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If you have recently heard about WAC Listens Survey and want to know more about it, you have come to the right place. Through this article, I am going to explain all the details about this amazing survey and help you win the WAC Coupons. To take this survey, you must use your device to access the Waclistens.com website and answer your questions. These questions relate to your experience with Washington Athletic Club and its services. 

Washington Athletic Club, also known as “WAC,” is one of the nation’s premier athletic clubs located in Seattle, Washington, USA. The club offers different types of services to the athletes through its WAC programs, business opportunities, rewards for performance, and others. The club wants to know if the athletes are happy with the services it provides and how it can improve the overall experience of the athlete through the WAC Customer Satisfaction Survey.

In today’s article, I am going to extensively cover the points which will help you take the WAC Customer Feedback Survey. I will first explain the purpose of the survey, then the requirements and rules, and finally will help you with the step-by-step process for taking the survey.

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What is Waclistens.com Survey and its purpose?

As we briefly saw, the Washington Athletic Club (WAC) is a Seattle-based premier athletic club that offers a wide range of athletics services. Founded in December 1930, this prestigious club has a great history that attracts many individuals to learn and experience a great environment. This five-story club has a basketball, handball, running track, Yoga and Pilates studios, racquetball courts, and many other facilities. The WAC offers 109 rooms, spa services, physical therapy areas, social areas, ballrooms, and more.

Through the WAC Guest Opinion Survey, the Washington Athletic Club wants to know if the club members are happy with the services. Because this is where many social groups, sportspersons, and enthusiasts converge and spend valuable time learning skills, it is important to know if they need service improvements. With the help of the information collected from the survey responses of the individuals, the club will start improving its services.

In return for providing valuable answers in the WAC Customer Experience Survey, the Washington Athletic Club offers the participants a great chance to win WAC Reward Coupons they can spend on the club services. It would take 5 to 7 minutes to complete the survey, but the rewards are worth it.

Now, you may be clear about the purpose of the survey, so let’s learn more about the rewards.

Rewards of WAClistens.com Survey

The athletes do not get any monetary rewards for participating in the WAC Guest Opinion Survey. However, they will get a chance to win exclusive WAC Coupons or free memberships in the club. The participants stand to win any one reward from the following,

  • WAC Coupons 
  • WAC promo code 
  • Free complimentary night stay at WAC Suites 
  • Free or discounted yearly membership

The Washington Athletic Club has complete authority to set the reward amount so that it will change with time. If you have any written survey invitations, you can check the current reward amount on it. And, If you do not have that, you can ask the department head for it.

If you are clear about the reward you stand to win, let me explain the requirements.

WAC Listens Customer Survey Requirements 

  • Active internet connection. 
  • Latest survey invitation.
  • Device to connect the survey website URL. 
  • An updated internet browser to access the website. 
  • Must be a member of the Washington Athletic Club

I hope you understand the requirements mentioned. Now, let us learn about the survey rules.

WAC Customer Experience Survey Rules

With the help of customer survey rules, you can check whether you qualify to take the survey. They act like eligibility criteria and complying with them will help you easily take the survey. I have listed these rules below, 

  • You must have legal residency in the USA. 
  • You can be either a member or a guest to take the survey
  • After completing the survey, you have to provide your authentic email address. 
  • One participant can take one survey during one survey period. 
  • You will have to accept the reward in its original form as there is no price substitution such as cash or others. 
  • If you win, you will have to bear all the charges, including taxes on the reward amount. 
  • You cannot transfer the coupons or other rewards to any third person. 
  • The official limitation for taking the survey is at least 18 years, 
  • You must be someone other than an employee of Washington Athletic Club to take the survey. 

You can easily complete the survey without errors if you carefully follow all the WAClistens rules. Please read the rules carefully because all of them are compulsory for you to follow.

Since you are now aware of the rules, please read the step-by-step instructions for the survey.

How to Participate in WAC Listens Survey?

If you fulfill all the rules I mentioned in the previous points, you can proceed with the next step of taking the survey. Please keep a WAC Listens receipt or survey invitation with you before proceeding.

wac listens customer feedback survey
  • To participate in the WAC Listens, please open this link – https://www.wac.net/about-the-wac/wac-listens/.
  • On this link, you will open a form to complete the survey.
  • In the survey form, first, you need to enter your full name according to the empty fields. It should include your first name and last name. 
  • Next, provide your working email address. 
  • Then, enter your daytime phone number in the following blank. 
  • Choose if you are a guest or an active WAC member. 
  • Next, you need to write a descriptive answer about your overall experience. 
  • In your description, please be precise about your experience and provide an answer which is true to your experience.
  • You can include details like fitness and Wellness facilities, dining options, social and cultural events, sports events, customer service, and overall satisfaction of Washington Athletic Club.
  • Before submitting, just quickly review the information you added and look at the description you provided about your experience. 
  • If everything looks good, click on the “Submit Form” button at the bottom.

Please carefully follow the steps I mentioned above, and if you need help taking the survey, please use the following contact details. 

Contact Details 

The members of the Washington Athletic Club often feel some unexpected error when taking the WAC Customer Feedback Survey. The problem may be due to a website, device, or other factors, but they need quick solutions if you are a member and have such problems. You can communicate those with the authorized representatives of the WAC. If you have any questions about the survey, you can also share those with the representatives.

  • WAC Listens Survey Website: https://www.wac.net/about-the-wac/wac-listens/
  • Official Washington Athletic Club Website: https://www.wac.net/ 
  • Contact Number: +1-206-622-7900
  • Membership Service Contact Number: +1-206-646-3068 
  • Email Address: membership@wac.net
  • Washington Athletic Club Address: 1325 Sixth Avenue, Seattle, WA-98101
  • WAC Social Media Accounts

You can use the contact details per your requirement and contact the club to resolve your doubts.


WAC Listens Survey allows the members of the Washington Athletic Club to speak their minds about the services they experience. Being a prestigious and premiere club, it offers great facilities and amenities to the members. It will take only 5 minutes to open the www.WAClistens.com website and take the survey. You will only get something in return with a valid WAClistens survey invitation with the reward details printed on it. 

For further clarification on your doubt about WAC Customer Satisfaction Survey, please contact me by posting comments below. I’ll read your comments carefully and reply as soon as possible. For more details, check out the FAQs.


Why should I take the WAClistens website survey? 

Taking the survey at the WAClistens website will help you speak your mind about your experience. You can also let the Washington Athletic Club know about the improvement of some of the services. 

Is it safe to take the WAC Listens Customer survey online?

Yes, the Washington Athletic Club survey website is safe and secure; every participant can visit. The club will use the contact information you provide to contact you regarding your feedback. The WAC will not share your information with any third party.

Is providing feedback compulsory for all the WAC members? 

No, providing feedback is not compulsory; however, most members participate to win exclusive rewards.

During which holidays Washington Athletic Club stays closed?

The WAC stays closed on the below holidays,

1. New Year Day
2. Memorial day
3. Presidents day
4. Christmas Day
5. Thanksgiving
6. Juneteenth
7. Martin Luther King Junior Day
8. Labor Day

Is there any club shop at WAC?

Yes, WAC has a club shop where you can buy athletic wear such as t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, sweatshirts, etc. You can also buy snacks, sundries, branded gifts, beverages, souvenirs, greeting cards, and more.

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