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Today we will discuss Lightspeed login. We have covered basic details about Lightspeed login and benefits and login requirements. We have also added login steps to make sure you have a smooth experience when you use Lightspeed login.

Lightspeed provides e-commerce solutions to its users. Lightspeed work is cloud-based and it helps its users to maintain inventory online with their Lightspeed Retail login. With Lightspeed Retail login. the users can perform their tasks easily. There are so many benefits associated with Lightspeed Retail login that you will read in our article.

Before we talk more about this, let us first know the basic information about Lightspeed POS login.

Lightspeed POS Login Information

Lightspeed is a great ecommerce platform that lets the customers manage all of their inventory whether it is in-store or online. The users need to go to website URL for their Lightspeed POS login. In Lightspeed POS login, POS means Point-Of-Sales. Lightspeed POS system allows its users to sync their inventory across many locations. Furthermore, Lightspeed POS is the best option for the retailers who belong to industries like sports related goods, jewelry, bike, home decor items, footwear, and apparel.

Lightspeed Restaurant POS Login

Retailers get many benefits like accessing the customer profiles, easy payment processing, purchase order management, etc. The users can also integrate POS hardware and integrate accounting software. It is all possible with Lightspeed POS login.

In a nutshell, the POS system by Lightspeed offers multi-store capabilities and great inventory management services. So, Lightspeed POS login is very important. Let us first have a basic information about Lightspeed Retail Now, then we will understand about the benefits of Lightspeed login Retail.

Lightspeed Retail Login Information

In the world of ecommerce services, Lightspeed is a cloud-based company that provides ecommerce services and point-of-sale with the help of Lightspeed Retail login. The company provides software solutions serving more than 100 countries and 23,000 clients. It serves industries like hospitality, retail, and restaurants all across the globe. For different users, the company provides different login facilities, for example, for restaurants. Lightspeed offers Lightspeed Restaurant login.

The headquarters of Lightspeed is in Quebec,Canada. Dax Dasilva founed this company in 2005 in Quebec, Montreal. He is founder and also a CEO of the Lightspeed company.

Lightspeed has its offices in New York, Santa Cruz, Ottawa, and Olympia.

After the benefits we will talk about the Lightspeed Restaurant login and Lightspeed HQ login as well.

Lightspeed Retail Login Account Benefits

These are the benefits that you get with your Lightspeed om login.

  • First of all, you get multi-store capabilities enabled through Lightspeed com login.
  • You also get benefits of the best e-commerce integration
  • With Lightspeed com login, you will have flexible options for payments
  • You get a great retail point-of-sale with Lightspeed
  • Easy, smart and powerful reporting with Lightspeed com login
  • Great inventory management for smart work and smart work integration

Above all are basic benefits that you will get using your login to Lightspeed. Now let us see about www lightspeedhq com login requirements.

www lightspeedhq com Login Requirements

There are only basic things you will require to get logged in to the Lightspeed.

  • Lightspeed – website URL for login
  • Laptop, Personal Computer, Tablet, Smartphone, etc, to login.
  • Good web browser, for example, Chrome, Safari, Firefo or Edge.
  • Your www lightspeedhq com login ID and Password

You can easily login to the website using all of the above. Now let us understand about the steps to login.

Lightspeed Login Steps

Please follow the given steps carefully to successfully log in to the website.

Open Lightspeed Login and Click on Retail
  • As per annotation in the picture above, please click on “Retail” option
Enter Username and Password and Click on Sign In
  • Now as per the requirement, enter your Email or Username in the empty field.
  • Then enter your Password in the given empty field.
  • Please make sure you have entered the right details otherwise you will not be able to www lightspeedhq com login
  • Then, finally click on the Sign In button available to perform Light Speed login.
  • Please use the “Sign In with Google” button as well so you can use Google easy one-click automatic sign in.

So, with these simple steps followed, you can do your Light Speed login without any issues.

How to Reset Lightspeedhq Login Password

Carefully follow the steps with attention and you will get your password as soon as possible.

