CVS Survey – Take CVS® Survey to Win $1,000

CVS Survey

The CVS pharmacy is conducting an online CVS Pharmacy Guest Satisfaction Survey, which is available now at for their valuable clients.

The CVS Pharmacy is trying to improve their services and administration, and for that, they need their client’s reviews to gather necessary info so that they can make changes in their policies and work. The CVS Pharmacy Customer Satisfaction Survey is held online and made accessible for everyone who has shopped at the CVS store.

About CVS Customer Survey at

CVS Health Survey is held online for taking valuable input from clients in which they can leave any positive and negative remarks for the organization. The store gets all the data and improves its terms according to the user’s review. You don’t need to worry about the negative or positive feedback as they are just concerned with getting feedback from clients.

When clients leave feedback at CVS Pharmacy Customer Feedback Survey, they get a good chance at the end of the CVS Survey to get their entries in the monthly drawing that helps the user to get lucky gifts which include a $1,000 Gift Card.

In case you have recently visited the CVS Pharmacy store, then you are required to leave your response at the CVS Pharmacy Survey by following some rules and requirements set by the CVS store.

Rules for CVS Health Survey

  • The client must be from the US.
  • The client should be above eighteen years old.
  • One user can perform only one survey.
  • Purchasing a product isn’t necessary to start a survey.
  • Taxes are implied on the winner
  • Obtained prize cannot be transferred elsewhere. 
  • An employee of CVS Pharmacy cannot take this survey.
  • Void where prohibited by law.

Requirements for CVS Pharmacy Customer Feedback Survey

  • A CVS Pharmacy Store purchase bill or receipt.
  • Understanding English is compulsory. 
  • The client should be using a web-connected smartphone or a computer.
  • The client’s age should be eighteen or above. 
  • Email.

Steps to take survey on
  • Start the survey in English or Spanish language.
  • Enter code that is printed on the purchased receipt from the CVS store to start the survey, and then click on the start button. 
  • Start answering the questions of the feedback survey. 
  • Rate your overall satisfaction at the CVS store with your recent visit.
  • Input your satisfaction with their services, food, environment, staff behaviour, cleanliness, etc.
  • After answering these questions, you get a chance to enter CVS Pharmacy Survey Sweepstakes.
  • Click the Yes button to enter the competition and insert your info like your name, email address, and number.
  • Then you can submit the CVS Pharmacy Feedback Survey.
  • After completion, you get into sweepstakes to win a $1,000 or $10 prize.

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21 thoughts on “CVS Survey – Take CVS® Survey to Win $1,000”

  1. I stood in store 10 minutes before I was even acknowledged. Pharmacy had 4 techs & 1 pharmacist. This is not the first time this has happened at CVS store 702-1108. I’m done with CVS.

  2. I do not have a problem with the stores, but I have a Huge problem with your phone service and registering for Covid vaccines and tests! On- line registering takes way too long, asks for too much info. and half the time, it cannot be completed. It absolutely is not user friendly!. If you call a particular store, you are transferred to someone at a call center, after listening to automated messages, which go on forever!
    I will never recommend CVS to anyone! In addition, your prices are too high, and your so-called Rewards are pretty much useless, since they expire in a few days.

  3. Customer service is lacking. Employees were stocking shelves when there was a line of customers at the register. The self service machine was stuck on machine is computing. I final went back to the pharmacy to checkout and with 4 people working still had to wait. I will not go back even though it is closer. At least Walgreens is more user friendly even with more customers.

  4. The woman that is in the pharmacy is very rude. She does not belong in customer service. Rafael stepped in to help. This has happen both to me and my husband. Also we think it’s time to vacuum the leaves right inside the front door! We are considering transferring our prescriptions

  5. Store was very poorly stocked. Has been poorly stocked since at least 1 year before COVID started.

  6. Vianca was waiting on me at the pharmacy window She was very rude and no customer service manners at all. she just asked my name and birthday and then blurted out the price. she came back and throw everything in the basket and walked away did not say a word or asked if I had any questions. I stood there in shock and I was to angry to go inside and say something because iy would not have been nice, She has no bussniss working there with that attitude, I was a manager for 35 years she would be fired.

