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Boot Barn is a Western premium handcrafted boot brand working especially that provides different kinds of boots, workwear, shoes, and work accessories. If you have recently shopped for footwear from any of the Boot Barn stores, you may have come to know about the Boot Barn Survey. It is a survey that helps the customer share their shopping experience at Store. To take this customer survey, you have to go to the Bootbarnvisit.Smg.Com Survey website using your device. In today’s article, I am going to explain to you step by step the process of how to take the survey so read it till the end.

Customers who visit the Boot Barn stores experience the high-quality footwear shopping experience but many of them have mixed reviews about the store, the product and overall services. To understand exactly what the customers feel, Boot Barn has launched a customer satisfaction survey on the Bootbarnvisit.smg.com website. To take this Survey, you need to answer your questions related to their recent visit. After answering the questions, you will be able to get a gift card as a reward which you can use at any participating store. 

Before taking the customer survey, you need to check if you qualify for it because only after that you can win the gift card. To check whether you qualify, you need to know about certain rules of the Boot Barn Visit survey which I have mentioned in this article. While taking the survey, please answer honestly and accurately so that the company can verify your answers. After reading this article, I assure you that you will have no problem increasing your chances to win the gift card.

About Boot Barn 

about boot barn

Boot Barn started in 1978 as a single store but later it became one of the largest retailers of western and workwear in the USA. With the desire to support the community, Store started providing a range of cowboy boots, workwear, outdoor gear, work boots, western-inspired fashion, and similar other products. Today, it has become the largest retailer having 220 stores across 30 States of America. The success of the store appears to be due to its diverse selection of the product and competitive market price.

Many customers prefer Boot Barn because of their fashion choice and Western-inspired item pieces. The store also provides various items for women such as hiking boots, jeans and bottoms, belts and buckles, dresses and skirts, and many other women’s accessories. All of these products make the Boot Barn one of the go-to stores for Americans who love Western style.

Boot Barn believes in serving the community and therefore it has also answered over 600 rodeos, and events of the local community, and taken initiatives to serve the community better. The customers buy products by going to the store or ordering it online through its website at bootbarn.com.  

Boot Barn Survey Purpose and Benefits 

Boot Barn has been operating since 1978 and all these years people know it as a brand that provides quality. Thousands of people visit the store for many Western items and feel satisfied with their purchase. However, some other customers who visit the store feel that there can be some improvement to the services of the Boot Barn store. Since not all the customers have similar opinions, the company has set out to identify the improvement points of the store to provide the highest quality Services to the customers.

The purpose of the Bootbarnvisit.Smg.Com survey is to know from the customers how exactly they felt while shopping at Boot Barn. The company will collect the Boot Barn Visit feedback from the customers and find out which service needs improvement. Conducting a customer survey online is an effective way that saves time for both the customers and the company. The customer needs an active internet connection and a device to open the Bootbarnvisit Smg website for taking the survey. 

The benefit of taking this survey is if you are a loyal customer who regularly shops at Boot Barn, you can express your honest opinion about the customer service of the store. This is a chance to speak your mind and help the company improve its already great services. On the other hand, the company gets accurate data which it can work on to start implementing the improvements. However, for many customers, the most important aspect of taking the Boot Barn Visit SMG survey is winning the reward at the end. No more about it, please read the following point.

Survey Rewards

Most of the customers participate in the survey to win the rewards at the end. The customer putting his efforts to provide accurate information to the company thinks that he should get something in return. Boot Barn also understands that the customer spends a few minutes of his time taking the survey so it should also give something in return. Therefore, the company offers the customers a great chance to win the below reward,

  • Boot Barn Bogo Discount or a Gift Card 

The rewards depend on the company’s decision and therefore the reward amount, discount or free items can change at any time. Therefore, you need to check your purchase receipt where you will find the details of the survey. Let us now move ahead with the survey requirements. 

Survey Requirements

  • Get yourself a purchase receipt by visiting the Boot Barn store.
  • Use any device such as a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC to connect to the website. 
  • Use the latest version of the browser to get a smooth experience. 
  • You’ll need a good uninterrupted internet while taking the survey.
  • Keep your personal contact details with you as you may need them later.

The mentioned are the basic requirements for taking the online customer survey. Now, let’s move ahead with the next important point of survey rules.

