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CTV Television Network is popularly referred to as CTV is a leading television network from Canada that offers a great entertainment. This channel provides specialty channels that offer the highest quality content for the audience. The programs are both entertainment and current affairs like news programs. CTV is mostly free for all the users and those who are using the CTV don’t have to pay charge for the services, however, if you are watching CTV Go on your smartphone or computer, then you will be liable to pay your monthly internet or data usage charges.

ctv.ca activate

Most people mistake CTV for “Connected TV” which is also true but CTV also stands for “CTV Network”.


This network offers a large library of content and episodic videos that you would love including the shows that are loved by the majority of audiences. CTV Network is the biggest network from Canada and it is completely a private and commercial network. Currently, there are 22 CTV Network stations available all across the nation. It is currently competing with the Global TV Network.

If you want to know the real Canadian Television, then CTV must be it. To be able to watch the content on Canadian TV, you must first learn how to activate it on your current device. The CTV.CA is available on most of the devices such as mobile phone web, desktop and tablets. You can also stream it online using your Windows PC, streaming devices and gaming consoles.

You can watch CTV if you have an active subscription of the TV service provider. If you do not have then you will need to contact your Service provider for activating CTV.

This channel offers most of the content without having a subscription on the official website of CTV but the app would need a Cable TV or Satellite TV subscription.

How to Install and Activate CTV on Android TV with Ctv.ca/activate?

activate ctv on android device

  • Turn the Android TV first.
  • Now from your home screen access the Google PlayStore.
  • Find and download CTV News app on your Android TV.
  • Now the installation is going to start.
  • Launch the CTV App once the installation gets completed.
  • Open the “Account Management” (from setting) and now please click on the Sign In button.
  • On your screen, there is going to be an activation code.
  • Write or copy that code.
  • Using a browser open the website: www.ctv.ca/activate
  • Now begin logging in using your TV provider’s details.
  • When asked, please provide the code.
  • Once you have added the correct code then a message will show up on your screen about success. If not, retry.
  • Now use the CTV app to start viewing all the CTV shows.

How to Activate CTV on Apple TV using ctv.ca/activate

how to activate ctv on apple tv


  • First, after turning on your device, please access the Apple TV’s store.
  • Now start browsing the CTV News application on it.
  • Once you have found it, please install it by starting the download process. Use the “Get” button.
  • Now you can launch the installed CTV News application.
  • Select the Sign In button from the available menu.
  • Write or copy the activation code that shows up on your screen.
  • Now open this website: ctv.ca/activate
  • Paste that activation code in the blanks.
  • Log in now if you already have an active subscription.
  • Use your password or email for confirming your identity.
  • There will be a “Success” showing message if you succeed.
  • Go back to the main menu of Apple TV.
  • Start the streaming process of CTV videos, shows or content.

Install and Activate CTV on Roku with Ctv.ca/activate

install and activate ctv on roku

  • Start the Roku device.
  • Press the Home button on the remote to open home.
  • Now please open the channel store.
  • Find “CTV News” using search options.
  • Now please add that channel to your Roku.
  • Let the app install.
  • Launch the installed CTV News Channel.
  • Press Sign In.
  • Now write or copy the activation code on your screen.
  • Use a browser from phone or computer to access this link: Ctv.ca/activate
  • Now start the registration process with your TV provider to begin the Log In process.
  • Choose your Service Provider for Television.
  • Paste that activation code or type it in the blank.
  • After that the CTV services will start with a Success message on screen.
  • Now you must restart the Roku device.
  • Once the Roku opens, the CTV content will load on your screen.

How can I Activate CTV on my Samsung Smart TV?

activate ctv on samsung tv

On your Samsung SmartTV, you can start the services of CTV easily by accessing the Samsung’s Smart Hub. These simple steps are going to help you get the CTV on your device.

  • Turn on your Samsung TV.
  • Now long press the “Home” button on your Samsung’s remote.
  • Now please use the search option to find “CTV News”.
  • After finding it, please select it and click to install.
  • Launch or open the application once it is installed correctly.
  • Now Sign In.
  • Copy or write down the code that shows up for later,
  • Open browser in your mobile or computer to open the link: ctv.ca/activate
  • Use the login credentials of your service provider.
  • Then insert that copied or saved code here on this website.
  • After entering all the correct details, wait for the success message to come up on your screen.
  • Now begin watching all the shows on CTV.

