangles employees are not able to participate in the survey as per the company’s policy.
  • If you live in a state where taking online surveys like Bojangleslistens is illegal, please avoid taking this survey. 

All customers participating in the Talktobo survey must follow these rules; otherwise, they will get disqualified. So, check if you fulfill all the mentioned rules before you participate.

If you want to avoid the exact step of taking a survey, please read the next point.

How to Take a Bojangles Survey at or

If you are first taking the survey or trying to avoid getting disqualified, you need to follow the Talktobo Survey steps I mentioned below. Please make sure that you have met all the requirements and rules before taking the survey,

bojangles survey
  • Open the survey website by visiting or URLs.
  • Now, enter the survey code from your purchase receipt.
  • Now, choose your date of visit and time from your purchase receipt.
  • At last, you need to provide the check number from your receipt. 
  • After adding these details, please select the language of your survey from Spanish or English, and click the “Start” button.
  • When you click on the start option, it will load a different page on your screen.
  • This page will contain a series of questions related to your recent visit.
  • There will be different types of questions on your screen, which will ask you to provide a description, rating, or choose different types of options. Please answer the questions according to their nature.
  • Kindly read the question carefully and only provide honest answers for each question. 
  • The survey questions will be about the overall satisfaction you had while visiting the store, the cleanliness of the store, overall food quality and price, how the staff members treated you, and the overall restaurant environment
  • After you complete answering the survey questions, you have to move to the final page.
  • After answering all the Talktobo Survey questions, you have to enter your personal contact details on the last survey page. 
  • Please make sure all the details you enter are authentic, as the company will use them to inform you about your win. 
  • After returning the details, you can claim your Talktobo.Com Survey rewards. If it is a voucher, please copy that validation code and save it somewhere.
  • Finally, you can submit your survey and close the website. If there are any further instructions, please follow them.

Note: You can take the customer satisfaction survey at Bojangleslistens.Com or Talktobo.Com. Both websites are correct for taking surveys. However, if you need clarification or are facing a problem while taking the survey, please reach out to the customer support team using contact details.

Contact Details

After going through each step and following all the instructions, you should be fine with taking the Bojangles Talktobo Survey. But if you have technical or unexpected errors, you must use the company contact details. Using the information below, you’ll be able to talk to her, the company’s expert team that will guide you and help you resolve any problem you are facing.

  • Bojangles Survey Website: and 
  • Official Bojangles Website:
  • Social Media Accounts

Please use the contact information I provided about the company according to your requirements. If you need clarification, you can also visit the restaurant you visited the last time.


Bojangles Survey is one of the best initiatives taken by the company for all customers. The program gives a great chance to customers to express their genuine thoughts about the services. The company wants them to refrain from providing positive feedback but expects honest feedback. The customers can take the survey on Bojangleslistens or Talktobo websites and win the applicable rewards. 

If you want to know more about the survey or wish there were more details on this, please comment. You can share your doubts, feedback, or suggestions about this topic.


Which is the correct website or, for taking Bojangles Survey?

The company has yet to come out and say that one of the websites is not genuine, so we have to assume that both the website Talktobo and Bojangleslistens are correct for taking the Bojangles customer satisfaction survey. Both of the websites have similar structure and survey look. Please contact the customer help and support team if you are still unclear about the proper website.

Can I win a $50 Bojangles gift card at the end of Bojangleslistens?

The world keeps changing, so you must expect the company to provide a different monthly reward. Check the current reward, and you need to purchase at any company restaurant and get a Bojangles purchase receipt. On the receipt, you will receive a survey invitation and the current reward details.

What is the Bojangles Survey Code?

The Bojangles Survey Code is a 19-digit code that can be found on your Bojangles receipt. You will need to enter this code when you take the Bojangleslistens or survey to be eligible to win a gift card.

What is Talk To Bo?

Talk To Bo is the website that allows users to take customer survey from Bojangles.

I cannot find the validation code on the Survey website. Can you please help?

You should receive a validation code after you provide all the answers to the survey and your contact details. If you are unable to receive the code, you need to reach out to the customer support team and explain the situation. But first, you need to confirm that your purchase receipt has a survey invitation. You will only get rewards if it has a survey invitation.

Is taking the survey for all the regular customers?

The survey is optional for regular customers as well as new customers. It is an initiative that gives customers a chance to provide honest feedback. If the customer does not wish to participate, they can skip it.

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