– Enter Code to Activate Fox News Connect on Any Device [2024]

Today in this article, we are going to share with you how you can use foxnew connect on any of your devices and stay updated with the latest news around the world, anywhere and anytime. We will also see the devices that are compatible to go to foxnews com connect. 

So, please read the complete article, to gain the insights of www foxnews connect.

How to Download Foxnews Com Connect on Your Mobile Device?

Follow the below steps for using foxnews connect on your mobile device.

  • Install the foxnews com connect application.
  • Get the foxnews com connect code from the screen of your device.
  • Using a PC browser, navigate to
  • Type the foxnews com connect code that appears on your television screen.
  • Select a TV service provider.
  • Select Connect button
  • Now find pleasure by watching Fox news on your mobile device.

Where Do I Enter Fox News Registration Code?

enter fox news registration code

To enter the registration code please follow the below steps:

Navigate to on your mobile device, notebook, tablet, computer, or PC using a web browser. Enter the code displayed on the connected device. You need to sign in using your subscriptions credentials.

List of Fox News Compatible Devices

Below are the list of TVs and other devices that are compatible with foxnews com connect. 

  • Roku
  • Android TV
  • Xbox One 
  • Android Phone or Smartphone
  • Amazon FireTV
  • Apple TV 4K
  • Chromecast
  • Samsung Smart TV

How to Connect Fox News on Roku Device

activate fox news on roku device

Kindly follow the below steps in order to foxnews com connect roku.

  • First power on your Roku device.
  • Now access your Roku’s store to find the Fox News app.
  • Search for and select Fox News Streaming Channels.
  • Set up the FOX show by selecting Insert Channel.
  • Select the FOX News Channel.
  • Access your Fox News account.
  • Click sign up and type in your Fox News Channel username and Password.
  • You can watch Fox News after successfully logging in.

How to Create Fox News Account?

Simply follow the below mentioned steps to create a new Fox News account.

click on login in fox news website

  • Now the next thing to do is hit the Login Option.
  • To sign in, click Subscribe or enter your credentials. (Note: you can sign up/in using Facebook too)

click on create account in fox news login page

  • You need to first complete the sign-up form by filling up details and then click – Submit button.

register account on fox news connect

  • You will be instantly registered.
  • Now, you may access your Fox News account.

Advantages of Fox News Connect

  • You can watch Fox news anytime and wherever you choose.
  • Apart from the current and trending news you can even use filters such as sports news, world news, share market trend, etc.
  • Fox News sends your news notifications to keep them up to date.
  • You can access news from any point in time in history.
  • You may watch both live and archived news on the same platform.

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So, we have seen in this article, how much useful fox news connect is! You can be connected and updated with the world, For example, Sports, shares, Famous Celebrity, cooking, and many more. Do let us know have you downloaded this app yet or are planning to download. We would be waiting to hear your answers in the comment box below.


Is there any way to connect directly with the fox news channel?

Yes, you may send an email to them at – [email protected] Or visit them at

Can I watch Fox News without a Cable TV Provider?

Yes, you can watch Fox news without a cable TV Provider, but for that you need a device such as Roku. Using foxnews com connect roku you can watch live news.

How much does it take to stream Fox News?

It may ranges from $5.99 a month and $64.99 a year.

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