– Official HomeGoods Survey to Win $500 Gift Card

HomeGoodsFeedback survey is offering you a chance to win a $500 Gift Card. If you have visited Home Goods store a few days back, then this is the golden opportunity that will take less than 5 minutes but give you great rewards in return.

The HomeGoods Customer Satisfaction Survey is the official survey taken by the Home Goods company which allows the customers to open up about their experiences they had with the brand in the form of feedback, reviews, opinions or suggestions.

homegoods customer feedback survey

You can take this survey on website and let the company know about your genuine experience of shopping at the store. The company will only appreciate it if you provide it with truthful information.

In return for sparing your valuable time on HomeGoods website, you will be rewarded with the entry in the Sweepstakes and a chance to win a gift card worth $500.

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If you have no idea about the survey and how to take it, then don’t worry as you will find all the details about the survey in this article. Survey Details

What is the official name of the survey? HomeGoods Customer Satisfaction Survey
Reward of the survey $500 Gift Card
Method of taking the survey Take online or via mail
What is the entry limit? Only 1 personal allowed per household
Survey Valid Country United States
Receipt Validity Receipt is valid for unlimited days
What is the website to take the survey?

HomeGoods Customer Survey Sweepstakes & Rewards

If you are willing to participate in the survey online, then you must have a brief idea about what rewards you stand to win. You will get below rewards,

  • HomeGoods $500 Gift Card
  • Official Entry in the HomeGoods Monthly Sweepstakes
  • 12 Winner will be announced with each winning $500 GiftCard

Survey Rules

homegoods guest satisfaction survey

First you must know if you qualify for the survey. To qualify you must know about the rules of entry. You will also have to follow these rules and keep them in mind while taking online survey. Please follow the rules,

  • Only 18+ years participants are welcome
  • 1 person entry for a month
  • Complete Homegoods survey within & days of getting the receipt.
  • No third-person or third-party will be allowed to take the survey on your behalf
  • Not all the contestants will win
  • You cannot take this survey if you live in the USA, Canada or in Puerto Rico.
  • You will not be eligible for entering into the sweepstakes if you have an incomplete survey.
  • The entry period of Sweepstakes of HomeGoods Store Survey will be valid for 12 months
  • The drawing of the winner will be random so not all the participants will win.
  • Purchasing goods or items will not boost the chances of your winning.
  • If you have won, you will have to pay the associated taxes.
  • If you work at HomeGoods as an employee or worker, please avoid taking the survey.
  • No cash-transfer or substitution is allowed instead of the original form of prizing.
  • The HomeGoods employees, Family, closest people, etc. are banned from taking the survey.
  • Avoid the survey if you are in Quebec.

Tip: Follow the rules strictly to avoid disqualification.

Survey Requirements

homegoods guest feedback survey

  • Need the latest receipt and not too old.
  • Have Wi-Fi or internet
  • Receipt must have a survey invitation.
  • Use the most recent browser.

How to Take HomeGoods Survey at

Please read the above rules and check if you qualify for the survey. If you qualify and fulfill all the rules and requirements, then let’s start taking the survey online. Have your Homegoods receipt ready with you.

  • Open the Home goods feedback website –

homegoods customer satisfaction survey

  • Please make sure the above page loads on your screen.
  • Check your receipt and put the survey number from it.
  • Then enter your date according to the Homegoods receipt.
  • Finally choose your visit time.
  • Now “Start” the survey pressing the button.
  • After clicking the Start button, the next page will load questions.
  • These questions will be simple so just remember the last visit and provide all your answers.
  • In the rating questions, please rate your level of satisfaction based.
  • There will be scales of rating available on your screen.
  • The questions will require you to provide a genuine answer.
  • Let the company know about the atmosphere, staff behavior, quality of service and many other relevant questions.
  • Then, you will need to choose if you want to participate in the HomeGoods Sweepstakes or not.
  • If you want, click Yes.
  • After that, you will have to add all the personal details like name, mobile number, email, etc. Add those details and move ahead with the process.

