TK Maxx Survey at and Win £250 Gift Card [2024]

TK Maxx stores always have delighted customers by offering them significantly discounted products. You can easily shop at your nearby stores and get the wide variety of items you want, or you can order the items online using your Tk Maxx Login. So, now, why has the company been conducting the Tkmaxxcare.Com Survey? Well, that is what we will find out in this article.

TK Maxx tries to listen to the customers’ feedback while they shop, like the shopping experience, product quality, cleanliness, staff behavior, etc., by various means. Now, if the store asks the customers individuals, it may take forever to learn what the problems are that the customers face. With Tkmaxxcare.Com Survey, the task becomes relatively more straightforward.

If you have recently shopped at any TKMaxx stores, the company invites you to participate in a short survey online at the UK website. It would help if you answered basic questions about Tk Maxx Uk Customer Service in the survey. Since the survey is online, it will take hardly a few minutes to complete. Once you complete it, you can win a gift card worth £250 every month.

In this article, I have included all the necessary details about Tkmaxxcare Com Survey: its requirements, rules, steps and contact details in case you are facing some technical issues while opening the website or taking the survey. After reading this article, you will have all your doubts resolved, as I have included every point related to the topic. So, you will only have to visit this website for further details.

Why is TK Maxx UK conducting the Tkmaxxcare.Com Survey?

tkmaxx customer opinion survey

TK Maxx is a trendy brand in the UK that customers visit to shop for items such as apparel, shoes, beauty, toys for kids, household products, accessories, furniture, and kitchen and bath-related products. The chain is extraordinarily reputed for providing quality products by providing excellent Tkmaxx Customer Services.

While shopping, only some customers are delighted and have minor or significant complaints about the Tk Maxx Uk Customer Service. On the other hand, the store management team can only know the low points if the customers communicate about them. Due to such limitations, for the TK Maxx company, the customer satisfaction survey on Tkmaxcare.Com is the best option.

By conducting the survey, TK Maxx collects opinions or feedback from the customers about the services, employees, quality of the products and several other parameters of Tkmaxx Customer Service. After that, the company will analyze the data and determine which areas require improvement. Once the customer completes the survey, the company will allow him to enter a monthly draw to win a gift card.

TK Maxx Customer Survey Rewards

Every customer who participates in the survey expects something in return, like a reward or discount, because he has invested his precious time out of his busy day. On the other hand, the company should give the customers something in return because they have given it helpful information.

So, if you participate in the customer satisfaction survey, you will get the below reward,

  • Every month a chance to win a gift card of £250

Once you complete the Tkmaxxcare.Com Survey, follow the on-screen instructions to claim your rewards. You can redeem it at any participating TK Maxx store and win amazing prizes.

Remember, the reward amount entirely depends upon the company, and it can change it any time it likes. So, before participating, check the amount on the official website.

TK Maxx Survey Requirements

  • Valid Tk Maxx Care receipt before you participate.
  • Good internet connection
  • Systems like PCs, laptops, smartphones or even tablets can work.
  • Updated internet browser.

TK Maxx Customer Satisfaction Survey Rules

It would be better if you knew the rules before you participated in the survey. You must be aware of the practices to avoid being disqualified from the survey. So, please read the following rules,

  • The required age for the Tk Maxx Care UK survey is 18 years. You must be younger than that to participate in it.
  • The survey reward is only available for one person’s entry according to your postal, telephone, email and household.
  • The rewards are non-transferable to any third party, including your friends and family.
  • TKMaxxCare Survey requires you to have a valid receipt which is recent and still young.
  • Please provide only authentic answers about Tkmaxx Customer Service. 
  • If the participant is not a legal citizen of the UK, he cannot participate in the survey.
  • The lucky winner will get a £250 gift card not convertible into cash or any other alternative.
  • If you work or partner with the company, you cannot participate in the TK Maxx Survey.
  • While participating in the TkMaxx Care survey via email or mail, you do not need to make purchases.,
  • TK Maxx will announce the winner within ten days from the drawing date.
  • The winner will get selected within five days of the month’s end, and the company will notify him within the next five days or less.
  • If the winner fails to respond within 14 days, he will not win the prize.
  • The Tkmaxxcare.Com Survey language will be English, Ukrainian, Austrian German,  German, Dutch, and Polish. So you must know these languages.

How to Take TK Maxx Cares Survey at

tk maxx cares customer survey

The above rules are essential for you to know, and you must comply with them. If you do not fulfil any one rule, then you should not participate in the survey. But if you do, please read the below steps to take the TKMaxx Online Survey,

  • Open the official TK Maxx UK Customer Survey
  • Now, you have to choose the language for the survey from English, German, Austrian German, Dutch, Polish and Ukrainian
  • Now, please take out your TK Maxx Store receipt and start entering the details.
  • First, provide your Store number, for example, 0985.
  • Then move ahead and enter a Register number which will be like 0025.
  • Then please type your TRAN number.
  • The next step is to provide a date in the MM/DD/YYYY format.
  • After that, enter the time (in hours)
  • Finally, complete the process by entering minutes.
  • After entering the details above from your TJ Maxx Receipt, please click the “Begin Survey” button to start TK Maxx Survey.
  • Please read the questions and start answering them one by one.
  • Provide the rating whenever necessary and choose the correct option from the questions.
  • Make sure all your answers are genuine and honest. Do not add false or misleading details.
  • Reach the end of the page and tick “Yes” to participate in the survey.
  • Complete the survey by adding your personal contact details.
  • Submit your survey at and follow the prompts.

Help & Support of TKMaxxCares.Com Online Survey

While taking the Tk Maxx Care survey at its official website, you may face technical issues. These issues will hinder your process of taking the survey online. To avoid such problems, you can update your current systems, such as your PC or browser, or check for any additional issues. If you need help getting a proper solution, please use the following details to get help from the company.


The Tkmaxxcare.Com Survey is a great way to share your honest feedback with the chain and let them know about your problems or the store’s opportunities for improvement. Please open the correct Tk Maxx Care website for the survey, i.e.

For any further survey help, please reach me via posting the comments. I will read and respond to them as quickly as I can.


I need help opening the website for the survey. Please guide me.

If TK Maxx stopped taking Tkmaxxcare.Com Surveys, you would not be able to participate, but if there is some technical problem with the website, you should contact Medallia. It would help if you got it because it is a third-party company that organizes surveys on behalf of TK Maxx. So, reach out to the company by clicking on its official contact us page

Which website is correct for taking the survey in the USA?

To participate in the survey of TJ Maxx of the UK, please open this website

Is the TK Maxx stores survey available in Poland?

To participate in the survey, visit  and select the Polish language. The branches of this chain are available in most European countries.

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