Aka.Ms/Myrecoverykey – How to Find Your BitLocker Recovery Key in Windows [2024]

Aka.Ms/Myrecoverykey – Bitlocker Recovery Key

Aka.Ms/Myrecoverykey – Are you looking for the BitLocker Recovery Key? Did you succeed?

If you didn’t get the success, let me help you find the Microsoft Recovery Key and inform you about the overall process of doing it.

Get all the details about Aka.Ms/Myrecoverykey, If you wish to find your Bitlocker Microsoft Recovery Key in Windows 10 with the exact steps, then read this article. So, do you want to know about Finding  BitLocker Recovery key in your OS Windows 10?

Let’s understand the steps…

About My Bitlocker Recovery Key

The BitLocker Recovery key is a password containing 48 digital numericals. You can easily open your system if the BitLocker is not able to access the system drive even after authorization.

The BitLocker Recovery Key can be saved in your file, you can print it or you can save it in your Microsoft Account. You can also store it with a private organization that provides security.

The Recovery Key is very important for the protection and that is why the BitLocker helps you in a better way.

Why does the Windows ask about My BItLocker Recovery Key

BitLocker is a latest encryption technology that protects your data from unethical and illegal access from any third person. It encrypts the drive and adds the extra layers of protection using 2 factors of authentication. So before you open it, it is protected so that no unlawful access can jeopardize your security. Even if you use an official or unofficial window, it will still protect you.

Windows is going to need your BitLocker Recovery key / Microsoft Recovery Key to analyze if the access is authentic and not unlawful then it will give access to your data.

You need this step because it ensures that your data or system is safe and secure. BitLocker cannot detect some changes in the hardware, software and firmware so you should keep a watch on them.

The BitLocker may need the extra security offered by the Microsoft Recovery Key for protection and for the safety even from the authorized user. If the authorized user is trying to access the information, then it will be fruitful.

Where to Find My Bitlocker Recovery Key?

Before you activate the protection, BitLocker confirms the Microsoft Recovery Key and keeps it safe with backup. Based on the selection you get at the time of BitLocker Activation, your recovery may be at various places.

Microsoft Account

  • Open this link – Microsoft Account on different devices so that you can use the recovery key.
  • If you are using the latest device with the latest technology, then it will have automatic device encryption built-in. Your Microsoft Recovery Key will be in your MS Account.
  • Click the Device Encryption In Windows link to know more about it. Click this Link

botlocker drive encryption

  • If your set up your device using a different user’s activated BitLocker protection, then most likely your Recovery key will be stored in that user’s Microsoft account.

USB Flash Drive

In case you stored your key in the USB Flash Drive, then you need to insert it to your locked PC and step by step, you need to follow the steps. If you saved your key in the flash drive, then you need to use it on a different computer to read it and figure it out.


If you printed your Microsoft Recovery Key which you saved when you activated BitLocker, kindly check the paper on which it was printed, you will find it.

Azure Active Directory Account

If you used your school email or your work email to access the information, odds are you may find the Microsoft Recovery Key in the Azure AD Account of that company or organization.

System Administrator 

Check the recovery key with your System Administrator if you have your device connected to a domain whether it school or your work domain.

How did the Bitlocker became active on my device?

  • Your device must have the latest configurations and latest technology. So, that is the reason it automatically encrypts your device. So, your recovery key is saved by your device in your Microsoft Account right before the activation of protection.
  • If your device is connected with your work or school right now or previously, it may have activated the BitLocker protection. So, you would not have the recovery key but your school or company would have.
  • The owner or the administrator activated the BitLocker protection on your device. You will find that many devices are encrypted nowadays by default. If it was activated by the Control Panel or the Setting menu, then the user may not know where the recovery key was stored. The user may have had that option for choosing the path or mostly it may be a default path where the key was stored. You may find it in your Microsoft Account

In case you are not able to find the BitLocker Recovery Key and you cannot just change the setting or configuration, then you will have to reset your device to the Recovery Options available in the Windows. Click Here and learn more about it. Do not reset your device, as it will remove all the available files from it.

What is BitLocker and Who founded BitLocker?

Your windows come loaded with a lot of features, benefits and security measures. All the updates try to provide you better function and better security. BitLocker is one such security measure that protects your system and data.

In 2007, the concept was first introduced for the purpose of disk encryption software. It used the algorithms of AES Encryption or you can say XTS mode. It had a 256-bit key as well as a 128-bit key. The concept came into the world with Windows Vista.

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So now you have an idea about the Aka.Ms/Myrecoverykey, right? Was I able to give an answer to your question – How to Find My BitLocker Recovery key in Microsoft Windows 10? If problems are still there with you related to the Aka.Ms/Myrecoverykey, then I request you to please comment using the comment box below.

Aka.Ms/Myrecoverykey – FAQs

How to skip or bypass BitLocker Recovery?

When you have the BitLocker Recovery Key option available on your screen, please press ESC. You can skip the drive completely for more recovery options.

Why must I access Aka Ms Aadrecoverykey?

By accessing the Aka Ms Aadrecoverykey website, you can enter the details of your account for recovery key.

I cannot access the Aka.Ms/Recoverykey website. How to access it?

In case you are having trouble with Aka.Ms/Recoverykey website, please check if you are trying to use the correct URL.The correct URL is Aka.Ms/Recoverykey. 

How should I bypass the BitLocker?

Please follow the steps below to bypass BitLocker during startup,

  • Once your system OS starts, please go to the Start > Control Panel > BitLocker Drive Encryption.
  • Now find the option that says – “Turn off Auto-Unlock” available beside C Drive
  • Please restart your PC once you turn off the Auto-Unlock. You will get your issue fixed. 

What are the steps for disabling BitLocker In Windows 10 – BIOS?

Please do the following for disabling the Bit-Locker In the Windows 10 – BIOS,

  • Type the Windows Key
  • Now again please type – Control Panel
  • Please press Enter
  • Now Select the option – System and Security
  • Then go for the option – BitLocker Drive Encryption
  • Now please select – Suspend Protection
  • The BitLocker is going to be suspended then you need to proceed with your BIOS Update.

I don’t have My Recovery Key or the password, how do I Unlock BitLocker?

  • Open Command Prompt first.
  • Please start typing – Manage-bde -unlock driveletter: Then you would need to type that password.

I lost Ms Myrecoverykey, what should I do now?

Please request your new Ms Recovery Key by the following steps,

  • Restart your computer. Please press ESC once the BitLocker screen for LogOn appears.
  • In the recovery BitLocker window, you need to find the Recovery Key-ID.
  • Now you have the Recovery Key ID, so contact your administrator and give it.
  • In your BitLocker Recovery screen, you will need to add your Recovery Key

What is Https Ask Ms Remoteconnect?

The above website Https Ask Ms Remoteconnect will help you activate the cosplay feature. It is more beneficial to playstation, PC, Xbox and Switch. Here you need to enter the code to access your Microsoft Account.

Where can I learn about Ms/Myrecoverykey?

Please read the FAQs on the Aka.Ms/Recoverykeyfaq page and also access the Aka.Ms/Bitlockerrecovery page to find more details about the Aka.Ms Myrecoverykey. You will get enough details about Aka Ms/Myrecoverykey.

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