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ComData Card Login – – Complete Guide

ComData Login

Hello all, we are back again with another informative article about comdata login. Please read the article carefully because you will find a lot of useful information about comdata login.

So, before knowing about comdata login, let us first understand about comdata.

About Comdata and Comdata Card

Curtiss W. Earlier founded Comdata in 1969. Comdata is a payment processor which was under Ceridian but it was taken over by a $3.45 billion deal by Fleector. Currently, Comdata’s headquarter is situated in Brentwood in Tennessee, USA.

About Comdata and Comdata Card

Comdata works with many industries based in America. It works with industries like hospitality, education, the healthcare industry, etc. It works with the government of the US as well.

Comdata Card is the best payroll card that gives several benefits to its cardholders. It is an alternate way to receive your payroll instead of a paper cheque. Every payroll period, your payment is deposited into the Comdata Card. Once the money is deposited in your Comdata Card, there are a number of ways to access it. You will have access in the easiest ways with faster access to the funds in your account.

As a comdata card holder, you get so many benefits with your Comdata Card. Only a very few companies like Comdata offer cards that offer Mastercard Easy Savings Program and Comdata Card is used by many companies like Risinger, Levinge Freight Lines, Trucking People, etc. comdata card holder get a payroll card that is a prepaid card.

Cardholder comdata cannot withdraw an amount that is greater than the overall value that the card has.

Comdata Card Benefits

Cardholder comdata gets great benefits with the Comdata Card.  To check out all the benefits and other details the cardholder can access to Cardholder.comdata website using the URL Cardholder.comdata website will require the card holder to use their comdata card login details. All the details need to be filled in the given options of website.

  • You won’t have to wait as long for your salary because you won’t be receiving paper checks.
  • Check the balance of your Comdata card from anywhere and at any time using comdata card login. You are able to use Comdata card can at the location that accepts Mastercard for payment.
  • Create a notification alert for each transaction as well as when your employer loads cash on payday.
  • This Comdata card can be used to withdraw cash from any ATM.

Use the comdata website to get all the benefits. Your comdata pay card can be used for competitive fuel discounts also. That is why you should login to Comdata pay card also gives zero transaction fees so the card holder has to worry less.

Let us talk about the website and discuss the login procedure.

ComData Card Login Requirements website requires the following.

  • Website address of
  • comdata cardholder login – username and password.
  • Web browser to access
  • Reliable internet connection for faster comdata cardholder login
  • Personal Computer, Laptop, Mobile Phone or any other useful device.

With all of the requirements fulfilled, you can easily perform a cardholder login for your comdata mastercard benefits. The process of cardholder login is relatively simple and faster.

Comdata Mastercard Login Guide

Let us understand the procedure for login at cardholder comdata com website.

Comdata Card Login
  • Open the cardholder comdata com website using its official url
  • Now, as you can see in the image above, you will require to enter your username and password in the fields available.

It is simple, you will be logged in to the website.

How to Activate Comdata Card Number

To activate your comdata mastercard, you need the following

  • Go to website. It is the website that will open if you enter comdata.cardholder website URL.
  • Please enter your comdata card number as per the instructions. Add activation code as well.
  • Before you activate the comdata card, the treatment branch will issue you a temporary card. So you will need to provide your 16-digit number of your comdata card.
  • Once you proceed, there will be a 9-digit SSN requirement for activation, please enter it.
  • After that simply press the “Next” button to proceed ahead.

So, you have learned about the activation from comdata.cardholder website.

Hot to Register at Comdata Card –

Now, let us understand another simple step to register your Comdata card. registration is quite simple

Click on Register in ComData Card Page
  • Please then add your Comdata card number and activation code.
  • You will see the “next” option given below. Click it and proceed ahead.
Add Card Number and Activation Code and Follow Step for ComData Card Registration

Just follow the steps and you will be registered in no time.

How to Reset ComData Card Login Password

If you forgot your username or password and you are not able to perform comdata com sign in then follow the simple step given below.

Click on Password in ComData Card Login Page
  • Open the website
  • If you forgot your username, then click on the username button available on “Forgot your Username or Password?”
  • It will ask you for your card number and email address, Kindly fill in the right details.
  • Did you forget your password? Click the password button which on “Forgot your Username or Password?” button. After that, just click the “Submit Request” button.
Enter Username and Email Address to Reset ComData Card Login Password
  • It will open a window and ask you a question about providing your username and email address. Please enter the right details and click the “Submit Request” button.
  • Fill in the accurate details. In case you entered wrong details, click on the “Reset” button to enter the correct details.

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ComData Card Contact Information

Contacts details help you if you face any difficulties with your registration or comdata com sign in process. Blue you will find Useful information to contact on a data card instantly to solve the problem you are facing.


MasterCard support contact: 800-282-7496

Prepaid-P card support contact: 888-265-8228

We hope that the contact details provided will help you to solve the problem whether it is technical, registration-related, or related to comdata com sign in.


We are glad we could provide the valuable information to you. The card will be provided to you mostly by your employer so If you want to check comdata payroll check stubs, you can check using cardholder comdata com website.

Not only you can check comdata payroll check stubs, but there are other great benefits that we discussed earlier in this article.

It is quite simple to use the website cardholder comdata com. All you need is comdata pay card login to find out the benefits associated with the card.

To share your concern, please feel free to let us know your thoughts on this article for the procedure or in the comment section given below.


Can I check my comdata payroll check stubs?

Yes, you can check your pay stubs using cardholder comdata com website.

Is comdata pay card login difficult?

No, It is quite a simple and frankly very quick process that will help you to get logged in to the website faster.

What more industries does Comdata serve?

Comdata serves restaurants, education, government, healthcare, hospitality, construction, retail, and trucking industries.

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