  7. I recently received EXCELLENT service from Tara in Tempe, AZ! She was kind, helpful and very friendly. Give her a raise and clone her. Survey ID number 7227 0187 2127 942 77

  8. For years I was a CVS Pharmacy advocate, but in recent times the service has become abysmal. The on-line site has been rendered practically useless, and notification alerts and the auto-renewal processes are broken. I will be switching pharmacy providers soon.

  9. I am completely dissatisfied with the pharmacy staff at CVS Sullivan Road in Newnan. Twice in the past 2 weeks, I have had doctors send in prescription to local CVS. I stopped to pick up other medicines they had filled. Asked if any possibility the new prescription was ready and informed both times, it would be 4 hours before I could pick up. Driving home 5 minutes from CVS, I received text to come pick up prescription,
    No customer service at that pharmacy. Went into pharmacy and very hostile assistance from pharmacists and clerks. Going to transfer all my prescriptions away from there.

  10. The lady was very nice & I appreciate that. The only problem I have is it’s hard to get someone on the phone when I call.

  11. Had a wonderful experience went in to pick up a prescription. Pharmacist was helpful. While I was there I also picked up a few things that I needed. Overall it was a great experience

  12. The lady in the front in self check was very hopeful.. and very nice.. even the lady who works overnights, is very helpful:)

  13. Marie and Joan at the CVS pharmacy, Central St., Evanston, have been extraordinary assets to CVS and to Evanston, providing care, professionalism, patience, competence, and warm-hearted constancy of service. They deserve to be honored, not only by CVS, but by the community they have worked so hard to keep healthy. For decades, they have taken the heavy mantle of health care to heart, theirs and ours.

  14. I want to express my appreciation and thanks to the Pharmacist Falah and the Technion Raghad in the CVS pharmacy located at 1585 Wixom Rd, Wixom, MI, for the great job that they are doing in serving their customers in our community. They are very professional, patient, caring, helpful, and go above and beyond the customer’s expectations. They always welcome people with a smile, ask them how they are doing, and professionally answer their questions. In addition, they always strive to do everything they can to make the customer happy before leaving the store. I believe CVS is so lucky to have employees like Falah and Raghad.

    1. While the service is fine. The multiple wide open glade plugin airfreshners throughout the store, at the line opening to the pharmacy, minute clinic waiting area and medication aisles is at minimum DANGEROUS, and poor customer service to asthmatics, COPD patients, or someone like myself who came in to pick up an RX for ABT!! It triggered an asthma attack in my husband today who was with me!! Thank you for trying to hide any odors in your store but might I suggest you either shampoo your carpets regularly, or remove them all together! As a health provider I would assume CVS cared more about our health than making a dangerous effort to cover something in your store! I am forced because of insurance to use your pharmacy this year. Trust me, I will not make this mistake again next year!!

  15. Kathryn is an excellent CVS associate and very helpful! Thank goodness for great customer service!
    Thank you Kathryn!

  16. I’m so frustrated with CVS Pharmacy and they need to find employees that know how to spell names and remember birthdates. I had to give the cashier my birthdate five times and I don’t believe November is the ninth month! The cashier also tried to spell Florence like Floorance!!!! When I asked her if my medication had an easy open cap she said albuterol didn’t have a cap on it. My prescription was for an Antibiotic and not albuterol! She’s going to make a huge mistake and a patient will be the one that suffers!

  17. I went to the CVS in MIddletown CT located on 308 Main St EXt….usually I have a nice encounter with the cashier but todays cashier was rude…her name is ZainaB….her attitide was negative….she may have been having a bad day but even if thats true, she works with the public and should have been nicer….maybe she needs more sensitivity training…..

  18. To whom it may concern I’m a customer of CVS pharmacy for a very long time and I love doing business with them,but I know that they might not know it but their stores are being used to scam mostly elderly people using Google play store cards.I purchased 1200.00 worth of cards on the 2 of June of this month to have them used as a platform to scam me. I’ve tried to get help but no one is answering the headquarters phone please help. John

  19. Everytime I go to the cvs on Morrissey bulevard there is a female by the name of Jody that always seems to discriminate against me when I’m trying to buy formulas for my baby. Today June 8 2022 she followed me outside and waited 10 minutes until I got to my car. I purposely waited so she won’t see where I was going as soon as I got to my car she went back inside. Never mind the fact she was talking to another customer about me i felt concerned for my safety. I won’t be going back there those are the kind of people that will send you to jail worste part is I never said anything to her another customer rep was taking care of my purchase. SMH.

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