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Alaska Airlines Survey is a customer survey that you can take on the website. It is an excellent initiative taken by Alaska Airlines to find out what the customers actually feel during their visit to any Alaska Airlines Locations. In the Alaska Airlines Customer Satisfaction Survey, the company asks the participants a few questions about the recent visit and, in the end, provides them exclusive rewards. 

Alaska Airlines is a world-famous name in the airline industry and the fifth-largest American airline in the world. The company provides IT services to 117 destinations and serves millions of customers. Due to its high-quality service and strong customer base, the company keeps growing worldwide. Through the Alaska Airlines Customer Survey, the company wants to determine how many customers are happy with the services.

In this article, I will show how you can participate in this survey, what you will require, what the rules are to participate, and how to tackle any technical problem during the survey. With all the information provided in this article, you will not need to explore any other website for more details. I have added all the updated links and information in this article so you can complete the survey as quickly as possible. So, let us first start with the company details.


About Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines is one of the top 5 most successful Airlines in America. Money Travelers prefer this airline because it provides high-quality airline services. In 1932, Linious “Mac” McGee, who was an Alaskan aviation pioneer, founded a company called McGee Airways. In 1942, after the merger of Alaskan companies Pollock Flying, Mirow Air Services, and Lavery Air Services, the company changed its name to Alaska Star Airlines. Later in 1944, the company adopted a new name, “Alaska Airlines,” which stayed the same till today.

about alaska airlines

Alaska Airlines has a history of providing great service to customers and giving them the best traveling experience. The customers also expect the company delivers the best service all the time as per the current requirements. If you have traveled on a different airline and choose to travel with Alaska Airlines, you may feel different regarding services. The experience you have will be either positive or negative. So the company always tries to find out how it can improve the customer service.

Besides the customers, the company provides various training and provides technology to its employees so that they can treat the customers in a better way. The company gives the employees AlaskasWorld Login using which they can access all the details about their work. The login account gives them clarity of what to do and how to handle tough situations.

Purpose of Conducting the Alaska Airlines Survey

Today, the airline industry has become quite competitive, and people want the best services possible. Alaska Airlines attracts millions of customers, all with different mindsets. So the company wishes to know how the customers feel about its services. With the help of Alaska Airlines Customer Feedback Survey, the company can easily connect to many customers and get accurate details about its services. The customer will only require an internet connection in a device to open the website.

why take alaska airlines survey

In the Alaska Airlines Survey, the company will ask you questions about your experience with the company. You need to remember your experience and answer the questions as honestly as possible. For taking the Alaskalistens Survey, you need to have a receipt because you cannot participate without it.

The ultimate purpose of Alaska Airlines is to provide the best customer services and increase its customer base. With the help of different responses, the company can work on the necessary changes and give the customers a great experience to cherish. 

The company also offers the customers exclusive rewards for answering the survey questions. Please read the next point to know more about the rewards.

Alaska Airlines Customer Survey Rewards

Alaska Airlines conducts an online survey to determine how many customers are happy and which services it needs to improve. The customers participating in the survey spend their variable time and answer the question, and in return, they expect something from the company. At the end of the Alaska Airlines Customer Experience Survey, the customers stand to be in the below rewards,

  • Win two tickets for a round trip.

The company can change the Alaska Airlines Online survey rewards at any time. Therefore, you must expect different rewards during the next survey period. The best way to check the rewards is to look at your receipt and check the survey invitation. It will have survey reward details.

So now you are clear about the survey, so let us understand the overview of the survey.

Alaska Airlines Survey Details

Survey Name Alaska Airlines Survey
Website or
Method Online 
Purpose To increase the customer satisfaction
Receipt required?Yes
Reward/PrizeTickets for Two Round Trips
Limit of the surveyOne person only
Limit of the offerOne item per survey receipt

After evening the table above, you must be clear about the basic details of the survey. Now let us understand the requirements you must meet to take the survey.

Alaska Airlines Guest Satisfaction Survey Requirements

  • You must be a customer of Alaska Airlines. 
  • To participate, you need an authentic survey receipt. 
  • The official survey websites are or 
  • You can use any preferred device, such as a Mobile, PC, Digital Tablet, or Laptop, to open the website. 
  • Make sure you use the latest browser version to get a better experience.
  • To have an enhanced experience, please use a faster internet connection,

Before participating in the Alaska Airlines Guest Feedback Survey, you must meet all these basic requirements. If you are clear about the point, let me explain the survey rules.

Alaska Airlines Customer Survey Rules

To participate in the Alaska Airlines Survey, you need to follow some rules set by the company. These rules are important to follow if you want to qualify for the survey. To check if you are eligible to take the survey or not, please read the following rules carefully.

