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Are you attempting to access the MyAdvocateAurora patient portal but are unable to successfully MyAurora login. In this article you are going to understand more about the My Advocate Aurora portal and we will try to resolve it. Usually, if you are attempting to access the MyAdvocateAurora portal for the first time, then you will face difficulties. So, you should not worry as we have included every single method and solutions required for the MyAurora Login URL and we are going to take you through the process of login, its requirements, password reset and contact information.

Now, please read this article about MyAdvocateAurora thoroughly and understand more about the company. Previously you could access the website Myadvocateaurora Org  at the [] but now the website address is updated and changed by [] or

What is MyAurora Energy

Advocate Aurora is a not-for-profit healthcare organization based in the United States of America. MyAurora Login is given through My Advocate Aurora portal or  is a patient-facing website. A patient may schedule an appointment with a physician.

what is myaurora

You can speak with your physician. You can use this MyAurora Login account to pay hospital and medical bills and to renew prescriptions. Additionally, medical test results can be viewed. Advocate Aurora employs more than 70,000 people, including 22,000 nurses. Its headquarters are in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Advantages of Having Myaurora Login Online Account 

  • With your MyAurora you can view your test results once they are released by your physician.
  • Take advantage of virtual care from the convenience of your own home or from any other place.
  • Send a secure message to your doctor from anywhere.
  • View information about your previous and upcoming appointments by using your Myaurora Sign In.

Once you’ve verified your eligibility for MyAurora benefits, let’s discuss how to access MyAdvocateAurora at the official website – [] or []. Now we should begin the Aurora Login Portal Login procedure. But first, let us take some idea about the requirements of My Advocate Aurora Login.

MyAurora Login Requirements

  • MyAdvocateAurora official Login URL at [] or []
  • You must have a valid MyAurora login and password for MyAdvocateAurora.
  • The best browser to surf the internet .
  • Devices such as, smartphone, tablet, PC, laptop, etc.
  • Trusted and speedy internet access.

How to Login to MyAdvocate Aurora Portal

Please follow the simple steps below to obtain access to your MyAurora portal:

click on sign in to linkwell and login to myaurora account

Note: The [] website is not working so for the Advocate Aurora Login, please use the latest website – []. You can also go for the [] website since it leads to login as well.

  • Now, please enter your My Advocate Aurora username and MyAurora password into the empty fields provided on the website

login to myaurora advocate account

  • Following that, click the SIGN IN button to gain access to your MyAdvocateAurora Portal

How to Reset MyAurora Login Password on My Advocate Aurora portal?

click on sign in to linkwell and login to myaurora account

  • Now, as shown in the preceding screenshot, click on the “Forgot Password?” link.

click on forgot password in linkwell login page

  • Now, in the inputbox, please enter your MyAdvocateAurora Username and Date of Birth.

enter required details to reset mu aurora login password

  • Following that, click the on the button available and follow the instructions on-screen to reset your My Advocate Aurora

Note: The [] website does the same for the Aurora Login Portal.

MyAurora Login Help

During the Advocate Aurora Login, there are chances that you may face some problems that are completely out of your control and are technical in nature. So at that time, you should not worry about them as we have given you necessary information that you will be able to use for all of your My Advocate Aurora Login related troubles.

Contact Number for MyAdvocateAurora:1 855 624 9366

Website for the login:

The website Myadvocateaurora.Org is not working and it appears that the company has shut it down permanently. So, go to the above website and enjoy

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That concludes our article here of the MyAurora Login at not Myadvocateaurora org. We are positive that this article has been helpful to you and many other people


I don’t find the my question and answer on the website?

If you are struggling to find the right answer for the MyAurora Login or password or username or about the Myadvocateaurora Account then you

can reach the LiveWell support team by calling on 855 624 9366 or sending an email to

What computer system specifications are required for LiveWell with Advocate Aurora Health?

The following browsers are compatible with the My Aurora Portal, LiveWell and with Advocate Aurora Health website:

  • Safari version 6.1 or greater
  • Mozilla Firefox Browser 92 or higher
  • If you are using Safari Browser 1 than its good. Supported
  • If you use our LiveWell mobile app, we support the following operating systems: MacOSX v10.7 Lion
  • Chrome Browser version 92 or higher
  • Android devices running the 6.0 operating system
  • Apple devices running iOS 12 (iOS 13 is required to use all LiveWell app features).

How do I access LiveWell through Advocate Aurora Health for using MyAurora Login?

If you encounter a redirect loop, ensure that your web browser accepts cookies and JavaScript. Additionally, you can try clearing your browser’s cache to resolve the issue. If you continue to experience difficulties, please contact the LiveWell support team via email at or by phone on 855 624 9366.

I lost my MyAurora Login password.

First you need to go to this website – and then sign in using your MyAurora Login credentials. Then, you are supposed to click on the “forgot password” option. Then you are requested to follow the steps suggested.

What should I do for the additional information about MyAurora Login?

If you are unable to locate an answer to your question, please contact the LiveWell support team at contact number and email as below

  • 855 624 9366

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