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Lunchables Sweepstakes – Do you know? You can win a Nintendo Switch by entering your Lunchables Nintendo Switch Code and win even more prizes in the Lunchables Giveaway by playing for chances.

Yes, you have heard it right! To win the Lunchables Nintendo Switch Mystery Prize Pack, you need to play the Instant Win Games. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy playing their favorite video games?

The process of entering the Lunchables Sweepstakes is very simple. You will need to visit the Lunchables Nintendo Switch Scan Code (Lunchables Qr Code) on the specifically-marked Lunchables. This would be similar to a Lunchables.Com Mario Party Sweepstakes where the QR Code printed on the packaging of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.


lunchables nintendo sweepstakes

The Lunchable Nintendo Switch system will help you play and enjoy some exclusive video games from any location you prefer and at any time you want. You can also enjoy this with anyone like your friend too.

So, are you still confused about whether or not you should participate in the sweepstakes at Then don’t be! You can enter in the Lunchables Nintendo Switch Sweepstakes and win a chance for getting a brand new Lunchables Nintendo Switch system. This Nintendo Lunchables system will include many free download codes for games and which will help you choose any code that you want to bring your gamer-inside alive.

Lunchable Code For Nintendo Switch on the official website and get an amazing chance for winning 1 Nintendo Switch system out of 750 that has free game download codes.

So, for Lunchables Win Nintendo Switch Sweepstakes, get officially linked to the system and reserve your entries today!

Let me explain to you the complete details about Lunchablessweepstakes website.

Details of

What is the Win Type? Gift
What is the Lunchables Sweepstakes website?
Entry Type Daily Entries
What is the ARV Value? $302820
What is the difficult level? 3 / 10
What is the Limit of Gameplay? 1 Gameplay gets you only 1 prize for winning at the time of giveaway

What are the Lunchables Sweepstakes Prizes & Benefits?

  • The grand prize lucky winner will get a ARV-$1000 Nintendo Mystery Prize
  • The 300 first prize winners will get JoyCon Controller (1 pair) – ARV $79.99 per piece
  • The 300 second prize winners will get their favorite game code to download for Nintendo – ARV $59.99 per game code
  • And finally, about 300 winners will win third prize in which they will get a Nintendo Switch case which you can carry around. – ARV of this case is $14.99

How to Get Lunchables Nintendo Switch Code for Instant Prize Win

lunchables nintendo switch sweepstakes

Getting your Lunchables Qr Code for taking part in the Lunchables Sweepstakes can be very easy and straight. You can easily follow each and every method for getting your entry code.

So, “Build, Stack and Play and get instantly winning prizes”.

  • Buying items:

According to this method, you need to go to your supermarket store and find which latest stock of Lunchables is available there. You can overview the items that are available and buy suitable participating products that are running a scheme. Check the code inside the product items.

If you are not aware then, the Lunchables+Juices or Drinks are available for qualification for the Lunchable Sweepstakes promotion. You can check the pack, it will have the sticker of sweepstakes on it. You cannot find any sticker on the package, you would not find any code. If the pack has a launchable sweepstake banner, only then the code will be inside.

  • Free Code:

If you do not want to shop and get the Lunchables Sweepstakes Com code, then you have an option to get Free Code. There are two methods I have discussed below which will help you get your Lunchables Nintendo Switch Scan Code.

  • Online Method:

You need to visit the online website and fill in the form for requesting the free code. Please provide all the details that you are asked on the website and submit the request form. Once you submit it. You will get your Lunchables Sweepstakes Code via email within a day during the business hours.

Note: Make sure you can still open the website Lunchablessweepstakes website and get your code.

  • Mail Method: 

Now if you are not comfortable with the online method and want to personally use the mail to get your Lunchables Sweepstakes Code, then you will need to have a piece of paper of “3”x5″ size. On this paper, you need to enter your parent details or the details of your guardian. These details will include the following.

  • Name and Email
  • Details of Date of Birth
  • Title for Lunchables – “Lunchables MixedUp Gamer Giveaway,”
  • Address – “C/O  Hello World Inc. PO Box – 5049, Department-840835, Kalamkazoo, MI-49003 5049.
  • Now you can send your letter to this address and get their response.

Note: There is only one request allowed for 1 box. And you need to check if the mail system is still a valid option for getting your Code.

