Take Savers Survey at Saverslistens.com – Get $2 Off [2024]

Today, I will help you get $2 Off on any products from the Savers store. For this, you must spare at least 5 minutes to take a savers survey on Saverslistens.Com.

Savers is a famous store for selling second-hand items. The Savers Thrift Store is dedicated to promoting the best re-use products. You should try once if you have never shopped at one of the Savers Thrift stores.

However, if you have recently visited any Savers store, you are eligible for the Savers Survey on its official website Saverslistens.Com.

What is a Saverslistens Survey?

what is saverslistens survey

Savers Listens the official survey by Savers that aims to collect all the relevant details from the customers about its brand. After completing the Savers Listens Survey on the Saverslistens.Com website, the customers are offered a reward that allows them to get $2 off.

Saverslistens Survey helps customers open their minds about the brand and its services. The company wishes to understand the customer’s perspective about the quality of the products, services, the behaviour of the staff members, cleanliness and much more. The survey takes less than 5 minutes to complete, but it will get you $2 off on purchasing any $5 products.

The company will use the details gathered from the survey and take notes of improvement points. They will think about and implement the points that need improvement. When visiting the store next time, you might feel some of the changes you suggested.

So, this is a good option to participate in the Savers Survey. But the survey has some rules, requirements, steps and details you need to know about first, like you must have a Savers Receipt to join the survey.

I will guide you with all the details you should know about effectively taking this survey.

Saverslistens.com Survey Details

Name of the survey Savers Customer Satisfaction Survey
Link for taking the survey Saverslistens.com
Citizenship is required for the survey The USA and the DC
Age limitation for the survey 18+
Reward $2 OFF on $5 Purchase (Coupon code)
Method of taking the survey Online Method and Mail method
Will I require the receipt for the survey? Yes
What is the receipt’s validity? Seven days / 1 week
What is the coupon’s validity? 90-Days
Survey’s limit 1 Survey, 1 Household, 1 Month
Is the purchase required for the survey? Yes, you have to make the purchase.

Saverslistens Survey Rewards

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The reward for taking the survey are as follows,

  • Coupon of $2 OFF on $5 Product Purchase

Savers Survey Rules

  • In the USA, the DC and Puerto Rico; citizens living in any of the locations will be able to take part in the survey.
  • The survey is valid only for people above 18 years.
  • You must use the latest receipt.
  • The receipt will expire within seven days of the date printed on it.
  • One survey, one person and one-month validity.
  • No cash transfer
  • There is no alternative for a $2 Off discount coupon.
  • Savers employees and their family members are prohibited from taking the survey.
  • Avoid taking surveys if it is banned in your location or state.
  • The language of the survey is Spanish or English.
  • The discount coupon code of $2 OFF will expire within 90 days.

Savers Listens Survey Requirements

  • The latest receipt is a must.
  • Cam read either the English language or Spanish.
  • Computer device or any mobile device or opening the survey website
  • Better speed of internet

How to Take Savers Listens Survey at Saverslistens.com

The survey isn’t going to take more of your time. Just focus on the following steps. You can finish it in minutes. Please keep your Savers Listens Receipt for the survey.

click on receipt image in savers listens survey website

  • Two options will appear to your screen. If you got your survey invitation using a receipt, click the receipt image. And, If you got your donation card invitation, please select that image.

enter code to start savers listens survey

  • Now on this website Saverslistens.Com enter the code present on the Savers receipt.
  • Your survey starts now!
  • Answer all the questions based on your experience.
  • More rating based questions will appear on your screen.
  • Give the proper ratings to the questions of the survey.
  • Reach the end screen of the survey.
  • Then provide your working contact details.
  • Write the code that appears on your screen to your receipt.

How to Participate in Savers Listens Survey by Donor Invitation Card Method?

You must use the following steps to take a Savers Listens Donation Survey or survey with a Donor invitation card.

click on donor invitation card in savers listens website

  • Now choose the “Donor Invitation Card” option.

participate in savers listens survey with donor invitation card method

  • Check your donor card and start writing the details printed on it.
  • Now choose the correct date.
  • Choose the hours of your visit.
  • Every detail will be available on the receipt.
  • The survey will start as soon as you click the start button.
  • Complete survey by answering all the questions.
  • Then provide the contact details.
  • Please copy the code and save it for the next time you visit.

Savers Survey Contact Details

If you are confused or unsure about some of the survey aspects or details, you must use the following contact details. You can also check the eligibility of the survey and other details. The technical team will guide you through your problems.

The below contact details will also help get more details about the sweepstakes.

The Official Website for Savers Listens: Saverslistens.com


I got the receipt 15 days ago. Can I still take the survey?

Saverslistens Com Survey only works when you have the receipt not older than seven days.

Does the Savers company accept donations in the form of goods?

Yes, it accepts your clothes, household items and other goods on behalf of the other non-profit stores or partners that work with it. So the community can thrive and do more good.

Is Savers Listens Com a private website or company owned?

The Saverslistens.Com survey link is available on SMG’s website. It is a private website, but it is safer because the SMG services are very safe, and they also help many other brands host surveys on the website.

Can I take the Savers Receipt Survey in 2024?

Yes, but for Saverslistens Survey, you must have a valid receipt.


The Saverslistens.Com online survey helps the customers engage more and provide thoughtful answers so that they can start providing better services. While, the participants get a coupon code for use on the future visit. So, in both ways, the survey does good work.

While taking the survey on the website, you might face issues related to website access or others. Therefore you must always check your WiFi or internet before you start the survey. And while taking surveys, you must be honest with the answers and speak only about your genuine experience.

Make sure you give the survey yourself and do not break any rules. And if you need to know more or want my help, kindly let me know about the issues or suggestions related to the post.

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