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Shiftkey Login

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If you do not have an idea about how to login to link using your login, please read this article carefully. We are going to explain about the login procedure and troubleshoot all the problems that you might face.

We will share very important Shiftkey Login related information that you must know. So without wasting any minute let us talk about it.

Before we could start explaining to you about the login procedure at, you should know more about Shiftkey. So, let us know what it is.

What is Shiftkey

You can use your login to access many thousands of PRN shifts. This will allow you to pick when you wish to work and how much work you want to give. Further, you can choose your preferable location and payout rate as well.

what is shiftkey

Shiftkey eliminated the middlemen for recruiting the people, in this portal, you can directly make your account and easily upload your credentials, and get ready to work with Shiftkey Login at

There are a lot of shifts available to work for, you can choose with whom you want to work and till how many hours you are willing to work, and you will be paid accordingly.

You will be notified via an email or a text message (Push notification) about the Shift opportunity, in simple terms confirmation, with the advanced Shiftkey Login system, you can Generate the invoice, and get paid either on the next day of your work, or by the end of the week.

For getting your payment, you can choose either shiftkey’s paycard or you can provide your back details for direct deposit every week.

Shiftkey can connect you with open shifts throughout the country, and let you choose your own Schedule. It is possible to bid on your rates and work until you are satisfied.

Now as you have some idea about Shiftkey, let us move towards its login procedure, but before that, let us tell you some login requirements, which are must for Shiftkey login.

Shiftkey Login Requirements

Please fulfill the following points to successfully login.

  • Official Login web URL –
  • Accurate username/ Id or password
  • Good internet with good speed.
  • A PC or laptop that can be connected to the internet.
  • Latest browser.

How to Login to Shiftkey Account on

Please follow the below steps to login effortlessly,

login to shiftkey account

  • Type your email first.
  • Then Type your Shiftkey Login
  • Now click on login

Shiftkey Login Help and Support

We are providing you herewith the contact details of Shiftkey, that can help you to solve any problem you might face. Use the details stated below and you can resolve any trouble while using your login.

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We hope the Shiftkey Login details we provided will help you well and schedule your working hours as per your needs. You can choose the best suitable option and get paid easily. If you want to share anything with us, please use the comment box.


How to submit the work done in Shiftkey Login?

Login into your shiftkey portal, visit the “manage schedule”, tap on shift worked, now follow what is asked, continue till you see the finish or submit button.

Does Shiftkey can be operated via mobile app?

Yes, they do have a mobile app, which lets you know the open shifts and notifies you, if you wish to work.

Need to know the approval time of the shiftkey portal?

It completely depends upon your profile, and experience but in general cases it may take upto 24 to 48 hours to approve your shift.

What is the ShiftKey portal about? Who can login into it?

If you are looking for PRN shifts and are tired of traditional staffing agencies, you can use Shiftkey Login at It will help you bid on browse shifts, bid on them and also find the shifts that are around your location. You can also build your PRN Schedule as well.

How can I find the shifts?

  • First you can click on link and then click on Get Started.
  • Here you will have to create your new ShiftKey
  • Add necessary details like your name, email and password.
  • Then use your ShiftKey login to access your account.

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