1 code of Nintendo Switch will be used for redeeming 5,000 Gold Points of Nintendo and you can use these points for getting digital games and Nintendo Switch games DLC. You can choose any two games out of the below,

  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
  • Splatoon-2
  • Animal Crossing – NewHorizons
  • Mario Golf – SuperRush
  • SuperMario 3DWorld and Browser’s Fury
  • Miitopia
  • New Pokémon Snap

Lunchables Sweepstakes – Eligibility and Rules to follow

For participating in the Sweepstakes, you first must be aware of the Terms. You must be aware about the rules and conditions of this draw for successfully completing the entry

  • Purchase is not required for you to participate in the sweepstakes.
  • Only the legal US residents are able to participate. Please note that all the 50 US States are welcome to participate including Puerto Rico and District of Columbia.
  • Not all the participants will win the competition, only a few will.
  • The age of entrants must be 6 years when they enter Lunchables.
  • You will surely get your prize after successfully fulfilling all the requirements of the sweepstakes.
  • There is only 1 daily entry no matter if you choose online method, mail method or shop any Lunchables.
  • If you are entering the sweepstakes, then playing “Instant Win Game” is a must. At the promotion time, there will be 1 instant game every day.
  • Lunchables Sweepstakes Com Sponsor has reserved all the right to change the rules, drawing of prizes and also has the right to cancel it all.
  • If you win, you will get the information on your email or the contact method that you have preferred.
  • You must read the official rules of the sweepstakes and prize before you enter.

How to Win a Nintendo Switch From Lunchables Sweepstakes?

win a nintendo switch from lunchables


  • Go to the official website of launchable sweepstakes and you will see a registration for promotion page.
  • If you have registered previously, you may select the option “already registered” if not, you must select “register now”.
  • Already registered ones will need to type in their username and password.
  • Those who have clicked on Register now, need to fill out a small registration form, having your email address, name and date of birth of your parents and guardians and other things asked.
  • After filling out the details, create a username and password, please remember, not to use your first name or last name as username.
  • Once the procedure of Sign up gets complete, you need to read and follow the guidelines you see on the screen.
  • Lets say your age is below 13, during the sign-up, then an email will be shared with your parents or guardians, asking them to continue further for the promotion or opt out from the promotion.
  • If your parents or guardians have selected to opt out from the promotion, your entry will be canceled and no prize will be given under any circumstances.
  • Suppose your parents or guardians have selected to continue further, then you will be informed immediately if you have won Sweepstakes prize or not.
  • To claim your won prize you need to read the details from the screen very carefully.
  • Let’s say, you haven’t won any of the prizes, you still are eligible to get 100 – My Nintendo Platinum points redeemable on the website.

Selection of the Winner

All the entries go under the scrutiny process to check whether they are eligible to participate or not, and then a random draw is made from those who are eligible to participate in Lunchables Nintendo Switch Sweepstakes.

Winners Details

Winners are announced instantly, and in some cases via email, and if by any chance you haven’t checked your email, you can always visit the official website and by selecting the Winners from the home page, you will see a list of people who have achieved various positions. Check out if it is showing your name or not.

Note: The list on the website will only be published if the winners have accepted their winning  prize.

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I request you to follow each and every step on the official Lunchables Sweepstakes Com website to win Lunchables Win A Nintendo Switch. I hope you understand how to get a Lunchables Scan To Win code and how to participate in the Nintendo Switch Lunchables. If you face any doubt, or need to solve any query, please do mention that in the comment box below, to get it solved on a priority basis.


How can I get a Lunchables Nintendo Switch Redeem Code?

If you have read my article, I have described the methods in detail to get a Lunchables Nintendo Switch Redeem Code from the Lunchablessweepstakes Com website.

What can I get in the Lunchables Giveaway?

You can win Mario kart 8, with the specially stamped Launchables items as a giveaway.

Is it easy to enter into Lunchable sweepstakes?

Yes, you just need to perform Lunchables Scan To Win the unbelievable prizes.

How may I know if I have won Nintendo Sweepstakes?

The winners will be notified within the 10 working days, about their winning and they need to read the instructions sent in the mail carefully to claim the prize.

What is the Nintendo Switch Giveaway 2024?

You will be excited to know that Nintendo and Quaker have merged for a Quaker Family fun giveaway and 300 winners are to be announced to get a Nintendo Switch Prize pack. You can still participate in this as it is open till 31st October 2024.

Can I still enter into Post Switch Sweepstakes?

No, as Post Switch Sweepstakes began on 1st September 2017, and ended on 31st March 2018, so there is no chance to participate now.

What is the Leave it to Lunchable Rewards program?

Those who are registered members at Launchables, and have gone through the sign up process on are eligible to get access to the prizes, and further they are auto enrolled in Sweepstakes for winning the groceries worth $10,000.

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