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Banfield-Listens is a client survey initiative from Banfield Pet Hospital to determine clients’ satisfaction levels. To take the client survey, you have to visit the official website,, and answer some basic questions related to your visit. Before you take the Banfield Pet Hospital Survey, you need to know whether you qualify for it or not. You also need to know the survey rules that can lead you to get disqualified. In this Banfield Listens survey article, I included valuable information and steps to help you take the survey without any problem.

If you have visited Banfield Pet Hospital and are aware of this survey. The hospital regularly conducts survey to determine how many clients like or dislike Hospital’s services. The company invites the clients to the Banfield Listens website and participates in the survey, and also rewards them with rewards worth $2000 as the grand prize.

banfield listens survey

For this, an alternative to do is answer the questions about your last visit. If you are excited to take the survey, please read the article to qualify and take the Banfield Pet Hospital Customer Experience Survey with no mistakes leading to disqualification.

What is the purpose of the Banfield Listens survey?

Banfield Pet Hospital from the USA provides many services that offer your pet the best health care service possible; the hospital started back in 1955 as a subsidiary of Mars company. The company offers pet preventive care plans, computerized records, and long working hours. This veterinary hospital takes care of many diseases and conditions. It keeps you updated and provides issue-writing instructions for caring for your pets. It also provides you login benefits just like myPennMedicine Login and Smart Square Mercy Login.

Many people come to Banfield Pet Hospital for various reasons, treatments, or guidance for their pets. But there is no way to know whether the services offered by the hospital were excellent or even satisfactory. So, the company started conducting the Banfield Pet Hospital Survey, an interactive program between hospitals and clients or people. Based on your recent visit and overall experience with the Banfield Pet Hospital services, the hospital has set a series of questions.

Any customer with a device like a laptop or a smartphone can open the website and start answering the Survey questions. By conducting the Banfield-Listens survey, the hospital can successfully identify the responses from both loyal customers and new customers; after analyzing different perspectives, the company can determine the significant issues or dissatisfactory points customers feel during their visit to the hospital. The more accurate data the Banfield Pet Hospital receives, the better services it will provide.

Banfield Pet Hospital Survey Rewards

You must be curious to know why you should take the survey and how it benefits you. After you answer the questions honestly, the company will review your answers, and if you are lucky, you will get a chance to enter Banfield Sweepstakes to win a $2000 grand prize and other rewards. However, Banfield Survey prizes depend on the decision taken by Banfield Pet Hospital. So, you can expect higher or lower rewards when taking the survey. As of now, you get a reward of a $2000 cash prize after participating in the Banfield Sweepstakes.

Survey Requirements

  • The survey invitation must be printed on your valid Banfield Pet Hospital purchase receipt.
  • You need to have a mobile device to connect to the survey website. The ideal options are a smartphone, laptop, smart tablet, or personal computer.
  • You need to make sure that to access the website, you choose the latest version of your browser.
  • Please have a good internet connection so you don’t get money interruptions while taking the survey.

Rules to Participate in the Banfield Listens Survey?

If you want to take the Banfield-Listens survey, you must follow the rules set by Banfield Pet Hospital. By not following even a single rule, you may have to face this qualification. So to maintain discipline and ensure your qualification, please read the following simple rules,

  • The survey only accepts legal-age participants who are above 18 years.
  • Only United States citizens from any 50 states can participate in the survey. If your state does not allow participating in such surveys, please avoid taking them.
  • You must take the survey in either English or Spanish languages. So, make sure you understand these languages.
  • You get one entry per Banfield Survey invitation.
  • Receiving a receipt is compulsory; you can take the survey with it.
  • There is no option to substitute your reward for cash or any other means.
  • No third party can request to claim your rewards, nor should you appoint anyone.
  • You cannot participate in the survey if you work at or with Banfield Pet Hospital. It may lead to an instant disqualification.

Please carefully go through the rules I mentioned at this point one more time to provide clarity. Also, the company only surveys at, so please only use the same website link.

If you are clear with the survey rules, proceed to the next point.

Take Banfield Pet Hospital Survey at

If this is your first time taking the survey from Banfield Pet Hospital, please pay close attention to the step-by-step instructions I have listed. Following these steps will ensure your chances of getting qualified and making everything right.

banfield pet hospital client experience survey

  • Open the survey website on preferred devices, such as a computer, mobile, or any other.
  • After opening the website, please choose your survey language to Spanish or English.
  • Now, check your receipt or invoice for a 20-digit survey code and enter It In the given boxes.
  • After that, begin the survey by clicking on “Next“.
  • After clicking the “next” button, your survey will start, and a new page will load on your screen.
  • Please read the Banfield Pet Hospital Survey questions present on your screen carefully.
  • Start answering the questions one by one according to the question format.
  • Rate whenever necessary and provide descriptive answers when asked.
  • Once you answer all the questions, you must provide your personal contact details like name, Phone number and email. Do you mean to provide your permanent or correspondence address?
  • At last, you need to submit your survey on the website.
  • After submission, you will get an opportunity to participate in the sweepstakes by Banfield.
  • Participation in sweepstakes is not compulsory, but You can win many rewards by participating.

While taking the Banfield Pet Hospital Survey, please ensure you have an active internet connection; otherwise, you will have to retake the survey. The survey invitation also works once after you enter the code. If you need help with the survey that you cannot resolve by yourself, please use the following contact details to reach out to the company and get a proper solution.

Contact Details

While taking the Benfield Pet Hospital survey, you may run into some technical problems that are hard to resolve. So, instead of spending time finding a solution online or on another platform, you can reach out to the Banfield Pet Hospital client service team to get a solution. Our team of experienced people will understand your problem and give you a quick solution. Please refer to the contact information given below,

  • Banfield Pet Hospital Website:
  • Banfield Pet Hospital Survey Website:
  • Email Support: [email protected]
  • Banfield Contact Us Page:

All the mentioned links will help you solve any issue that you face. To reach out to Banfield Hospital via call, the hospital branch on Google, and you will find the local number there. You can dial it and reach out to customer care.


Banfield Pet Hospital is one of the best places to take your pet for various medical and health-related matters. But if some of the services can be better, don’t hesitate to tell the company by taking the Banfield Pet Hospital Survey at You can quickly tell the company which services you want to improve or change. Banfield Sweepstakes is not compulsory, but if you want to win fantastic rewards that help you financially consider taking such an opportunity.

If you want to interact with me and share my doubts, suggestions, or experiences, please use the comment box. I read my readers’ comments and provide them with solutions to the best of my ability. For more details, please read the FAQs.


How much is a visit to Banfield Pet Hospital if I take my pet?

To visit the hospital for your pet, you have to pay somewhere between $40 for a basic visit to %500 or above for getting all the services for your pet. Of course, the charges depend on various factors.

What is the Banfield Optimum Wellness Plan?

Banfield Optimum Wellness Plan, or OWP, as the name suggests, is a preventive smart package pet care service offering many attractive pet services. The OWP packages include disease-related vaccines, preventative measures, and other virtual services. To enroll in this service, please click here.

Is website legitimate or

The website is an old website that used to take the survey, which is now closed. The website is operational now for taking the survey.

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