Comfort Inn Breakfast Hours [2023] – What Time is Continental Breakfast at Comfort Inn?

Comfort Inn Breakfast Hours

If you are looking for continental breakfast while you stay in the hotel, then you should consider Comfort Inn hotel and Comfort Inn Breakfast In this article, you will find Comfort Inn Breakfast hours details, Comfort Inn Check Out Time, their services and many more. So please check the article till the end to get the complete information.

comfort inn breakfast hours menu

You will also find the menu along with its latest price. You can find the continental breakfast at almost any Comfort Inn Chain of restaurants.

Before moving to the Comfort Inn breakfast hours and its menu, you must have some brief idea about the Comfort Inn. We shall see the brief introduction of Comfort Inn Hotels, what are their features and a little about their suits. By this information, you can judge how amazing their breakfast would be!

About Comfort Inn

about comfort inn

Comfort Inn is among the famous hotels around the world. This chain of hotels is operated by Choice Hotel international company. It does not matter which type of room you have booked, you get the same comfort, luxury feeling and same service.

This Comfort Inn and suites are among the top choice of any person. They have 1800 hotels working all over North America. Their vision and mission of this brand is to provide the utmost care and comfort to all those who visit. People often travel for leisure, or for business trips.

Some Amazing Features of Comfort Inn Hotels

Below you will find what are the special features of the Comfort Inn Hotel:

  • You will find a hot, and healthy free breakfast.
  • A space for relaxation and to roam around.
  • All the rooms have – Sofa, Bed, Microwave, and refrigerator.
  • Free high speed Wifi Connection.
  • Printing facilities to print your business or travel related documents.
  • Electric recharge stations to charge your various devices such as Smartphone, laptop, electric torch, trimmer, Camera or any other electric rechargeable item all at one easy-to-operate location.

Features at Comfort Inn suites

  • There are special consideration for disable people
  • Gym and swimming pool facility
  • All the suites are Smoke free zones
  • Every suite at Comfort Inn is equipped with Air conditioning.
  • Daily newspaper will give you all the world updates and news that you want.
  • Parking space, if you have come in your own vehicles, (charges may apply)
  • No Pet allows – for preventing allergies and mishappenings.
  • 24 hours open reception to check in and check out at your convenience.
  • Outstanding services to the guests and memorable experience.

You may not find some of the amenities at international locations, but depending upon the customer group there, you will not regret the experience for sure. You may choose to book the room online at very affordable rate.

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Comfort Inn Continental Breakfast Menu

comfort inn continental breakfast menu

If you have never savored the taste of Comfort Inn breakfast menu’s Continental items, then you must try them out. There are some delicious items available at this hotel that you can choose from.

Check out some of the delicious items served by the hotel,

  • Delicious Pancakes.
  • Fresh fruits.
  • Waffles, flavored waffles and delicious Danish.
  • Sausage and bacon.
  • Drinks such as orange juice among others.
  • Healthy oatmeal.
  • Cereals.
  • Delicious French Toast.

The items provided in the Continental Breakfast menu at the Comfort Inn leaves you with the feeling of wanting more and more!

You can use the Comfort Inn Breakfast Hours and the menu items and find the appropriate time to enjoy the delicious menu. If you have a good habit of getting up early then you can surely enjoy all of the above items but for those who do not wake up early in the morning will surely miss the opportunity. However, those who are busy and cannot find time for breakfast can use the “Grab It and Go Breakfast Bag” service.

Comfort Inn Breakfast Hours 2023 – Opening and Closing Time

comfort inn breakfast

You can taste the amazing continental menu items by following a perfect time table. If you are a person who wakes up early, then you can enjoy the food of Comfort Inn at your convenience. You can sit perfectly at Comfort Inn Hotel and order the popular Continental breakfast items and buffet and enjoy the taste. You cannot miss this chance to enjoy such small details.

The time stays the same from Monday till Friday but you have to look out for Saturdays and Sundays. Both of these days the hotel starts serving breakfast late and therefore they also close late.

Grab your delicious meal at Comfort Inn and eat it hot by following the below time table!

Days Opening Time Closing Time
Monday 06:00-A.M. 09:00-A.M.
Tuesday 06:00-A.M. 09:00-A.M.
Thursday 06:00-A.M. 09:00-A.M.
Wednesday 06:00-A.M. 09:00-A.M.
Thursday 06:00-A.M. 09:00-A.M.
Friday 06:00-A.M. 09:00-A.M.
Saturday 07:00-A.M. 10:00-A.M.
Sunday 07:00-A.M. 10:00-A.M.

What Time Does Hotel Breakfast Start on Holidays?

Holiday is the time when all the people get busy with a lot of activities like preparations for holidays, shopping, and overall enjoying the good times. If you are someone who is looking for a family reunion at Comfort Inn, a small party with friends, or just go alone and have some fun, then Comfort Inn might be the best way you can relax and enjoy your time.

