Family Dollar Survey at – Win $1,000 / $1,500 Survey

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Guys, – Family Dollar has come up with a great opportunity to earn cash $1000 to its customers that are loyal. You can win this amount by simply finishing one short satisfaction survey on their website The company also announces $1500 prizes other than cash dollars weekly.

This online survey helps the company improve its product, standardize its store atmosphere and provide better customer services to all its loyal customers.

This article will help you to understand the basics about and how the survey works.

Family Dollar Survey Rewards

The Family Dollar Survey Rewards include $1000 cash and $1500 worth of valued prizes once you finish the Family Dollar Survey on www ratefd com website.

Family Dollar Survey Details

Family Dollar is a chain of Variety stores in the states of America, started in 1959 by an American businessman and philanthropist, Leon Levine. This company is from Matthews in North Carolina, It conducts a reward program a www ratefd com survey to provide the best possible experience to its customers.

Family Dollar Survey Details

In the www survey, you may also include about the service they provide, genuine response about what you liked and what you didn’t like, how their employees treated you, how you felt as a customer.

Do not lose this golden chance to win a $1000 cash prize or $1500 worth of prize. Survey Rules

To participate in the survey, you must keep in mind some rules given below.

  • It is not necessary or mandatory to make purchases to be a winner
  • USA legal residents are only allowed to participate
  • Only 1 person for 1 survey invitation is allowed
  • Family Dollar employees or their affiliates are not allowed to participate
  • You age should be at least 18+ years old.
  • State taxes, and federal taxes. State taxes and Federal taxes will be paid by you if you win
  • If you win, you will receive the update on your email. So, keep checking it.
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Please follow the above rules for a survey on Ratefd com.

Family Dollar Survey Requirements

We just saw a brief about Family Dollar Reward, now let us understand the requirements for FamilyDollar com login.

  • A Receipt from the Family Dollar Store. It must be the latest one.
  • Uninterrupted Internet Connectivity to connect to perform the FamilyDollar com login.
  • 5 to 7 minutes to give to this survey on www ratefd com.
  • A Device to fill his surveys such as a PC, laptop, or Smartphone to complete login.
  • You should have a basic idea of an English or Spanish Language.

So these are some necessary details to know about login.

How to Take Family Dollar Survey at

Select Language to Participate in Family Dollar Survey at
  • Now, the RateFD survey page will show an image as above to select one language from two given English and Spanish languages to select from. Select the one you wish to continue the RateFD survey with.
Enter 16 to 19 Digit Number and Click on Next to Start Family Dollar Survey at
  • Check your receipt; you will have a number containing 16 to 19 digits of your Transaction ID. Add that to website for the survey.
  • Click the button – “Next” once you finish entering the detail on
  • Share your true and honest experience by selecting highly satisfied or highly dissatisfied.
  • Please provide your personal details for contact as well when asked on the website page for the lucky draw.
  • Personal Details will include your name first, then contact number, your age, etc.
  • Then, finish the survey after clicking the “Submit” button available on your screen.
  • The company will send you a message about to inform you about the contest entry.
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So, this was about the customer survey on

Simple Method to Enter in Family Dollar Survey

  • In your mail, write your Full Name, your age, your current number to contact, and your current Mail-address.
  • Add the below subject to your Mail: –
Mail Subject to Enter in Family Dollar Survey
  • Write the mail as below,
Mail Example to Participate in Family Dollar Survey
  • Send this mail to any of the below addresses applicable to you
Addresses to Send Mail for Family Dollar Survey

Family Dollar Store Survey Website

Survey Website of Family Dollar –

Official Website of Family Dollar –

Family Dollar Subsidiaries

There are many Family dollar subsidiaries companies available that you can also check out.

  • Family Dollar Stores of, Inc
  • Tar Heel Trading International Holding United
  • Monroe Road Holdings LP
  • Family Dollar Operations Inc.
  • Family Dollar IP Co.
  • FD Beach Blvd. LLC
  • Family Dollar Insurance Inc.
  • Family Dollar Inc.
  • Tar Heel Trading International S.A.R.L.
  • FD Spinco II, Inc.

