How many tablespoons in 1/4 cup & How to measure it accurately? [2024]


How many tablespoons in 1/4 cup? – Ever had this question cross your mind when cooking or baking? Well, when you are preparing a recipe for something, you want it to be perfect and get the most authentic taste. Maybe you are cooking food for family, friends, or yourself, but you must know How many tablespoons in a quarter cup? Today, we are going to learn how many tablespoons to cups you would actually need and learn about how tablespoon measurements work in different countries like the UK and USA.

You must know the exact measurement of the 1/4 cup to tbsp ratio to make the most accurate food item for yourself or your guests. In this article, I have given all the details on how to easily convert the tbsp in 1/4 cup and get the right quantities every time you prepare something. A few general rules of thumb that you should know about for different countries such as the UK and the United States. 

Once you have read this article, you will clearly understand how many tbsp in 1/4 cup you need. But you must read it till the end to learn about the concept in detail. I assure you that, in the end, you will not have any doubts left in your mind about the measurement of tablespoons in 1/4 cup. Shall we begin this article now? Let’s first understand the terms so that everything is clear later. 


What is a tablespoon?

A tablespoon is a large spoon size that people use to measure different ingredients, condiments, powders, or other substances used for domestic or non-domestic purposes. Many countries use 15 mL as a standard tablespoon measurement. Some countries like Australia use 20 mL as a standard measurement for tablespoons. So, if you are from Australia, you will have nothing to worry about measuring tablespoons to cups.

But while knowing the tablespoon measurements, you should also know how many tablespoons in an ounce. Most people use tablespoons to measure items or ingredients in powder forms such as salt, baking powder, baking soda, flour, etc. But tablespoons are also widely used to measure liquid like honey, syrup, etc. But the results you get from measuring liquid may differ from the powder. Don’t worry; I will explain it in the next points so your doubts slowly fade away.

How many tablespoons in 1/4 cup? 

So, how many tablespoons in a quarter cup will you need? Let me save you the effort and tell you that you will need 4 tablespoons for a quarter or ¼ cup. Generally, when you add 4 tablespoons in 1/4 cup, each tablespoon amounts to 15 milliliters. Now, you must have had your answer to the question, how many tablespoons in a quarter cup, right?

After knowing the above measurement, you must be curious about other measurements, such as 8 tablespoons to cups. how many tbsp in 2/3 cup, and others, Please read the following point in which I have tried to clear your doubts about the measurement.

You have now understood how many tablespoons in a quarter cup you need. So, now, let’s talk about different measurements.

How many tablespoons are in a cup?

We saw 4 tbsp in 1/4 cup, and in more specific technical terms, 4 tablespoons make up 0.25 cup. We also saw that using the above measurement, you can easily measure various ingredients that ultimately help you make the right decision for your cooking or any other purpose.

In a cup there are 16 tablespoons you would have to use for a cup. If we use the logic like 4 tablespoons equals 0.25 cup or ¼ cup, then for measuring one cup, we need to multiply 4 tbsp by 4 to get 1 cup measurement. So here, the answer is 16 tablespoons.

Now, if you are wondering how much does a 1/8 cup to tbsp means, you can apply the same logic as if it would be 2 tablespoons to cups. If you ask for ½ cup to a tablespoon, it would be 8 tablespoons. If you are confused with these, I have attached a list of tablespoons to the cup chart below that will help you.

The table will help you understand all the measurements in the mass (grams) for ounces, grams, and pounds.

Cups Tablespoons  Measurement in ounces Measurement in grams/pound
2 cups  32 Tablespoons  16 ounces 1 pound 
1 cup 16 Tablespoons  8 ounces 0.5 pound
¾ cup 12 Tablespoons  6 ounces 0.375 pounds
½ cup 8 Tablespoons  4 ounces 113.4 grams
¼ cup 4 Tablespoons  2 ounces 56.7 grams

Now, you are aware of the measurement of mass measurements for cups and tablespoons. Let us learn about liquid measurement in ounces, milliliters, and liters.

Cups Tablespoons  Fluid Ounces Milliliter 
2 cups  32 Tablespoons  16 fl. oz. 473 ml
1 cup 16 Tablespoons  8 fl. oz. 237 ml
¾ cup 12 Tablespoons  6 fl. oz. 117 ml
½ cup 8 Tablespoons  4 8 fl. oz. 118 ml
¼ cup 4 Tablespoons  2 8 fl. oz. 59 ml

So, now you must be clear about the above three measurements to convert tablespoons to cups and know about the milliliters. From now onwards, you can use the math and start multiplying or dividing the numbers to get accurate answers on how many tablespoons in a quarter cup you need.

How can you measure tbsp in 1/4 cup?

Your tablespoon-to-cup measurements will depend on the kind of ingredient that you use. If you wish to fill the cup, you will not require tablespoon measurements. Just fill it up. But for any other specific requirement, you will need to refer to the above table to get accurate information about the measurements.

See, all the measurements we discussed are perfect for standard-sized cups, but if you are thinking about measuring it in different-sized cups, you would have to stick to your preferred measurement.

Tips to remember while measuring tablespoons in a ¼ cup

Before you randomly start measuring the tbps to cups and try to use any other measurement, please know about these measuring tips.

  • First, measure the cup and spoon and see if they meet the measurement criteria. 
  • While measuring the fluids or ingredients, please fill the cup with the spoon level to the top. 
  • Use the 15 ml criteria to avoid any confusion to get accurate results.
  • Remember to convert cups to tbps and consider 1 cup equal to 16 tablespoons.

Why is it important to convert the tbps to 1/4?

You need to use the conversion process to ensure the correct measurement and avoid any mistakes in the ingredients. If you are under any prescriptions or practicing a recipe, you must ensure that you have the correct results.

How to use the measurement?

Using the measurement will be easier if you have a cup that shows the accurate measurements on it. It will help you create the most accurate recipe according to your requirements. The quarter-cup measurement can help you use the right quantity and bring out the perfect taste.


In cooking or similar activity, measuring the ingredients is equally important as mixing and baking them. Knowing prior how many tablespoons in a 1/4 cup makes you more clear about justifying the taste and flavor. When you convert tablespoons to cups, you have a clear measurement which results in success on your first attempt.


What is the measurement of 5 tablespoons to cups?

5 tablespoons will be about 0.3125 cups or 0.625 fl. oz.

What is the 3/4 cup divided by 2?

If you divide ¾ by 2, you will get 0.375 cups per US country.

What does the 8 tablespoons to cups mean?

It means you are having ½ cup or 4 fl. oz.

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