Rules of Boot Barn Survey

Boot Barn has set some rules for all the customers to follow to take the online survey. If you think you follow all the rules, then only you can be eligible to take the survey. So, consider these rules as criteria to check whether you qualify for the survey. Please read these rules carefully, 

  • A visit to the Boot Barn is a must.
  • The survey is age-restricted and only valid for participants above 18 years. 
  • This survey is only valid for the citizens of the United States of America. 
  • Entry for one survey is limited to one person. 
  • Boot Barn does not allow any prize or reward transfer to any third person. 
  • Employees can not participate in the online customer survey. 
  • The immediate family members or closest friends of the employees also cannot take the survey.
  • You must know any language of the following; Spanish or English. 
  • After getting your coupon code or gift card, please confirm the validity as most of the rewards tend to expire within 2 months or less.
  • Survey Rewards are not redeemable in cash or any other substitute.
  • You must participate in the survey within 3 days of getting your Boot Barn purchase received.
  • Please make sure you are not in a county, area, or zone where an online survey is not valid and prohibited by the law.

Please make sure that you fall all the rules mentioned above because if you don’t, you cannot take the Bootbarnvisit survey and are already disqualified. Now, let us move on to the most important step of the article which is the Bootbarnvisit online survey steps.

How to take the Boot Barn Survey at Bootbarnvisit.Smg.Com?

After reading all the rules mentioned in the previous point, if you are confident that you comply with all of them, then only you can participate in this Boot Barn SMG Survey,  Follow the below-given steps to avoid any mistakes and increase your chances of getting closer to the gift card,

boot barn customer experience survey
  • Now, open the Survey website using your preferred device. 
  • On the survey page, please choose your language from English or Spanish.
  • Now, please enter your 22-digit survey code printed on your purchase receipt.
  • After that, select the time of your visit from your receipt and click on the “Start” button.
  • Now, List of questions will load on your screen.
  • First, read the questions carefully and start answering the questions available on your screen. 
  • All the questions are compulsory so you cannot skip even one. 
  • You need to recall your recent visit and answer the survey questions accordingly. 
  • The survey questions will mostly be about the store layout, quality of the products, reachability, staff’s treatment towards you, and overall satisfaction. 
  • You will have to answer either by choosing the multiple-choice options or by providing a short description. 
  • Boot Barn only expects you to give an honest answer to save yourself from getting this qualification. 
  • Read your overall satisfaction level with other services. 
  • After attending to all the questions, you can submit the survey and move to the next page.
  • The final step you have to follow is to provide your personal contact details
  • You need to enter your email address, phone number and your legal full name. 
  • After adding the details, please submit the survey online.
  • Follow the instructions on your screen and close the Survey page.

Note: If you are facing any problems while accessing the Bootbarnvisit Smg website, please read the following point to fix your problems.

Contact Details 

Most of the customers can easily take the survey without facing any problems but some customers often go through some technical or non-technical troubles. When the customer faces such glitches or issues, they tend to skip the survey and are disappointed as they cannot resolve the issues themselves. If you are one of the customers who is going through such problems I request you to use the following contact details for a quick solution.

  • Boot Barn Visit SMG Survey Official Website: Bootbarnvisit.smg.com 
  • Official Boot Barn Website: www.bootbarn.com
  • Email Support: [email protected] 
  • Mail Address: Attn: BootBarn.com, Customer Service, PO-Box 12445, Wichita, KS  67277-2445
  • Customer Service Department Call: +1-884-402-668

You can reach the customer Service Department from Monday to Friday from 10:00 AM to 8 PM Central Time. For Saturday and Sunday also you can reach out at the same time.


As we learned in this article, participating in the Boot Barn Survey helps you clear your mind about the customer services by the company and also win amazing rewards at the end of the survey. Throughout the survey, please make sure you follow the instructions I have provided to avoid any mistakes that may lead to his qualification. 

For any further assistance related to the topic, I request you to send me comments using the comment box below. I often read the comments of my reader and try to help.


Can you help me access the Bootbarnvisit site?

If you are not able to access the Boot Barn Visit, then please check your internet connection and try to open the Boot Barn Visit site again. If it does not open still, please use the contact details I provided.

Why do I need to take the Boot Barn customer survey? Is it compulsory?

Boot Barn values your feedback and uses the survey results to improve their customer service and products. Not only this but the company provides you amazing rewards at the end.

What is the maximum time it takes to complete the survey?

The maximum time it would take for you to complete the survey is 7-10 minutes.

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