Family Dollar Stores are available in

  • Oklahoma
  • Indiana
  • Pennsylvania
  • New York
  • West Virginia
  • Alabama
  • Connecticut
  • Virginia
  • Rohde Island
  • Massachusetts
  • Florida
  • Wisconsin
  • South Dakota
  • Texas
  • Georgia
  • Mississippi
  • Maryland
  • Delaware

So, the above are the Family Dollar subsidiaries.

Get More Free Reward Prizes

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Family Dollar Survey Contact Information

You may call on 1-844-636-7687 for any kind of queries you might have about the Ratefd com survey on the official URL. The contact team will guide you with all of your problems and coordinate with you very well. You can only share your experience with the only relevant Family Dollar Subsidiaries.

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You may directly write to them at the address mentioned below the survey-related questions:

Post Office Box 1017

Charlotte, North Carolina – 28201-1017

For more information, you can also refer to the Family Dollar official site.


So, here we have shown you the great way or you can say the opportunity to make 1000 Dollars with Family Dollar official website and using DollarSurvey more, we have also shared the details of Family Dollar Company details and how to participate, who can participate, etc. Hope you liked our article, if so, please also fill the small survey by commenting in the below comment box, how you feel about this article about Family – DollarSurvey.


Can I pay by cheque at Family Dollar?

Yes, but they are subject to verification by the bank.

Can I return an item bought online to my nearest store?

Yes, within 30 days to the nearest family Dollar Store, you can return the item.

Does the www. ratefd survey takes too much time?

No, www. ratefd survey will not take much time and it is quite quick

9 thoughts on “Family Dollar Survey at – Win $1,000 / $1,500”

  1. I just returned from shopping at one of your stores. I have to say back some time it was in pretty bad shape, messy, then here about a month ago, you had some real nice and friendly workers in the store and it looked awesome, I was impressed and told them what a good job they were doing. This evening I went in, and it was back to being messy and disorderly, and on top of that, I had to leave sooner than I wanted because of the smell of pot, it was so potent, I had to leave. Hope this store gets lined back out, thank you

  2. If I could win this money it would help me buy stuff from family dollar for my house.i live on a fix income,so that money would help me

  3. Had a bad experience at a Family Dollar in Houston, TX. today. Drove up to the store at 9 a.m. (opening time). The elderly cashier drove up at 9:05 with a cup of coffee. She set in her car for 10 minutes. Then went to the door and he manager let her in. At 9:20, after several people had gathered to shop could not get in (it was locked) , some left angry. The manager never peeked out to let us know how long it would be before we could shop. At 9:25, I look in the window to see the manager helping the older lady count the drawer, but she just was laughing and had her back turned. I tugged on the door and it opened. As I walked in I asked her, “When did it come open”?. She lied and said “It’s “been” open, suggesting that the customers were fools who don’t know how to open a door, but some had been tugging on it after 9:10 a.m. That is so lame. The manager should have apologized for opening up late, instead of trying to make the customers seem like fools. By the time I needed to pay, the same cashier said “wait a minute, i still have to get my self together!, ignoring the value of my own time. It was 9:40 am by then. The manager just sided with the cashier like she was a possible relative or close friend, ignoring the customer’s needs. GET A NEW CASHIER PLEASE, WHO DOES NOT NEED TO BE CUDDLED.!!!!!SEVERAL PEOPLE SAID THEY WOULD NOTIFY CORPORATE.

  4. i was just at a store #08197 sheridan drive tonawanda new york . i used to work at family dollar .the manager her should be ashamed this was the worst sloppt messy and employee’s were rude standong around texting they should be cleanning produts were all over the floor

  5. Store at Church Square has rude Manager today sat 4pm i bought dislquid on shelf said 5.00, it ranged u as 5.40 i asked Manager about price issue she stated I’m not gone keep changing these DAM prices for yall customers, this is unprofesctional of her, this would be great time for Represenetive to visit that store as a ordinary worker and see for them selfves how those idiot run that buisness!!! Something has to be done about that Manager!!

  6. Left the store today without purchasing anything. Could not get through the aisle because of trash and carts! Female employee was sitting on the floor behind the register. Male employee was standing talking. Shelves are empty back room is overflowing


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