Chipotle Feedback Survey to Get Free Burritos at [2024]


You can win Free Burritos by participating in the Chipotle Feedback survey at the official website. If you like eating fast food and have tasted any item from Chipotle, you can easily take the Chipotle survey online.

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It is a wonderful chance for you to answer the questions, participate in the survey and provide your feedback. In the end, you will get a chance to win Free Burritos. You can rate the staff’s behavior, cleanliness, food items, overall eating experience, and quality of food by answering the questions of the survey.


You can take the official Chipotle Survey at

What is the Reason for the Chipotle Feedback Survey?

Chipotle wishes to give its customers a chance to express their unique feedback. The company wants its customers to get the best possible service when they visit the store. With the help of the Chipotle Feedback Survey, the customers can show the company its positive points and the points it lacks.

reason for chipotle guest feedback survey

This online survey method helps Chipotle customers visit the store and enjoy the services. The feedback collected from the customers will help the company make better decisions and improve all the services.

Requirements for Chipotle Feedback Survey

  • Must know English or Spanish
  • Connect with the computer device or mobile devices like tablets or smartphones.
  • You must have internet access
  • 2-3 minutes to complete the Chipotle survey
  • You will need a Chipotle Receipt having a survey invitation.

Chipotle Feedback Rules and Regulations

You need to fulfill several criteria to take part in the survey. To be eligible for the lucky draw, please follow the rules listed below:

  • This promotion is only for the residents of the USA, Canada, and the District of Columbia (Quebec not included)
  • The participants must be at least 13 years of age or above.
  • Only one entry per survey is allowed
  • Your Chipotle receipt must contain a coupon Code.
  • If your survey is incomplete, you will be out of the survey.
  • No entries will is acceptable on someone else’s behalf
  • The winner cannot transfer the amount won, replace, or get anything else.
  • The winner is supposed to pay the required taxes
  • If you work at Chipotle, then you/ your family members/ or your friends are not eligible to participate in the Chipotle survey.

How to Take the Chipotle Survey at

start survey

You need to learn about specific steps at any price successfully.

  • Before taking the survey, please make sure that you have the latest purchase received from the store,
  • First, take out your receipt. If you don’t have it, please buy something from Chipotle.
  • Open the website.

start chipotle customer feedback survey


  • Choose receipt with a survey code, and select preferred language.
  • Click on Next.

chipotle survey

  • Now please enter your receipt code.
  • Check your receipt, and it will have a 20-digit code available.
  • Then click on the start button.
  • Your feedback on the Chipotle survey will begin.
  • Please read the questions and answer them.
  • Your answer should be based on your recent visit.
  • Maintain your honesty during the survey.
  • Kindly add your name, residential address, and all your details.
  • Now at the end of the survey, you will have an option to enter into Chipotle Sweepstakes.
  • Submit your survey.
  • Now, please wait for the response of the sweepstakes administrator until he announces the winner.

Note: Once you give your opinion in the survey, Chipotle will help you enroll in the sweepstake opportunity to win 52 Chipotle Burrito Cards.

Selection of Chipotle Survey Winner

  • The company will make a random drawing from all the eligible entries made within the entry period.
  • The company will contact the winners within 10 days of the drawing.
  • Winners have 10 days after they get selected to sign the declaration and release their liability, such as taxes.
  • If the winner disagrees or fails to sign the declaration within the specified time limit, they will be disqualified from the survey, and no other winner will be selected.
  • The company will deliver the price to the winner within 60 days
  • Winners are responsible for paying the necessary taxes.

Get the list of the chipotle winners

If you want a list of the winners, you can send a stamped business envelope to the below address, and you will receive the winner’s list.

The Chipotle customer satisfaction survey sweepstakes

P.O. Box No. 251328
West Bloomfield, MI 48325, US

Please note: You must send the request before 1st March 2024.

Questions can be asked in the Chipotle Survey

You will find this section very helpful as I will provide you with the questions asked in the survey. If you know the questions in advance, it will be beneficial for you to enter the survey.