Open Lightspeed Login and Click on Retail
  • Now to proceed for Password reset, please click on the “Retail” button on the webpage.
Click on Forgot Password in Lightspeed Retail Login Page
  • Now as per the above image, click on the “Forgot Password?” button to proceed ahead.
Enter Email Address and Click on Reset to Change Lightspeed Retail Login Password
  • Now as per the above image annotations, enter your email address you used to register to Lightspeed login Retail.
  • Finish the process by clicking on the “Reset Password” button available on the bottom – right corner of the webpage.

Make sure you have followed these steps perfectly and that will get you to reset your password very soon.

Now that is all we covered about Lightspeed retail log in. Let us talk about Lightspeed Ecom login.

Lightspeed Ecom Login Steps

Open Lightspeed Login and Click on eCommerce
  • Now, as per the annotation in the above image, enter your “Email address” and “Password”.
  • Once you have entered your correct details, please click on the “Log In to your store” button at the bottom.
Enter Username and Password and Click on Login to your Store for Lightspeed eCommerce Login
  • If by any chance you do not recall your password, click on “Forgot Password”
Click on Forgot Password in Lightspeed eCommerce Login Page
  • See the option above about  “Forgot your Password?” button, it will open below page
Enter Email Address and Click on Reset to Change Lightspeed eCommerce Login Password
  • Your Email address is required to be entered in the given empty field.
  • Go and click to Reset Password button to continue with you’re the request of your password reset for Lightspeed Ecom login.

By following these simple steps, you will be logged in to eCommerce using your Lightspeed Ecom login.

Lightspeed Restaurant Login

These steps will guide you shown below and you will be logged in using your Lightspeed Restaurant login.

Open Lightspeed Login and Click on Restaurant POS
  • Select the “Restaurant POS” option given
Enter Email Address and Password and Click on Submit
  • It will open the above page. Now enter your Email and Password on this page
  • Kindly click on “Submit” button to proceed for your Lightspeed Restaurant login.
Click on Forgot Password in Lightspeed Restaurant POS Login Page
  • Click “Forgot Password?” button if you have trouble remembering your password.
Enter Email Address and Click on Submit to Reset Lightspeed Restaurant POS Password
  • Follow as per the annotation to enter the email address.
  • There is “Submit” button just below. Just click on it.

Password recovery becomes so much easier with these steps.

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Lightspeed Contact Information

If you face any difficulties when you are performing your Lightspeed Access login. Then, you need to directly contact Lightspeed to speed up things by solving the problem/issue you are facing as quickly as possible.

Dial 866-932-1801 for your queries and you will be answered.

Call hours are between 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. The days Lightspeed available are from Monday to Sunday

Montreal Contact (Canada)


On Saturday – Sunday, the timing will be 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Dial 855-300-7108 for Québec

Dial 866-932-1801 for North America

Dial +1-514-907-1801 for International

Contact Address:

700, St-Antoine Est,

Suite 300,

Montreal, Quebec,

Canada, H2Y 1A6

London Contact (UK)

Email :    

Dial +44 203 695 9599

Contact Address:

Lightspeed, Floor 5,

201 Borough High St,

London SE1 1JA,


The above contact information will help you to share your concerns to the relevant department or branch. You can share if you are having trouble accessing the website or issues related to Lightspeed Access login.


Thank you for paying attention to the details we have provided you. In a summary, we have tried to cover Lightspeed Login, Lightspeed POS Login, Lightspeed Restaurant Login, Lightspeed HQ Login, Lightspeed Ecom Login, and Lightspeed Access Login.

If you want to share your experience or feedback reading the blog, please use our comment section for expressing yourself.


What does Lightspeed provide?

Lightspeed provides software solutions to various industries. It is a cloud-based company offering e-commerce services to its users/clients

Does Lightspeed offer good login services?

Lightspeed offers lightspeed retail log in, lightspeed ecom login, lightspeed pos login, lightspeed login retail, and lightspeed restaurant login And all of them are good user-friendly and user-oriented

Can I build my own website using Lightspeed?

If you do not have any technical skills, still you can make your website using website templated offered by Lightspeed.

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