You might be concerned that during holidays many hotels are closed and you may not find a great place to enjoy and eat good food, then you are proven wrong here.

Just take a look at the Comfort Inn Breakfast Hours and operational hours during holidays.

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Date Day Holiday Hours 
Jan 1, 2023 Sunday New Year Day Open at regular hours
Jan 16, 2023 Wednesday Martin Luther King’s Day Open at regular hours
Feb 20, 2023 Wednesday President Day Open at regular hours
April 7, 2023 Friday Good Friday Open at regular hours
April 9, 2023 Sunday Easter Open at regular hours
May 29, 2023 Monday Memorial Day Open at regular hours
Jul 4, 2023 Tuesday Independence Day Open at regular hours
Sept 4, 2023 Monday Labor Day Open at regular hours
Oct 9, 2023 Monday Columbus Day Open at regular hours
Nov 11, 2023 Saturday Veterans Day Open at regular hours
Nov 22, 2023 Wednesday One Day before Thanksgiving Open at regular hours
Nov 23, 2023 Thursday Thanksgiving Open at regular hours
Nov 24,  2023 Friday Black Friday Open at regular hours
Dec 24, 2023 Sunday Christmas’s Eve Open at regular hours
Dec 25, 2023 Monday Christmas’s Day Open at regular hours
Dec 31, 2023 Sunday New Year Eve Open at regular hours

You can refer to this table and find the holiday to enjoy your time at Comfort Inn hotel and enjoy the delicious Comfort Inn Breakfast Hours.

Comfort Inn & Suites Near Me

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So, friends, that was all about the Comfort Inn breakfast hours and the details about the food items and list of holidays the hotel operates and serves the food items. So, before you go and visit some of the hotels, then you have to check the hours of the hotels and the menu it serves so that you can easily check out before you go.


Are you searching for Hotel With Free Breakfast?

If you are searching for a hotel with free breakfast, then Hotel Comfort Inn is the best choice, as they have delicious breakfast for free.

Will I get juices after workout in the Comfort Suites Breakfast menu?

Yes, they do provide fresh fruit juice like orange juice and many others, but please make good use of Comfort Inn Breakfast Times. Do not miss the timings.

Do all the hotels follow the same Comfort Suites Breakfast Hours?

Majority hotels in North America have the same breakfast hours, some international locations might have a different time.

What is a Grab and Go Breakfast bag?

If you are busy during mornings and often miss your breakfast, then there is a great way you can enjoy your breakfast and that is Grab and Go Breakfast Bags. You can request the Comfort Inn hotel about this service.

What do I get at Comfort Suites Breakfast?

If you are planning to stay at one of the Comfort Suites and wondering about the Country Inn And Suites Breakfast Hours and menu time, then you can calm yourself. The breakfast at the Comfort Suites is delicious like Bacon, Egg, fruits, bagels and bacon. All the delicious menu items are ready for you to eat. You will love the Comfort Suites Breakfast once you eat it and you will get a feeling of spending money at the right place.

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What if I missed the breakfast hours at Comfort Inn?

If that is a case, you may order a breakfast package from Breakfast And Comfort.

Is there any Comfort Inn hotel in Pennsylvania?

Yes, there is Comfort Inn Exton Pa.

Address: 1300 Providence Ave, Chester, PA 19013 United States.

Does Hotel Comfort Inn come under the Hotels With Hot Breakfast category?

Of Course, as it serves eggs and sausages, and also fresh juices, it can be considered under hotels with a hot breakfast category.

Does Quality Inn Have Breakfast Available?

Yes, Quality Inn in fact has more items in its breakfast menu. Including scrambled eggs, Sausages, hard boiled eggs, Bacon, Hash browns, Beans, Yogurt, Fruits, Croissants, Muffins, Coffee, tea, milk, juices, chocolates, and cream cheese.

What Time Is Continental Breakfast at Comfort?

The Comfort Suites Breakfast Hours start as early as 6 AM. So, you can wake up early and enjoy the delicious continental food at Hotel Comfort Inn.

Country Inn And Suites Breakfast Times better compared to Comfort Inn?

It is like comparing apples with oranges. You cannot pick any one hotel and at the same time compare it with others. That is why you must always check the hotels and suites that you are offered. But if some prefer the food of Comfort Inn to something better than the Country Inn Breakfast Hours.

Are you searching Hotels Near Me With Continental Breakfast?

Don’t waste your time in searching as the Comfort Inn is the one you are looking for.

How to find the Hotels With Hot Breakfast Near Me?

If you are searching for any hotel, you can always take help of GPS device that you have. You can always find a place that serves hot breakfast near you. You can try to reach Comfort Inn for some breakfast and savor the hot breakfast.

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