  • If you have legal citizenship in any state of the US, you can participate in this survey easily. 
  • You need to be at least 18 years old or above; otherwise, you cannot participate in the survey. 
  • You can take the survey in either English language or Spanish
  • Each participant has one chance to participate in the survey with one receipt.  
  • Multiple survey attempts at are only possible with one receipt because you will be disqualified. 
  • Avoid participating in the Alaskalistens Survey if your state or county prohibits it. 
  • Do not participate in the survey if you work as an employee, associate, partner, or affiliate at Alaska Airlines.
  • No immediate family members of the employee, associate, affiliate, or partner can take the survey.
  • If you made a purchase, only you can participate in the survey. You cannot assign any third person to take the survey on your behalf.
  • You cannot transfer your rewards to any third person before or after you will.
  • Refrain from cheating in the survey, as the questions will be about your own experience with Alaska Airlines.
  • If you win the Alaska Listens Survey rewards, the company will notify you in your email. 
  • The winners have to bear all the additional costs and taxes on the prize.

If you are clear with all the Alaska Airlines rules I mentioned, you can go to the next point in learning how to take the survey. Please make sure you comply with all the rules because if you do not, you will get this qualification before participation.

How to Take Alaska Airlines Survey at

After reading the Alaska Airlines Customer Feedback Survey participation rules, if you fulfill all of them, you can proceed ahead with the survey steps. The steps I have mentioned below will ensure everything runs smoothly while answering the questions. Please read them carefully,

alaska airlines survey
  • To open the Alaska Airlines survey website, you need to click on either or link.
  • On the survey page choose language and then click on “NEXT” button.
  • After clicking the next button, your Alaska Airlines Guest Feedback Survey will begin. 
  • First, you need to answer your question about your reservation. You will have the option to choose from which are ‘Confirmation Code‘ and ‘Look Up Flight.’ After clicking the right option, you can click the “NEXT” button. 
  • According to your choice, you will get the next question on your screen. 
  • Please read all the questions carefully and try to remember your journey. 
  • All the questions are mostly about your journey through the airline. 
  • Please carefully complete all the questions to reach the end of the page.
  • Ensure that all your answers are correct because the company may verify them. 
  • After you choose all the answers, the website will ask you about your personal contact details.
  • You need to enter your first name, date of departure, departure destination, time of your flight, and email address
  • Providing your name and flight number will be enough for the company to locate your data. It is okay if you want to keep your personal contact details private, as they are optional in the survey. 
  • Finally, please go to the last page of the Alaska Airlines Survey and submit it.

When taking the survey, please complete all the steps and provide the correct details to avoid getting disqualified.

Note: If you are unable to open the website and participate in the survey or are facing any other issues, please go to the contact details page and resolve them.

Troubleshooting Tips for the Alaska Airlines Customer Survey

If you are having any problems while opening the or link, you can resolve the issues by yourself using the troubleshooting tips. These tips will allow you to resolve any problems during the survey and help you finish it as quickly as possible. 

  • Check your internet connection and speed. If you are having any problems, please reset your router and wait for the signal. If it doesn’t work, contact your internet service provider.
  • The Alaska Airlines Customer Satisfaction Survey requires you to have a valid receipt that has a survey invitation.
  • If your website does not work properly, please try to open it on a different device and see if it works or not. 

Sometimes the survey website will not work due to server issues or technical problems. At that time, you need to contact the customer support team using the details I provided below.

Alaska Airlines Contact Details 

If you are unable to open the Alaska Airlines Customer Survey website and are facing issues, you can directly contact the support representatives and get a proper solution. The customer support representatives will understand your problems and try to resolve them as soon as possible. Please explain to them the kind of issues you are facing and seek their support using the below details,

  • Alaska Airlines Survey Website: or
  • Official Website of Alaska Airlines:
  • For Reservation and Pre-flight Questions: 1800 252 7522 
  • For Complaints and Post-flight Questions: 1800 654 5669
  • Contact Page: 

Use all the contact details according to your requirements and resolve any issues you have. To know more about the problems and their solutions, please read the FAQs I have mentioned below.


Alaska Airlines Survey is an excellent option for customers to speak their honest thoughts about customer services. It takes only a few minutes to complete the survey, but the customers can win amazing rewards at the end. The winner selection process by the company will be random and based on the customers’ answers. If you want to try your luck and win tour tickets, this is a great chance for you.

If you want to ask me any specific questions about the Alaska Airlines Customer Experience Survey or have any doubts, questions, or confusion, I request you to comment below. 


Which website is correct: or

The website redirects and opens the same Alaska Airlines Guest Feedback Survey page. So, both websites are correct to take the survey.

How is customer satisfaction by Alaska Airlines company?

Only a few people are family with Alaska Airlines because they rely on their preferred airline companies. However, most who switch their airline’s company have felt that Alaska Airlines provides the best customer service. According to popular research, many customers have rated customer satisfaction as one of the best.

Is participating in the Alaska Airlines Survey safe?

Yes, it is safe to participate in the customer survey conducted by Alaska Airlines. The information you provide in the survey will be private, and the company will use it to improve its airline customer service.

What do I have to do in the Alaska Listens Survey?

In the customer satisfaction survey by Alaska Airlines, you must answer a few questions and provide your genuine experience. At the end of the survey, you will get a chance to win amazing rewards.

Will every participant win the AlaskaAirlines Survey rewards?

No, Since many customers participate in the survey, only those who get lucky and provide new answers can win awards or prizes.

How can I provide feedback without participating in the Alaska Airlines Customer Feedback Survey?

If you do not want to participate in the survey and want to provide your honest feedback, please visit this link –

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