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Use your Us Steel Login credentials on the official website US Steel Employee Portal. In this article, we have covered key information about the US Steel Portal login. On, you might have issues using your login or you may not have an idea how to use your login. So here we have simplified the overall process and steps for you.

us steel employee portal

This topic requires your attention to understand some of the details about the U.S. Steel Employee Benefits Portal. Starting from the basic details about the US Steel Employee Portal to the issues related to login, we have all the key points included. The Uss Portal is simple but sometimes if you forgot password, do not know what to do when the website is not working or you do not know how to resolve any technical problem, then this article may be the best for you

So let us start getting more details about the United States Steel Employee Portal at­-Resources-­Login

What is US Steel Employee Portal

what is us steel employee portal

The US Steel Employee Portal is a masterfully designed providing online access to all of the company’s important and required functional areas, like procurement, legal services, finance, human resources, and more. It functions as an information hub as well as a potent communication tool.

All the employees can visit this Us Steel Portal by account details that they have. Employees are able to get an open access to their work schedules, pay stubs, W2 payroll and information about tax. The employees can even know about PTO information. PTO here means Paid Time Off.  It also assists its employees with any issues or questions they may have.

About United States Steel

US Steel or United States Steel is a corporation that is one of the best known producers of steel based in the USA. The head office of the company is rightfully situated in Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh. In the world US Steel ranks among the biggest producers of steel at 38th place by the current listing. US Steel holds the second largest position in the United States of America.

US Steel Employee Portal Benefits

With Us Steel Login, the employee get below benefits,

  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance and Life Insurance (AD&D)
  • Reimbursement for tuition
  • Trust Fund for Employee Pensions and Savings
  • Benefits for Workers’ Compensation and Disability
  • Profit ­Sharing and Stock Purchase Plans are two types of stock purchase plans.
  • Assistance Programs for Employees
  • Paid Vacations
  • FSAs (Flexible Spending Accounts) are a type
  • Program to Assist Employees (EAP)
  • Insurance
  • Medical and Health Insurance
  • Availability of Planned Leave Bank
  • Discounts on legal services and corporate discounts
  • Benefits & Perks of Other Kinds!

We’d be talking about the official US Steel Employee Portal –­Resources-­Login as soon as you’ve gone through the Employee Uss Com benefits of the US Steel Employee Portal login.

Now, we’ll begin the U.S. Steel Portal Login process into the US Steel Employee Portal, but first. Please open and access the URL of the Uss Portal.

US Steel Employee Portal Login Requirements

  • URL Us Steel Employee Login portal
  • Username and Uss Employee Login password of the Uss account
  • The browser has been upgraded and a new version is now available.
  • Other gadgets include a mobile phone, computers, smart-tablet, and other electrical gadgets.
  • Accessibility to the internet that has good speed.

US Steel Employee Portal Login at

In order, we’ve listed the methods for logging into the Uss Portal website.

  • Open the portal link at

click on login in us steel employee portal

  • Now please click on the button – Log In as per the image above

login to us steel employee portal

  • Now you are supposed to sign Us Steel – Login by adding your user ID. Your user ID will be like [email protected] or [email protected], Please check and type it here.
  • Now you are supposed to open the USS.Com Employee Portal.

How to Reset US Steel Employee Portal Password

You need Us Steel Employee Login password in order to access the United States Steel Employee Portal, So, recover your password or reset it with the given steps.

  • Open the Uss Employee Portal at

click on login in us steel employee portal

  • Follow the image as per above and click the LOGIN.

click on can't access your account option

  • You must now consider clicking on the – Cant access your account.

choose work or school account option

  • Now you have two options. Select the first one – “Work or School Account” on the US Steel Employee Benefits Portal.

reset us steel employee portal login password

  • Now insert your Email/UserID
  • Then look and solve the character puzzle and write the character in the box given below it.
  • Now, finally, click Next to proceed on the Uss Com Employee Portal.
  • Follow every single step you are given.

How to Create US Steel Employee Portal Account

To claim your Us Steel Login, first you have to create your account. On Us Steel Portal. All these steps are given here:

  • Visit Official Website of the US Steel Employee Portal at

click on sign up in uss employee portal

  • Now, Click on Sign Up button.

enter required details to create us steel employee portal account

  • Next, Please enter your Last Name, Last Four Digits of National Identifier (SSN or SIN), Postal Code / ZIP Code and Date of Birth (MM-DD-YYYY) into the empty field.
  • Enter captcha code.
  • After doing all above steps, please click on Continue button to create account.

US Steel Employee Portal Login Help

US Steel Employee Portal problems might be the result of a painfully slow internet connection or server troubles. It’s even possible that you’re having difficulties with Login because you may be using an outdated and slower browser. In any case, you may find Employee information on how to contact Uss Com Employee Portal for assistance with any issues you’re having on the official page at­Resources­-Login.

All of the steps we gave should be accurately followed by you to be helpful. Not always, you may encounter U.S. Steel Portal Login troubles that are unsolvable but we can clearly suggest that you should only follow the steps we provide.

US Steel Employee Portal Official Website:­Resources­Login
US Steel Website:

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All the best experiences that you have while doing the Us Steel Login are due to following the steps in their right order. If you skip any step, then it is utmost important that you use the contact details to correct your mistakes or missteps. You can let us know if we fulfilled all your need for the Us Steel Login information by putting comments.


What is the story of the Us Steel?

Us Steel or United States Steel Corporation is often referred to as one of the biggest steel manufacturers in the world. It scores its rank easily in top 50 companies. The company came to be on date – March 2 and in the year – 1901. Thus the company was founded by 4 different people Andrew Carnegie , Elbert Gary , J. P. Morgan, and finally William Moore.

The company was renamed US Steel in 2001 but before it was known as USX Corporation.

Is Us Steel Employee Login portal accessible through the phone?

Yes, you can access the Us Steel Login portal though your phone.

Do employees get health insurance with the United States Steel company?

Yes, the employees can get the benefit of health insurance at the company. You can check more about it with your Us Steel Login if you are an employee.

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