How to Install & Activate AMC Plus on Amazon Firestick via [2024]


Many people confuse AMC Plus with AMC but they are somewhat different from each other. AMC Plus is a bundle that offers many features of AMC Premier, exclusive series, acclaimed AMC shows, Sundance TV, BBC America, and all of them are completely ad free on AMCplus . So, you must be curious to know. Today I am going to explain how you can activate and watch AMC+ on your Amazon Firestick using . If it’s your first time accessing the channel, then you need to create your AMC Plus Account, check the subscription plans and then move ahead with the process of Amc Plus Activate on

AMC+ is a new bundle for premium streaming of the best shows of AMC, Sundance TV, IFC, and BBC America. If you are fond of AMC shows then, you can enjoy the critically acclaimed and people favourite shows on this platform completely free and on demand. You can enjoy this bundle on different devices such as Roku, Sling TV, YouTube TV, Apple TV, etc.

In today’s article, I am going to explain to you all the details about activating an AMC Plus account without making any mistakes and make sure that you watch all the shows online. I will explain to you a step by step process using the official Amc Plus activation link in this article. I need to pay close attention to the information I provide.


What is the AMC Plus Network?

what is amc plus network

If you want to watch the best shows from different networks such as AMC, Sundance TV, Shudder, IFC , BBC America, IFC Films Unlimited, and Sundance Now, AMC+ the best premium streaming bundle that you can get on your Amazon Firestick.

How to Get Amc Plus For Free? – To get the AMC Plus on your Firestick, you need to go through a series of steps from creating your Amcplus.Com Login , choosing your valid Amc Plus Subscription, and finally activating Amc Plus On Firestick using official website.

AMC Plus is a very good choice as you can see many critically acclaimed shows, movies and video content that will make you stick to your couch for long hours. There are so many award winning shows beloved by fans that you can watch, enjoy and learn.

So, the above was a very basic introduction about AMC+ premium streaming bundle. Now, let us move toward learning the requirements for Amc Plus Activate steps.

Requirement to Activate AMC Plus

  • Completing the AMC Plus Activate steps will require a good internet connection with high speed.
  • To watch the shows of the network, you need to have a TV Activation Code AMC for entering on the website.
  • You can use your personal computer, laptop, mobile, or tablet to access the activation website.
  • To enjoy the smoothest activation experience, you need to use the latest browser on your device.
  • Valid AMC Plus subscription details.

Please make sure to meet all the mentioned requirements for activation. Since you are going to watch differentials, you need to get a faster internet connection. Now, let us move ahead with the steps of AMC+ Activation.

Steps to Subscribe for AMC+ Account?

Have you subscribed for AMC Plus Account? If not then try following steps for AMC+ subscription.

  • Go to on any browser to create free account.
  • Now, type your email address in given field.
  • Create a your password to access the account. (Make sure the password must be eight characters.)
  • Finally, Click on Create Account.
  • Choose a suitable plan for subscription
  • Enter the payment details and click on Subscribe.
  • Your AMC+ account is created. Save the credentials as you need them during the activation process at

How to Activate AMC Plus using

activate amc plus using activate

During AMC+ activation, you need to pay close attention to the steps that you take. It may happen that, in a rush, you may delay the whole Amazon Amc Plus activation process. Therefore, I request you to pay close attention to the steps listed below.

  • First, turn on your Amazon Firestick and access the home screen by pressing the “home” button on your remote.
  • Now look for the “Find” option,
  • Then, by pressing the search icon, please  type the words “AMC Plus” and heat enter.
  • In a few moments, all the AMC related search results will appear on your screen.
  • Kindly choose the correct AMC Plus written in a square box having + sign.
  • Click on the “get” or “install” button to start.
  • After the application gets installed in your system, please launch it on your screen.
  • As soon as you launch it you will see a Tv Activation Code AMC will appear on your screen.
  • Please keep the Amc App Firestick screen open and access a browser on devices mentioned above.
  • In the browser URL please open this link –
  • Then, you may enter Amc Plus Free Account login details.
  • At last, please enter your AMC Plus Activation code from TV on the website and click continue.
  • All the shows will be loaded on your screen after the verification process of Amc App On Amazon Fire TV is complete.

Please make sure you have a valid AMC Plus Account Subscription to this bundling streaming service.And do not skip any step because you may not understand what to do next.

If due to some reason, you are not able to complete the activation or load the programs on your AMC Plus application, please read the following troubleshooting tips to fix such issues.

Troubleshooting Tips to Activate AMC Plus on Firestick

Facing issues such as “AMC App On Firestick Not Working” is quite common for a lot of people. Such issues may spoil your overall mood for activating the services. Don’t worry, if you are facing the identical issues, please read the following step that will help you fix them.

  • Fixing network connection: Maturity of problems that you face may be due to having poor or slow internet connection. You need to get the fast internet and if you are getting more interruptions with speed and uptime, change your internet provider.
  • Updating your operating system: Older versions of the operating systems may misbehave and cause glitches and buffering issues. You can also face issues related to Amc App On Firestick Not Working every time you open it. It’s better if you check and update the latest operating system on your firestick.
    • Uninstalling & Reinstalling the AMC+ app: Uninstalling an application is a creative way to remove all the residues of the app from the system. After that, you can reinstall it to your Fire stick and see if you still face the problems.
  • Restart the Firestick system or AMC plus app: You can try restarting the fire stick device or the AMC Plus app to see if the technical issues get fixed. Sometimes this action works so if it doesn’t work please read the following paragraph.

Even implementing all the troubleshooting tips, you are still facing some technical problems like glitches, apps not working, or issues related to activation of Amc On Firestick, please read the contact details provided below.

Contact Details

By using the contact details, you get a chance to speak with the representative of AMC Plus and share the problem that you are facing. The team of experts or representatives will guide you with all the right tips to fix your issues.

  • Official AMC Plus Website:
  • AMC Plus Support Number: +1-212-324-8500
  • Official Amc Plus Activate Website:

Using any of the contact details mentioned above, you can reach out to the company representatives and get a proper solution to your unsolvable problem.


Anyone who refers to the above steps will face less problems while activating the AMC+ app on your fire stick. The whole process takes less than a few minutes to complete and for any one of you facing problems like “Amc Plus Not Working On Firestick”, please read my troubleshooting tips and Amc Plus support and contact details.

Kindly take advantage of the comment box and share with me your thoughts on this article. You can share your doubts or suggestions as well so I can improve and provide your more accurate articles.


How to Subscribe To Amc Plus? What is the Amc Plus Account Subscription cost?

To subscribe to the service, you need to create your Amc Plus Account Login at website. Once you access your account, you will have the option to choose standard monthly AMC+ $8.99 plus the tax amount. Annually, this amount becomes $83.88 plus tax.

Why does the TV Activation Code AMC service not work?

When you open the Amc Plus/Activate Firestick activation website, you have to enter the correct code from the TV. If you add the code which expired after a limited time, then it may not work on the website. So, please check it before entering and if there is any other issue, please use the contact details.

Can I activate AMC Plus on Apple TV using

Yes, you need to follow the identical steps to activate the AMC Plus on different devices such as ROKU, Amazon FireTV, Apple TV, and different other devices.

How to Get Amc Plus On Amazon Prime?

Access the official website of Amazon Prime, click on the 30 days trial option, and then enter the payment method. After that you can create your account.

How to Subscribe to Amc Plus On Amazon?

Open the Prime Video Application and scroll down to see the Prime Video Channels. If you scroll to the right side, you will find the “AMC+” and start the trial. It would be best if you choose trial first before finally jumping to the subscription.

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