Weis Feedback Survey at www.weisfeedback.com to Get 100 Rewards Point

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Weis Feedback Survey Rewards


After you successfully complete the Weis Market Survey you will get the below mention prize.

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What is Weis Survey?

Founded by the brothers, Harry and Sigmund Weis, Weis Markets, Inc., the American food retailer giant based in Mid-Atlantic currently operates about 200 retail stores with more than 23,000 employees in different states of the US. Even though Weis Markets is Headquartered in Sunbury, Pennsylvania, it has stores in Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, and West Virginia.


Weis Markets, Inc has turned out to the primary shopping destination for most of the residents in Mid-Atlantic these days. For many years Weis Markets, followed a point system, beneficial to their customers letting them score points on each purchase and save their money in the following purchases.

Weis Feedback Survey Rewards

Weis Feedback Survey Rewards


Weis Markets has upped their game, for building a strong bond with their customers. In fact, Weis Rewards Points of 100 will be awarded to the customers who take part in the WeisFeedback survey. For further details visit the Weis Official Site – https://www.weismarkets.com/.

Be it positive or negative, satisfactory, or unsatisfactory, Weis markets aspire to know what their customers’ overall experience through Weisfeedback was.  The customers win extra Weis rewards points, by sharing their feedback through the Weis survey.  After submitting the feedback in the Weisfeedback survey, the lucky winner will win 100 Weis Rewards Points free.

Weis Market Survey – Rules & Requirements

Weis Market Survey – Rules & Requirements
  1. The customer needs a Weis Markets purchase receipt as well as a reward card to enter the Weis survey.
  2. The validity of the receipt produced by the customer is for 72 hours, from the time the receipt was printed.
  3. The customer should be of a minimum 18 years old and must be a legal resident of 50 United States.
  4. The customer needs a tablet, phone, smartphone, or laptop to take part in the survey.
  5. The customer also needs an internet connection to take part in the Weis feedback survey.
  6. The customer must have the ability to read in the English language.
  7. The customer can take Weis feedback survey only one time per each receipt.
  8. The Weis points awarded cannot be redeemed in cash or any other alternative.
  9. Customers who are Weis Market’s employees, their family members, and partner companies are omitted from taking the Weis survey.

How to Take Weis Feedback Survey at weisfeedback.com

Weis Feedback Survey at weisfeedback.com

  1. Visit, www.weisfeedback.com. To take part in the Weis Feedback Survey
  2. On the page enter the reward card number, location number, and date/time of visit.
  3. Click the “START” button.
  4. According to the customer shopping experience in the Weis markets, give ratings to the questions in the survey.
  5. Answer the open question regarding the reason the customer was satisfied or not with experience from the Weis Markets.
  6. Answer questions regarding customer details like gender, age, etc.
  7. Enter all the personal detail information of the customer taking part in the Weis feedback survey.
  8. At the end of the survey, the customer who took part in it will be rewarded with 100 Weis reward points.
  9. The Weis rewards can be redeemed as discounts while shopping again in the Weis market.

For any questions and further details regarding the Weisfeedback survey, the customers may visit, Weis Official Site www.weismarkets.com.

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Check out Weis Markets, Inc., Reference links.

  • Weis Customer Satisfaction Survey Link: https://www.weisfeedback.com/
  • Weis Official Site: https://www.weismarkets.com/

Contact Details

  • Customer Service Number of Weis Markets, Inc.: 


  • Customer Service Address of Weis Markets, Inc.:

1000 South Second Street.

PO Box 471. Sunbury,

Pennsylvania 17801

  • Customer Service E-Mail Address of Weis Markets, Inc.:


About Weis Markets

About Weis Markets

As one of the top retailing Corporations in the United States, customer satisfaction is of primary importance for the Weis Markets. They take the needs of all their customers into account and conduct the Weis survey and Weisfeedback survey to make sure their customers are provided with the best of services. As a retailer giant with over 200 stores, Weis Markets has acknowledged that all companies need their customers’ help when it comes to expanding their business.

It would not do well to take the already existing flaws of one retail store to another branch. The most important thing a company needs to consider before further extending its reach to solve their existing problems. Only after that, a new branch will perform successfully, learning from the flaws of the old branch. And the person whose feedback can help any store in making their services better, is the customers, the people who are at the receiving end of their services.

Weis Markets Survey is the two-way communication model that is beneficial for both Weis Markets, Inc., as well as its customers. It helps the company to maintain customer satisfaction. It helps the customers to share their opinion regarding various policies of the company and review the company based on their satisfaction. Weisfeedback survey lets the customers raise their voice and let the company hear them.

Every feedback provided by the customers as a part of the Weisfeedback survey will be given at most consideration. All the customer observations will be carefully considered by the experts who are qualified to assess customer satisfaction and will be relayed further to their development team. The feedback given by the customers through the website, as a part of the Weisfeedback survey helps the company to make necessary changes and impactful improvements in their products and delivery of services and thereby grow.

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Three important things solidify the success factor of all departmental stores – Reputation, Quality, and low prices. Weis markets have it all and they constantly strive to keep these three as a constant factor. For that Weis needs their customers’ input. This article provides details about the Weis Market Survey. It notes the rules and requirements to be followed and step by step guidelines to be completed as a part of taking part in this. It also provides details on how the customer can win 100 Weis Rewards Points by taking part in the WeisFeedback Survey. For any further queries, the readers can visit the reference links provided in the article.

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  1. Mellow Mushroom Columbus Georgia. Could not bring up the survey. Waitress was outstanding and provided excellent service. However I ordered the Megameat pizza and without a doubt it was by far the worst pizza I have ever experienced. Ate one piece and ended up throwing the rest away. My date ordered the veg pizza and like wise it was terrible. I won’t be going back.

  2. Advertising
  3. visit Weis Market (Store 133) once a week and faithfully fill out the survey and never seem to automatically get the rewards points and have to go to the service desk the following week to get the 100 point rewards….This has now happened 3-4 times.

  4. I tried to take a customer satisfaction survey for Safeway store code 48802/2712:3961/34. Jai the manager has been great as have all the staf. But trying to take the survey is impossible because there are so many ads …too much bullshit for this 69 year old ! Get rid of the lousy ads and just let us take the survey….shit, how ridiculous !

  5. We shopped at Vons Torrance Store 3517. Nassar is the store manager. We are very pleased with the prices and service at the store. We have found everything we were looking for and everything looked fresh. Plenty of stock in the store and the shopping experience was excellent. Also, during the pandemic they maintain the store very cleaned and maintain everything with all of the policies from the CDC. Our experience in line too has been excellent the wait to check out goes by very fast.
    Thank you for the service you provide to our community.

  6. We moved to Fredericksburg VA and began shopping at Weis for the first time ever. The store is clean, staff friendly, and inventory is abundant! Very pleased with our experience, with one exception…the deli/bakery counter closes at 6pm. The store closes at 8p (pandemic hours perhaps?), and I understand clean up is required before closing. However, 6p is much too early for people who work and want to get fresh sliced deli meat or place a cake order. Otherwise, very satisfied with our experience in the past 1.5 years with Weis!!

  7. I have tried to do the Weis survey since Friday and I can’t get in. I do the survey every week and it always worked before.

  8. I love to shop at We is. But I have been noticing that the Yoplait yogurt mousse is always sold out and when that’s all that my elderly family member can pretty much swallow. ( He eats some regular foods too but he likes these as a treat ) it makes twice the work on my then I have to shop at Wal-Mart or elsewhere I like to go to one place and get EVERYTHING. But besides that not a complaint one from me. Always been treated very friendly at Weis. Thank you

  9. Advertising

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