How Install and Activate CTV on Amazon Firestick and Fire TV?

activate ctv on amazon firetv

If you want CTV on your Firestick device or on FireTV then you need to follow the listed steps,

  • Find the main menu from your home screen after turning on your device.
  • After that please find “CTV News”.
  • Now click “Get” for that application
  • It will start the process of download.
  • Now from the setting menu, then go to Account Management  please click the Sign In option.
  • Copy and save the code available on the screen.
  • Open your mobile or PC to access the website: ctv.ca/activate
  • Provide the TV provider’s details.
  • Now put the activation code in the blank.
  • After the process is complete, you will get a “Success” message.

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CTV is one of the best networks that provides all kinds of entertainment to the population of the country. The activation process with the help of ctv.ca/activate will not take much time and therefore you have to pay attention to the overall process that I have listed. All the steps that are listed in this article are going to help you out with the process. If you are confused about some of the points or processes related to the ctv.ca/activate website, then I request you to open up and write your comments. I will assist you whenever possible.

Please try to follow all the steps to save yourself from the trouble of repeating the process over and over again. The steps of activation, registration, login and streaming are going to be the same for almost all the same. So, you could activate the services on some other devices using the identical steps and there would be no problem with the activation.


Where should I find the code to enter on www ctv ca activate?

When you start your device and install the CTV Canadian Television application, you will get a code after you click on the Sign In option. This Ctv Activate 5 Digit Code will help you activate the services on your device and therefore you must copy that Ctv Activate 5 Digit Code or save it somewhere for later use. Then visit the link https //www.ctv.ca/activate enter code.

Is CTV service completely free or does it have ads while watching the shows?

CTV offers most of the content for free and you are not required to pay anything. But since no business or service can survive without income, the CTV services include ads. These ads or commercials will be played in the middle of the stream.

Is the Ctv.Ca/Activate Site down? I cannot activate it on Firestick.

No. You can access it using your mobile phone or personal computer, But you must have https //www.ctv.ca/firetv activation code with you to enter. Because this website www.ctv.ca/activate firestick will ask to provide that code only.

I cannot activate CTV on my Apple TV using Ctvnews.Ca/Appletv link. It shows 404-Page not Found.

For activating the CTV services on your Apple television, you would need a valid Ctv.Ca Activate link which is www.ctv.ca/activate.

Is www.ctv.ca activate process taking too much time?

Starting from turning on your device to get the activation process complete at Ctv.Ca/Activate, the process of Ctv Activate is going to take less than 4-5 minutes maximum.

The https //www.ctv.ca/activate code ctv activate is not working. I cannot enter that code.

Please retry entering the code. Do not wait up till the code expires. Please enter it as soon as it shows up on your screen.

Do all the Samsung devices support CTV and activation?

If the Samsung device that you have is old and not compatible with the recent applications and features of the applications, then www.ctv.ca samsung activation steps will not work and so will not work the application. The version of your television must not be too old otherwise the Ctv.Ca/Samsung Activate will not work.

Is the Ctv Ca Activate website secure to access from public WiFI?

Whenever you are trying to activate the services of CTV or any other application on your device, you must know about the Ctv.Ca/Activate Site you must use the same website as before. This means that you are not supposed to use the public WiFi because it may not be secure and it may lead to security issues.

Can I get Ctv On Roku?

Yes. CTV is available on Roku devices.

Is there any Ctv Go App to download?

There is a CTV app which you can download for popular OS of devices.

Why does the Account BellMedia load on my screen when clicking the CTV Activate website?

The https://account.bellmedia.ca/login/bdu/ website is going to help you with the Sign In process.

I tried everything but nothing works for activating the Hallmark on my device. How to connect with customer service?

If your internet is working fine, the device is having the latest version, you have a valid subscription, then nothing could have or should have gone wrong. But if you are having unexpected errors, then you can call on this number – 800.425.5627. This is the customer care of Hallmark and they are going to guide you with the right solution to the problem that you are facing.

I am from Canada and I am facing trouble with activation.

All the customers of Canada should contact the Hallmark Canada office by contacting the number – 905.752.7200.

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