Tips: Giving positive replies will not increase your chances of winning. Before starting the survey, please check the internet and speed.

Take HomeGoods Survey via Mail without Purchase?

It is okay if you do not want to go online and take the survey. Even if you do not have the Homegoods receipt of your recent purchase, then also you can take this survey using the mail method. It will require a mailing address and a postcard.

homegoods survey

Please take a postcard not larger than 4 ¼” x 6″ and not smaller than 3 ½” x 5″. On this postcard, you must include your full legal name with mobile contact details and email address.

Mail this postcard on the following address,

  • HomeGoods “Customer Satisfaction” Sweepstakes
  • P.O. Box – 155
  • Macedon, NY 14502 0155

Sweepstakes Time Duration

The Sweepstakes starts on 1st January 2022, at 12:00 AM Eastern Time (“ET”) and it ends on 31st December 2022, at 11:59:59 PM ET. The Sweepstakes has twelve (12) entry periods and each “entry period” mentioned in the following table:

No. Survey
Start Date
End Date
Received by
1 1/1/2022 1/31/2022 2/9/2022 2/10/2022
2 2/1/2022 2/28/2022 3/9/2022 3/10/2022
3 3/1/2022 3/31/2022 4/11/2022 4/12/2022
4 4/1/2022 4/30/2022 5/9/2022 5/10/2022
5 5/1/2022 5/31/2022 6/9/2022 6/10/2022
6 6/1/2022 6/30/2022 7/11/2022 7/12/2022
7 7/1/2022 7/31/2022 8/9/2022 8/10/2022
8 8/1/2022 8/31/2022 9/9/2022 9/12/2022
9 9/1/2022 9/30/2022 10/10/2022 10/11/2022
10 10/1/2022 10/31/2022 11/9/2022 11/10/2022
11 11/1/2022 11/30/2022 12/9/2022 12/12/2022
12 12/1/2022 12/31/2022 1/9/2023 1/10/2023

Contact Details

Please contact the right authority if you are having issues opening Homegoodsfeedback website or unable to take the survey.

  • Official Home goods feedback website:
  • HomeGoods Official Website:
  • Contact Number: 1-800-888-0776
  • Address for Mail: Framingham, Massachusetts, United States.


After going through the article about HomeGoods survey, you should have no doubts about taking the survey on and participating in the Home Goods Sweepstakes.

The rules of the survey are must and you must qualify for those rules. If you do not qualify, then you must avoid taking the survey. Also if you are not a legal resident of the country, then this survey is not for you. Please follow each rule and ensure that you win and take home the prize.

If you need any help from me about the survey or any step, please provide your feedback or suggestions to reach me. For this, use the comment box below.


Which is the best method for taking the HomeGoods survey – online or mail?

It is up to you to choose the correct survey method. If you want to take the survey on Home goods feedback website then you can visit it and enter all the details. But if the mail method works for you, then you can use the postcard.

I am encountering glitches while opening the Homegoodsfeedback website.

The technical glitches may be because of poor internet or having an older version of browser. Update the browser or open the Homegoodsfeedback website on a different device. See if it works or not. If it does not work, then please contact the customer support team.

Which is the best browser to visit

The is a website that allows you to take the survey. So, you can choose any standard browser to open the website and take the survey. Most people would choose Chrome or Firefox.

Will everyone participating in the survey to win a $500 gift card?

No. There will be 12 winners for each monthly drawing and with each drawing the winner will get a Homegood gift card of $500.

Where can I use the HomeGoods survey giftcard?

The Gift card that you have won will be used on any HomeGoods Store.

Is it secure to take the survey on

The website  is the official company website and not a third-party website. This website is accessible via any secure browser and it already protects your privacy, so there is no security breach or threat to your date. The data collected will be used to improve Home Goods services.

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