My Wake Health Login at – Wake Forest Patient Health Portal [2022]

Mywakehealth Login

Mywakehealth is an online portal where you can do your mywakehealth login. My Wake Health is secure for the users who want to pay hospital and medical bills. This portal is a patient portal that can be accessed by the url at

The patient can check the details about the medicine and his health related information with this portal and check all the details that he wants to know with Wake Health Login.

Mywakehealth includes many medical centers, hospitals, and clinics. Every patient can enjoy the amazing benefits of this free service.

Mywakehealth login helps the patient to easily pay Mywakehealth bill pay. It equally helps in keeping details of the appointments and also provides great health details. Other benefits include sending doctor’s office personal messages and finding out the details about the next appointment. The Mywakehealth com login also enables the patient to know details about medications, get all the updates, find more about the test results, find more about the prescription’s renewals, summary of visits, instructions on the discharge and good information about the allergies all by opening My wake health login page.

So, here find all the information about the portal and even find details like previous visits or historical treatment, access to health library. Your family records are also accessible via this portal.

Find all of the above information about My wake health login and about the portal – Mywakehealth. The Mywakehealth sign in steps, password reset’s steps, contact information, information about the service, etc. is included in this article.

What is Mywakehealth

Mywakehealth is Medical center operating throughout the nation, it was started by Wake forest Baptist Health. It falls under some of the list of famous portals who are involved in helping the patients with many tasks at one place. Mywakehealth login helps the patient to pay their medical bills online. This is also known as wake forest baptist health portal or Wake forest patient portal.

what is mywakehealth

Mywakehealth Org portal is completely secure and maintains your data without compromising on your data privacy. With the help of My Wake Health portal at, you can check the prescription given by your doctors, view the summary of your visits, can do medicine renewal requests, discharge notes, and many more tasks. First you have to understand the advantages of the Mywakehealth account login.

Benefits of Mywakehealth Login Account

  • Online payment made easy via Mywakehealth 
  • Doctors summary or notes of every visit
  • Ordering refills of your medicine on mywakehealth com
  • Can schedule the appointment with your doctor 
  • Easy chat option with doctors (useful incase of emergency)
  • Easily get the details of medicines on wakehealth portal and laboratory reports with your Mywakehealth login
  • You can share the updates of your condition, are you recovering, or having any allergies etc. using this wake forest baptist health portal.
  • Can access the complete medical history, along with your family medical history. 
  • Mywakehealth is a portal that is secure to get all the info in one place.

Once you have a brief idea about what Mywakehealth is and what are the benefits of having the Mywakehealth account, let us move to understand it stepwise login procedure. But before that you must keep in mind that you will require some credentials for login into Mywakehealth online account. 

My Wake Health Login Requirements

  • Official web address of my wake health at
  • You should have an accurate Mywakehealth Login ID and Mywakehealth  – Password.
  • Internet connection (with good speed)
  • Any device/gadget like PC, Laptop or smartphone. 
  • New / Updated browser.

How to Register an Account on Mywakehealth Portal

Below are the important steps you should follow to successfully register to the Mywakehealth org.

click on signup now on mywakehealth portal

  • Click on Sign Up Now to create your Wake health patient portal account.

enter required details to signup for my wake health account

  • Register with www mywakehealth org with activation code first. You will need to enter this code in its right form because it is case sensitive. After  registering on with activation code, you will not need the code.
  • Now, please provide your Social Security last 4 digit number.
  • Then on the My wake health login page, please fill in the boxes with birth date. 
  • Click the Next button.

If the above steps do not work and you cannot find Mywakehealth activation code for wake forest baptist health login, please follow the below steps after clicking on Sign Up.

  • Follow the image shown in the below.

choose any option to sign up an account

  • Choose any one way for the Mywakehealth sign up process.
  • Click the first option Match Yourself…Records.

enter required details to request activation code

  • Fill in all the details in the box.
  • By clicking on the – Verify Identity with a Third Party, you will get the below screen.

register for mywakehealth employee account

  • Now please fill all the boxes with the details.
  • Follow all the instructions for creating your login.

How to Login to Mywakehealth Account for Paying Bills

Now once you have your My wake forest baptist health login, please execute the steps and do as directed on the Wake forest patient portal.

login to mywakehealth account

  • Now you have your Mywakehealth login credentials. So please type username and password in the blanks.
  • Then please click on the button as per the image to login.

How to Reset Mywakehealth Login Password

click on forgot password in my wake health employee portal

  • Now reset your Mywakehealth login password by clicking on the button as in the above image.

reset mywakehealth login password

  • Now please start by entering the username of My Wake Health account and other details.
  • Click Next.
  • The same way you can recover your username.

click on forgot username in my wake health employee portal page

  • Now please click to forgot username. 

change mywakehealth username

  • Please start typing all the requested information and submit them. 
  • Follow the directions.

My Wake Health Login Help

For all troubles while opening the Mywakehealth  account, you must reach the number provided below. Make a note of these phone numbers in your phone’s contact list.

  • Customer support can be reached: 855.560.5111
  • For scheduling an appointment: 888.716.9253
  • Special service [Health-on-call 336.716.2255] and [336.716.9253]


  • Wake Forest Baptist Health, Medical Center, Boulevard, Winston-Salem NC – 27157.

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Now you must be aware about the wakehealth portal and all the important steps to follow on it. The Mywakehealth Login steps we gave are in their sequence but if you still face some issues over them, please do not worry and try to overcome your problems by simply using the above help and support details and contact number.

But if you have some suggestions to make about Mywakehealth login page or want to ask us for adding more information about the Mywakehealth login, please drop us some comments.


Are all test results available on Mywakehealth login portal?

You will get to know these details from your health provider, there are some test results which are sensitive in nature, and cannot be shared via Mywakehealth login portal.

Can Husband and wife have one Mywakehealth account?

No, due to personal privacy and security laws forced in the nation, you cannot share one Mywakehealth account. According to the rules every adult patient should have their individual account.

Can I access the Mywakehealth account from my mobile?

Yes, if you already have an mywakehealth login account, you may download the MyChart App on your mobile either it is Android or iPhone it will work on both.

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