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MyCSULB Login – Complete Guide for CSULB OKTA Login Portal – Csulb.okta.com [2022]


MyCSULB is a portal specifically for the students who are studying at California state University Long Beach students.

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The portal MyCSULB is a primary portal for accessing the student’s information.

You will need the ID provided by the campus, and its corresponding password, once you Sign in using the credentials by tapping on MyCSULB you can launch the student center.

The CSULB portal is divided into important sections based on information needed. The center part of the portal showcases the information such as schedule of the class, outstanding balance, and the important contact information.

You can see many options to access various other transactions history and relevant information.

Mycsulb Login at Csulb Okta Portal – Step by Step Guide

Use the below mentioned steps for csulb login:

mycsulb login process

  • You will see single sign on page of the website
  • Type in your CSULB email address.
  • Type in your password.
  • Access the Student Center by tapping on Sign In option.
  • Now, you may search the student center to check your personal information.

How you can choose your preferred first name in Mycsulb

You have to choose your preferred name very carefully, as there are are some don’ts in choosing your preferred name, and they are as below:

  • Your preferred name cannot be your nickname
  • It should not be any foul or inappropriate language
  • It must not represent any intended purpose or should not be misinterpreted.

Now, as you know what you should set a your preferred name and what should not, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open the website
  • Visit the personal information section
  • Choose the option Request preferred name change button or link.
  • Keep in mind the above rules and start typing the name.
  • Tap the submit button
  • Your name will appear with the label requested.

You are requested to be patient as the change may take 3 business days  to reflect in the system. You will be notified of your email inbox after it has been reflected in your system. Your email Id will also be updated to match with your updated first name. You have to wait till the service provider approves the request.

How you can accept or decline admission offer

Kindly follow the step written below to either accept your offer letter or decline the offer letter.

  • Visit the student center from either web login or from the application.
  • Select the accept/decline option
  • Please read your offer letter before deciding any option.
  • Select either of your wishes and tap the next button.
  • If you are unsure about your decisions, then please exit the page and make your mind firm.
  • (be sure of  the last date of accepting the offer, otherwise you may lose the admission).
  • You must obey all the instructions you see after selecting either accept or decline option.
  • If you are sure and want to continue with CSULB, you have to pay a non refundable enrollment deposit – this you can pay online via credit card or by E check, to do so click on Pay online now link.
  • Tap on the Confirm accept button, if you are not sure you may exit.
  • But if you are mentally prepared for joining CSULB, then you are supposed to pay $150 as a non refundable deposit amount. Tap on “make a payment” or “cancel a payment” as per your choice.
  • If you are paying online by electronic check, make sure you have all the details of the checking account on hand. If you are paying via a credit card, also keep it handy to fill out all the necessary information asked. Once you have entered all the details, tap on the Continue checkout button.
  • Please check all the information you have entered and if you are satisfied with its trueness click on the submit payment option. Once the transaction is clear from the bank server and college server, you will see the option to print the receipt of the payment made.
  • Save your receipt in or print it. By choosing the option view printable receipt.
  • Now, you may select the “return to MyCSULB” button and close the website.
  • You will be notified by the email that your admission has been accepted by the university admission department.

How you can enroll in early class of Mycsulb

  • Once you get your seat confirmed, and have been enrolled in the university, you can enroll yourself in the early classes.
  • Visit the Mycsulb portal, check on the button page you will see early start program, tap “enroll in early start program”
  • Now, tap the search button, from the class search option.
  • Select the applicable subject based on your admission
  • Tap on the select button after choosing the subject you want to study in early start class.
  • After selection, tap “next” to go ahead
  • The course or subject will be added to your shopping list, proceed for step 2 of 3 and finally 3.
  • Confirm the class you selected and tap on “finish enrolling button”
  • Select and confirm your schedule on “my class schedule”
  • Once this process is done, you can check the date, time, instructor, topics to be covered and many more things.
  • If you are not qualified for the Early start fee waiver webinar, you will receive the message for the same.
  • Well you can still enroll by paying the fees – by visiting make a payment in the finance tab of the Mycsulb portal.

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FAQs of Mycsulb

Explain My CSULB schedules of class

The Schedule of classes permits the students to search the subject, how they would like to be taught, that is the mode of instruction, the day and time of class, checking for the seats availability. Students can get the latest information by tapping on the search option in the academics tab of Mycsulb student center.

Explain what is Class schedule – planner?

It helps the student you plan the potential class considering various factors such as job, sports, family commitments and much more. You can schedule your plan by creating the plan does not mean you are enrolled in the class. It offers you a complete picture of the schedule for the month.

If you want to enroll for a specific class or all classes you need to add them into your shopping list and confirm the enrollment process.

Can I drop MySCULB class? How can I do it?

It doesn’t matter if you are officially enrolled in class or are on the waitlist, you can use Drop option or subtab to drop out of your class.

You will be able to use this option along with your classes.

After completion of the Self Service portal registration, with the right approvals, you are going to submit the drop option.

After the process, please select the Drop Selected Classes option. So you need to confirm your classes that you need to drop now, Complete this process by clicking on the Finish Dropping option. Access the view result page to know more about the details.

How to access and look at My CSULB application status?

Now you must click on the link that says – Admissions Inquiry”. It will be available in the Admission in the MYCSULB student center for viewing the important information about admission of applications that are recent.

Check out the blue colored hyperlinks that will help you connect to the Student Center option on the MYCSULB portal.

What does the CSULB Degree Planner mean?

For undergraduate and post-baccalaureate students who are post-baccalaureate, the CSULB Degree Planner is a tool that is used online. Now you can click on the Degree Planner from the Student Corner option from the official MyCSULB portal.

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