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Are you looking for a comprehensive guide on TellHalfordsAutocentres Survey? You have the perfect website. If you recently visited the Halfords Autocentre, you must have heard about the Halfords Autocentre Survey. It is a customer survey which you can take at the official https://www.halfords.com/store-feedback.html website. 

Before participating in the survey, you must be aware of some basic rules and procedures. In this article, I will give you all the details about the customer survey from Halfords and tips to increase your chances of winning £250 as a reward.

To participate in the Halfords Feedback Survey, the customers need a device with a browser and internet connection. They need to open the official URL https://www.halfords.com/store-feedback.html for the survey. The official survey page will have a list of customers’ questions. 

After answering these questions, you can claim your £250 rewards. Today I will explain the purpose of the survey, the reward amount, requirements, rules, and the step-by-step process to take the survey. After reading my article, I assure you that most of your doubts will get cleared.

Let’s get started.

What is the purpose of Halfords Autocentre Survey?

Halfords Autocentre operates over 300 repair garages that provide automotive services. The company specializes in car servicing. MOT testing, exhaust, batteries, tyres, brakes, and other repair works. First, it was a part of RAC’s motoring division; then, it became a subsidiary of Lex Autocenters in 2001. Halford, a UK-based retailer, decided to buy this auto centre in 2010 for a £73 million deal. The company rebranded it as ‘Halford Autocentres’ on 24 May 2010.

Halfords Autocentres provides high-quality service to customers at very affordable prices. Over 1500 trained employees are working in the chain that provides the best services for your automobile. The company offers services to more than 75000 customers every year, and it is hard to know if all of them are happy. With the help of the Tellhalfordsautocentres.com survey, the company can easily reach out to the maximum number of customers and find out about their experience and satisfaction level.

The Halfords Autocentre Survey aims to get accurate customer data about their satisfaction and try to improve the services. In return, the company offers customers £250 as a reward for sparing their valuable time to give answers. Please ensure that the company only expects the customers to provide solutions the team can verify. 

Halfords Autocenter Survey Rewards

Halford Autocentre needs you to provide accurate information about your experience. The company cares about its customers for a better experience every time they visit. The auto centre chain understands that you spend valuable time answering the question, so it offers something in return. At the end of the survey, the company promises the below reward to the customers,

  • £250 rewards or prize

Please note that the reward amount can change over time depending upon the decision of the Halford Autocentre chain. The easiest way to check the reward amount is your purchase receipt. You will have a survey invitation and reward amount printed on your purchase receipt. Early at the company used to give £1,000 Cash Prize if you participated in the survey at www.tellhalfordsautocentres.com.

Now, let’s talk about the requirements to meet before the survey.

TellHalfordsAutocentres Survey Requirements

  • You must have visited any of the Halford Autocentre,
  • The latest receipt to participate in the survey. 
  • High-speed internet connection for better User experience. 
  • A device to connect the official URL of the TellHalfordsAutocentres online survey website
  • The latest version of the Browser for smooth user experience and connectivity,

If you are clear with all the above basics survey requirements, let us learn about the most important point of the survey, i.e. rules.

There are many other parameters which the customers need to consider before participating in the survey. I have listed all these key parameters in the next point.

Rules to Participate in Halfords Autocentre Survey

Before taking the Tell Halfords Autocentres Survey, you must know the rules. You can participate in the survey only if you follow the mentioned rules. These rules also decide if you qualify to take the survey. So, please carefully pay attention to these TellHalfordsAutocentres rules. 

  • Only participate in the survey if you are 18 years old. The service is only for 18+ year participants. 
  • Participating in the survey will be easy if you have a valid purchase receipt.
  • You must have legal citizenship in the United Kingdom or Ireland. 
  • If you are an employee, you cannot participate in the survey. 
  • Only one person can participate in the survey for one time period. 
  • There is no option for transferring the reward to any third person (known or unknown).
  • If you are working at Halford Autocentre, you will not qualify for participation in the survey. 
  • The employee’s immediate family members are also unable to participate in the customer survey.
  • There is no option for getting any substitute for the reward, so you must accept it in its original form.
  • The winner has to pay all the charges associated with the reward amount.
  • If you take the survey within the sweepstakes period, then you can get a chance to win.
  • The survey will be in English, so you better should know the language,
  • At the end of the survey, you must provide your authentic contact details, such as your phone number and email, along with your legal name.

I hope you found these basic rules for participating in the survey useful. Kindly make sure that you comply with all of these rules. If you fail to comply with even a single rule, then you will meet disqualification. 

Let us know the steps to take in the Tellhalfordsautocentres.com survey.

