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Edeca Login – www.e-deca2.org – Complete Guide to Access E deca2 Login Portal in 2022

Edeca Login – www.e-deca2.org

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Are you trying to use edeca login and having trouble logging into your edeca Portal at www.e-deca2.org with your E-deca login credentials?

If so, do not worry, we have cover all the details necessary for e-deca login.

We have provided a easy solution to any issue you might encounter while attempting to edeca login in your edeca account.

From recovering your edeca password to recovering your account on the edeca portal, everything is mentioned in this article, so kindly read the full article to understand more about e-deca login.

You may also get all the information of edeca on their official website www.e-deca2.org  

Shall we start learning about edeca!?

What is E-DECA?

E-DECA is a web-based software that allows parents and teachers to participate in an online Devereux Early Childhood Assessments.

All generated reports, scoring, and research-based methods for home and school settings are all completed by the e-deca, that also maintains your data in a secure database.

You have the option of using proof practices that support or align with the starting up to understand your child behaviours and goals.


  • Making a score record is simple and quick using edeca. 
  • e-deca login can easily import and export data
  • Keep track of each child’s review history in a protected database as it is web based portal. 
  • You can generate easy-to-read kid, group, and program-level reports in fraction of seconds via edeca login as either a parent or a teacher. 

Let’s discuss on how to get in to the Edeca at www.e-deca2.org when you’ve already clarified with the Edeca.

Before starting to move on E-deca Login procedure let us give you a quick overview of the credentials required for the E-deca Login process.

Edeca Login Requirements

  • Official web address for Edeca Login.
  • You should have a accurate E-deca username or email id , as well as a passcode.
  • An updated internet browser.
  • A device such as PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet that can be connected to internet. 

Edeca Login at www.e-deca2.org

To successfully access your e-deca login portal, please follow the procedure stated  below:

login to edeca website

  • Kindly type your Username and Password into the blanks spaces provided.
  • In order to gain access of your e-deca account, kindly press the Login button.

Hoe to Reset or Change Edeca Login Password

To successfully change the edeca login password, please follow the steps stated herewith in the correct order. 

click on forgot password in e-deca login page

  • Now, as shown in the image above, tap the “Forgot Password?” button.

reset edeca login password

  • Please enter your email Id that is linked with your edeca account. 
  • Then tap on the SUBMIT button and adhere to the instruction that pops up on the screen.

Edeca Login Help

The Edeca contact information is included below, and it may be of assistance to you in resolving all of your troubles and problems related to e-deca login as fast as they can. 

For any type of assistance, all users are supposed to contact their Program Administrator.

If you need assistance as a program administrator or are unsure who your program administrator is, please email at decasupport@kaplanco.com and share your concern with that admin and he will solve all your queries.

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That was everything about the Edeca Login at www.e-deca2.org. We surely hope you liked today’s article and have found it useful; however, if you have any questions or need assistance with this E-deca login, please drop a comment; We like to help everyone. Thank you. 


Can I get the edeca login in any other language except English?

Yes, edeca is also available in Spanish Language, for that you need to contact your admin and tell him to give you the Spanish portal access. 

How does the DECA Preschool Program involve families?

Parents can utilise the DECA-P2 to rate their kid in the same way as teachers do.  Families are included throughout the planning process, assisting in the identification of their child’s skills and aspirations, as well as potential tactics. It also includes tips for parents to utilise at home. At parent meetings, this resource comes very handy.

Is it possible to read the DECA-P2 record form for those parents can not read by themselves?

Yes, as provided the questions are read aloud in the same tone of voice as they were written. Readers should not try to manipulate the results in any manner.

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