Activate TLC Go Channel on Amazon Firestick or Fire TV using [2024]

If you like shows about traveling, food, and different lifestyles, TLC GO is the best channel for you to watch. You will find so many entertaining shows on this channel that will keep you busy for hours. But to watch all of these shows, you need to activate the TLC GO network using the official URL. If you need help activating the TLC GO on Amazon Firestick, don’t worry; I will explain the process step by step with a complete explanation.

TLC Go is a popular channel you can watch without cable on your Fubo TV, Hulu with Live TV, Sling TV Blue, Spectrum TV Choice, Vidgo, YouTube TV, DirecTV, Xfinity Choice TV, Firestick, FireTV, and many other platforms. You can watch many shows on this network, such as 7 Little Johnsons, 90 Days Fiance, Welcome to Pathville, and various others. The more you get a chance to explore, the more you will be happy to know about the shows.

Today, I will teach you about the TLC Activate steps on official TLC Website and help you understand how to watch TLC for free on Firestick, use the TLC Activation Code, and resolve any issues you are facing while activating TLC.

What are TLC Go and

what is tlc go

If you like watching shows that inspire, engage and entertain you, TLC Go is the best channel you can choose. TLC, “The Learning Channel,” started in 1990 and provided primarily educational and instructional programs. Warner Bros. is currently on this American channel. When last checked in February 2015, the TLC channel had nearly 95 million subscribers, which make up 81.6% of households in the United States of America that have a cable connection. Many platforms support The Learning Channel, such as iOS, Android, Apple TV, Firestick, and all the other popular devices.

So, Is Tlc Go Free? If you need more details on the content, you can choose three trials of 5 days. Now let’s see the requirements for activating the channel using Tlc.Com/Activate.

Requirement to Activate TLC Go on Firestick

  • Official TLC Go Activation website.
  • Good internet connection for uninterrupted actions.
  • You need a different device, such as a smartphone, personal computer, tablet, or laptop, to open the above website in its browser.
  • Make sure you use the newer and updated version of the browser so that you don’t face any problems with its slow performance.
  • Use a valid Activation Code to activate the channel on your Amazon fire stick.

I hope you are clear with the essential details about Activate requirements. In the following point, I explain the step-by-step instructions to activate your device’s TLC Channel App.

How to Activate TLC GO on Amazon Firestick using Website?

The Tlc.Com/Activate process is simple, and you can do it easily. But follow step-by-step instructions to avoid ending up doing the same process over and over again. Instead of failing, follow the steps below to activate TLC Go on your Amazon Fire Stick quickly.

  • First Things First. You need to turn on your current Firestick device.
  • Afterward, go to the home screen and the “Search” or “Find” option.
  • Once the option opens Sonia’s screen, please type “TLC Go” in the search area and hit enter.
  • You will have identical options related to the specific keyword that you entered. Only choose the right TLC Go application from your search results.
  • Now, click the “GET” or “INSTALL” button to download the app.
  • Once it automatically gets installed in your system, open or launch it.
  • Then, the application’s main screen will load on your Firestick or FireTV.
  • Go to the “profile” section and use your Log-in details for the network.
  • When you click on the login, it will generate a TLC Activation Code. You can note it down or memorize it because you will need it in the next.
  • Now open the https://Tlc.Com/Link on a different device’s internet browser. You can choose a smartphone, computer, or similar devices.
  • Now you must enter the TLC Activate Code in the Link the TV Provider option on a screen.
  • Once you place that code, it will process it and transfer it to the “sign in” page.
  • You must enter your TV Provider’s username and password here on the login page.

As you saw, the above steps were very simple to follow and took more than a few minutes to complete the whole Tlc.Com/Activate process. Let us now understand how to get TLC Go without cable.

How to Watch TLC Go Without Cable on Firestick / Fire TV

If you need TLC Go Free activated in your Fire TV or Firestick, then you need to follow The below steps. Without cable, the platforms below will help you get the channel on your device.

  • Get it on Hulu with Live TV at $69.99 / month.
  • It is available on YouTube TV at $64.99 / month. But you also get a Tlc Go Free Trial for two weeks.
  • Get it on Sling TV at $40 / month.
  • If you get it all from Vidgo, you have to pay $59.95 / month.
  • On a Direct TV stream, you will get 5 days of Tlc Go Free Trial, and if you want to subscribe, it will be around $64.99.
  • With Philo, you can enjoy TLC Go at only $25 and get a trial week.
  • Fubo TV allows you to get this channel at $99 and gives you a week’s trial.

So out of all the options I have provided you, please choose the option you are comfortable with.

Troubleshooting Tips to Activate TLC on Firestick

For most of the part, while activity in the TLC Go on your Amazon Firestick or FireTV, you will not face any trouble. But, if you are running into some trouble that is technical or nontechnical, then you can easily resolve them using the following troubleshooting tips.

  • Reconnect your internet: Often, due to some technical problems, your internet connection may need to be fixed in your area. In such a scenario, please reach out to your internet provider and get an update about the issue. You can also start by resetting your router and see if the internet is back.
  • Uninstall the TLC Go App: It would be a good idea to uninstall the TLC Go application if you are getting other problems. The reason could be that the app was not installed properly on your Firestick/FireTV. Therefore, you need to uninstall it first so that it gets completely removed and reinstall it.
  • Restarting the system: If you cannot get proper performance from the TLCGO app on your device, your device or application needs to be restarted. Sometimes the application, after getting installed, needs to take effect on the system. That can be possible if the system restarts after the application is installed.
  • Update the OS/System: The operating system of your Amazon devices needs regular updates. If you fail to update your system, it will most likely misbehave and cause trouble when entering the Tlc.Com/Link Code or watching any videos. So, whenever you get a notification about a new update, do it immediately.

The Other problems could be relative to the Tlc.Com/Link Activate website, TLC Activation Code, or any other reason. The mentioned steps are going to work only for the basic troubles you face on the TLC com activate website or while streaming. But, if you are getting a problem you cannot resolve, you need to use the instructions in the following point.

Contact Details

If, for some reason, the Tlc.Com/Link Activate website does not work or there are some other issues post-activation process, you need to know the contact details of the TLC Go channel. If you know the contact details, you can contact them and explain the situation. So, the team will help you and guide you on how to fix the issues you are facing.

  • Official TLC Go Website:
  • TLC Go Activation Site:
  • Contact Number: +1-240-662-0000
  • Organization Website:

Using All the above information, you can easily contact the Learning Channel staff members and get the help you need.


After reading the instructions in this article, I am sure you have activated TLC on your Amazon Firestick or FireTV. After activation, you can browse all the shows and pick those that you like the most. Suppose you are having any problems, as I explained. In that scenario, you can use the troubleshooting tips or contact the authorities if you need help entering the enter code or facing any other streaming-related problem.

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How to get the Tlc on Dish Network? Do you have to pay for TLC Go?

You can get the Tlc On Dish Network on the 183 channel number. Usually, the Tlc channel on Dish Tv is included in the package. If you cannot find TLC Go Dish, please contact your service provider and ask for it or check your subscription.

My code is not working. Can you please help me out?

You may have added the wrong Tlcgo.Com Activate code, so you can try adding it again. Please ask the company official about the guidance if it does not work.

I need help to open the activate website and watch any show. Please help.

If you cannot open the website, you could be living in a country where the services are not supported. So, you have to either skip watching it or use VPN and try to reload it in your country.

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