2 thoughts on “My.uei.edu – UEI Student Portal Login Official Guide 2023”

  1. My comment has to do with people who have been really nasty towards me. One teacher that I can name, Mr. Rodelo, you bullied me when I was out sick from school for a month. The fact that I have cancer is not funny, and you had the audacity to say online to me that whatever I was doing needed to stop? That was completely disgraceful! Also, getting assignments done and not getting anything for my efforts, and having perfect attendance until almost the final month of school? I guess that my time there was meaningless! People that treat their students like trash, and students not getting anything for their efforts should just move on from you narcissistic jerks. That school is just a waste of time and space! I hope people read this comment so they can see what you really are!!! Good riddance!!!


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