  • You have to rate the overall satisfaction at the chipotle restaurant between the rating of 1 to 5.
  • Write the reason why you gave that score in the first question.
  • Will you suggest the Chipotle restaurant to your friends and families? If No, why not?
  • How was your food ordering experience at Chipotle?
  • You have to provide the rating on various questions such as ease of ordering, delivery speed, quality of the service, and food’s taste cleanliness at the restaurant and the overall behavior of the staff.

About Chipotle Restaurant

about chipotle restaurant

Chipotle offers delicious Mexican Fast food in various states of America. As the passage of time. Chipotle has also expanded its services in other countries, such as Canada, France, Germany, and the UK.

Steve Ells established this restaurant in 1993. Since then, it has been famous for providing Tacos and Burritos. They never failed to deliver the quality and have preserved the same taste since then.

With their dedication and hard work, they have managed to make $475.6 Million over the past years from 2000 locations in different countries.

Contact Details of Chipotle

If you have any issues and want to contact the Chipotle team, please find the following helpful link

  • Chipotle Official Website:
  • Chipotle Feedback Survey Website:

You can also try to ask the store if there is any kind of trouble that you face with the receipt or have basic questions about the survey.


Chipotle Survey is a short and precise survey. Suppose you ask questions about your visit and the company’s services. You are free to give precise answers and provide the company with information about its accurate services.

The survey will engage you with questions about cleanliness, services from the staff, quality of the food, and the environment of the store.

Most of the customers provide only honest answers. It is the reason they may be able to win. If you are giving your opinion, then it should be faithful to the company and your satisfaction.

If you’re having any issues opening the survey website or having technical issues must communicate your problems to the customer support team.

After reading the article, if you think I can help you, I would request you to place your online comments and let me know about your doubts about the survey.


What are the other types of Chipotle Survey invitations?

The survey mutations could be,

  • Email survey invitation
  • Receipt with survey code
  • Digital order label

Is it true that the Chipotle Survey age must be at least 13?

Yes, the company wishes their teenagers could also participate in the chipotle feedback survey. Although many surveys consider 18 years to be the ideal age for taking service, Chipotle gives 13 years old also a chance to express their opinion about the store and its services.

What kind of response can I give in the chipotle feedback survey?

You can express your feelings, thoughts, first-time Impressions, and overall experience with the store.

Does everybody get the chance to win?

Usually, the survey considered so many applications. The company always wishes the best will win. But, it often doesn’t happen. The company randomly picks the winner who has given good answers for chipotle survey.

The company announces the winner, and you can check if your name is on the winner list.

Is it necessary to purchase to take the chipotle survey? Will purchase increase my chances of winning?

Purchase is not necessary for taking the survey. Making a purchase will not increase your chances of winning at all. The company gives equal chances to all participants; therefore, making a purchase does not count as a winner.

Where can I find the complete details about the survey entry period from Chipotle?

If you are not sure when the server starts in when the entry period ends, then you should take a look at this link –

On the above link, you will find the start date and time. There are also details about the end date and its time. The other details include the mail-in postmarked date. It is the date when the company will take the survey request via mail. And also, you will find the details about the approximate drawing date.

Does the Mail method require purchase?

If you choose the mail method, you can avoid purchasing any item from the store.

To which address should I send my postcard when I choose the mail method?

In a formal method, you must take a postcard and write your complete name, address, and other details. Please do not forget to include your telephone number, birth date, and the title “Mail-In Entry.” After you have chosen this, you can send this postcard to the official company sweepstakes address given below,

Chipotle Feedback Customer Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes, PO Box – 251328, West Bloomfield, MI-48325.

Is taking Chipotle’s survey legal in Canada?

Canadian citizens can enter the survey quickly with the mail method. If you live in Canada, for the details, please don’t hesitate to contact your store or helpline number to get more information.

How does random drawing work?

In a random drawing, the administrator will only select one potential candidate from the US or Canada Pool. Once the company selects a worthy winner, it will confirm its eligibility and check if the winner has complied with all the rules. If the candidate fits all the proper categories, the company will consider him a winner.

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