nicor gas login guide – Nicor Gas Account Login – Detailed Guide [2022]

Nicor Gas Account Login

If this is the first time for you to use the Nicor Gas services then you must know all about the Nicor Gas Login at You are going to find the step-by-step solution here in our article.  If you already have your Nicor My Account then first you should know a little about the company before you learn to use Nicor Login.

About Nicor Gas Company

Nicor Gas is a company from Illinois that believes in providing cleaner, safer, more reliable gas services that are affordable to all customers. It operates one of the largest reservoirs of gas and it is Northern America’s largest provider of natural gas. The company has a 34000 miles long distribution system and a group of 2000 workforce that are capable and highly trained to maintain and improve the distribution system. As the company serves more than 2.2. a million customers and more, it wants to keep the prices down for all to afford them.

about nicor gas company

Nicor Gas believes in taking precautions and sustaining the economy and hassle-free services.

Advantages of Using the Natural Gas from the Nicor Gas

  • Affordable solution: Natural Gas is affordable compared to fossil fuel. It is a cheaper solution to thermal energy as well offering the customers better
  • Sustainable Environment: The company Nicor Gas offers an environmentally friendly natural gas that is better than fossil fuel energy
  • Safe and Secure: Nicor Gas has long distribution lines spread across the state and it offers a safe and secure gas supply without any harm/
  • More reliable than other energy options: It is easy to supply the gas from the underground pipelines to the customers’ residentials and maintain consistency, hence increasing reliability.

Benefits of using Nicor Gas Payment Login

  • Online Bill Management with the help of
  • Hassle-free payment system like autopay bill services using Nicor Gas My Account
  • Use of to help the customers manage their profiles easily
  • Easily access previous readings of the gas and manage historical payment information and overall usage of the gas using Nicor Gas Account Login
  • The is a self-controlling system that automatically handles
  • The Nicor myaccount is for residential use but if you want login and account for commercial use then also the company provides the services

So these are some of the services of having the Nicor myaccount. There are more benefits that you learn once you start using the Nicor Gas customer login. 

Nicor Gas Customer Login Requirements at

  • Nicor log in site URL:
  • You should have ID And password
  • Mobile/PC/Laptop for easy login
  • A new version of the browser 

How to Register Nicor Gas Login Account at

To get your first Nicor Gas customer login, you must register to create your Once you create your ID and password for myaccount, you can access all the basic facilities or benefits of the account.

open nicor gas official website and click on my account

  • Click “My Account”

click on new to my account register in nicor gas login page

  • Now click on the “New to My Account Register” option for your my account

enter required details and click on confirm to register nicor gas login account

  • First add your First Name then Last Name.
  • You must type the active email address as the official nicorgas/myaccount.
  • Then to finally approve your account by confirming the nicorgas/myaccount email address.
  • Create your user ID.
  • Your user ID should be between 6 – 12 characters
  • Then create your password.
  • Then approve your password by confirming it.
  • Select one random security question for your Nicor gas payment login
  • Click Continue to proceed 

How to Login to Nicor Gas Account with

Using your Nicorgas myaccount, you can get many benefits. You can control your account and all the activities including the auto payment facility. So please refer to the steps given below and immediately register to the website without any troubles.

open nicor gas official website and click on my account

  • As you can see in the above image, click “My Account”

nicor gas login

  • Now type/add your Nicor Login User ID and Nicor Login Password
  • Now click Login to access your Nicor Gas My Account
  • You will be logged in to your Nicor Gas Account Login
  • Do not enter the wrong Nicor log in user ID and password

How to Reset Nicor Gas Login Password

Your password is the key to opening the www nicorgas com my account. if you somehow lost your password or do not remember it for some reason, then you must not wait any longer. Please reset your password immediately using the clear steps shown below.

open nicor gas official website and click on my account

  • As per the image shown, click “My Account”

click on forgot user id or password in nicor gas login page

  • Click “Forgot User ID and password?”

enter user id and email address to reset nicor gas login password

  • Now you have to add your Nicor Gas Login User ID and Email address you used to create your Nicor Gas Login
  • Click the Request Password.
  • Now follow the steps and instructions suggested on the screen of your device.

Steps to Reset Nicor Gas User ID

Change or update your username following the website link

open nicor gas official website and click on my account

  • Now go to Click “My Account”

click on forgot user id or password in nicor gas login page

  • Click “Forgot User ID and password?”

enter email address to reset nicor gas user id

  • To reset your userID, please include the Email Address that you created your Nicorgas Com Myaccount

Nicorgas.Com/Myaccount Contact Information

If you cannot login to your then there is a great problem for you. So you must resolve that problem immediately otherwise you will not be able to use your Nicor Gas Login.

Nicor Gas Official Website: Click Here

Nicor Gas Login Page: Click Here

Contact Number: 1-888-642-6748

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Please follow the steps for your Nicorgas as suggested in the article above. Skipping any step will make you do it all over again. If you keep facing login issues with your then you must use the above contact details but you face some problem with the steps suggested for the then you must comment.


Can I create my Nicor Gas My Account now?

If you have applied to Nicor Gas and you are going to use its services, then use the Nicor Gas My Account. You need to go to the www nicorgas com myaccount website to create your login.

Is there any option for autopay using Nicor myaccount?

Yes, you can get so many benefits from using your www nicorgas com myaccount. And you can get all of the features and facilities using your login to  Nicor myaccount.

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