How to take Halfords Autocentre Survey at www.halfords.com/store-feedback.html

If you have written all the rules carefully and think you comply with them, you can proceed with the step-by-step instructions to take the survey.

halfords autocentre survey page
  • Visit Halfords Autocentre Survey Website at www.halfords.com/store-feedback.html
  • On this website, first, you will get a welcome message ‘Thank you for visiting your local Halfords store’.
  • After you read the information on the page, click on “Click Here” button to open a Survey page.
  • You can read the welcome message on the page and then click on the “Begin Survey” button.
  • After clicking the button, you will land on a page where you will have to provide basic survey details. 
  • Please take your survey receipt and enter the necessary details on the page.
  • First, please provide your store name from the receipt. 
  • After that, enter how much (£) you spent on the services at Halfords Autocentre. 
  • Check your receipt and select the date of the visit in the given need format.
  • On the next blank, please enter the Till number, and following that, enter the Transaction number. 
  • Finally, choose ‘Yes‘ if you want to enter a prize to win £250; if you do not wish to participate, click ‘No‘.
  • You must click on the ‘Next’ button as soon as you provide the basic details mentioned above. 
  • Once you click the next button, a page with a list of questions will load on your screen. 
  • Please read each question carefully and start answering at the same time. 
  • You cannot keep any single question as all are mandatory. 
  • The questions can have many types; multiple-choice, descriptive, or rating based. So, answer according to the nature of the question. 
  • Please give only one answer to avoid any chances of disqualification.
  • Complete answering all the questions and go to the end page.
  • After answering all the questions, next you have to submit the survey. 
  • Before submitting the survey, you should enter the contact details for the prize draw. 
  • Enter the details requested on the page and submit your survey.

Note: You cannot take the Halfords Autocentre Survey at www.tellhalfordsautocentres.com as the company may have shut down the link. Instead, you need to open https://www.halfords.com/store-feedback.html using your device.

If you need help opening the survey website or facing technical errors, please refer to the following contact details.

Contact Details 

Please use the following contact details for customers facing a problem or glitch on https://www.halfords.com/store-feedback.html. My contact details will help you resolve any issue related to the survey. You can even clear your doubts by talking to the company’s representative. 

  • Official Halfords Autocentre Survey Page: www.halfords.com/store-feedback.html
  • Halfords Official Website: www.halfords.com
  • Halfords Customer Support Email: [email protected]
  • Customer Support Number: 0330-135-9779

Please use the contact details listed above as per your requirement. You can get quick solutions from the company’s official representatives if you have any questions.


Halfords Autocentre Survey is beneficial for both the company and the customers. With the help of the customer online survey, the company gets accurate details of what the customers think about the services. On the other hand, the customers get a chance to win £250 as a reward. The survey will take only 5 minutes of your time, but it will be worth it. Halfords Autocentre conducts an official survey at https://www.halfords.com/store-feedback.html, so please remember to open the correct website. 

If there is any question or doubt, please let me know with the help of a comment box. I will resolve all the issues that you’re facing.


Why should I take the Tell Halfords Autocentres Survey? 

After you purchase, it is up to you whether to participate in the survey. However, by participating in the survey and sparing your 5 minutes, you get a chance to win a £250 reward or cash amount. So, you don’t lose anything by giving a few answers but get amazing rewards. Participating in the survey has several other benefits, such as helping the company improve customer services and speaking your mind about the services.

Do I need a receipt to participate in the Halfords Auto Centre survey? 

Yes, you will need a receipt with a survey invitation to enter the details like store number, transaction number, date, Till number, and other information.

Why am I not able to access the www.tellhalfordsautocentres.com survey website?

The www.tellhalfordsautocentres.com website is not operational anymore as the company may have shut it down. To access the official survey page, please use the https://www.halfords.com/store-feedback.html website URL.

How many Halfords Auto centres are in the UK?

There are 314 Halfords Autocenters all across the United Kingdom.

Is my personal information safe when I take Halfords Autocentre Survey?

Yes, the company only uses personal information for registration purposes for prize draws. Even when you take the survey, your information is safe as the company will use it to verify it.

Has anybody won rewards by participating in the TellHalfordsAutocentres online survey? 

Yes, many people have won rewards by participating in the survey. You can confirm this with your local store or the company itself. Sometimes the company publishes the winners’ names on the website. So please look out for them.

What will the Halfords Autocentre do with my answers?

The Halfords Autocentre will analyze your answer along with many other solutions to find out the satisfaction level of the customers. After getting the information of all the answers, the company will decide to improve, discontinue, or renew customer services.

How many times can I take the survey? 

You can take the survey once during a survey period with your purchase received.

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