What is Arby’s Happy Hour (Timings, Menu & Price) in 2023

Arby’s has a long history of providing the best meal to the customers possible. If you want the best food item that meets your expectations and surfaces them, you must visit the restaurant during Arby’s Happy Hour.

The Arby’s Happy Hour often gets special deals on your favorite drinks, appetizers, sandwiches, meat products, and other mouth-watering food. Happy Hours is when you can enjoy a wide range of food items, including snacks, at an incredible discount.

arbys happy hour time

If you visit Arby’s regularly or at least once a week and do not know about Happy Hours at Arby’s, I insist you to read this article.

Here you will get complete information about what you should and should not know about Arby’s Happy Hours.

What is Arby’s Happy Hour in 2023?

what is arby's happy hour 2022

Happy Hour at Arby’s starts at 02:00 PM in the noon and goes till 05:00 PM. During this time, you will find a lot of rush in the restaurant. Many customers visit Arby’s during its Happy Hours.

If there is any Arby’s restaurant nearby in your area, you can confirm about the Happy Hours. You can ask the store what kind of menu items it serves, the latest deals, and the specials.

If you are lucky, you will get a chance to eat Arby’s special items from a special menu. Please read the following table to learn more about Arby’s Happy Hour.

Arby’s Happy Hour Timings in 2023

Weekdays Starting Time Ending Time
Monday 2:00 PM 5:00 PM
Tuesday 2:00 PM 5:00 PM
Wednesday 2:00 PM 5:00 PM
Thursday 2:00 PM 5:00 PM
Friday 2:00 PM 5:00 PM
Saturday 2:00 PM 5:00 PM

What is included in Arby’s Happy Hour Menu?

arby's happy hour menu

If you are interested in Arby’s Happy Hour Menu items, please read the following table to find out what is served during the happy hour.

Sliders Buffalo Chicken
Roast Beef
Corned Beef
Roast Turkey
Jalapeno Roast Beef
Drinks, Desserts, and Sides Snack Shake
Small Fountain Drink
Iced Tea
Salted Caramel + Chocolate Cookies
Small French Fries
Potato Cakes
Small French Fries
Triple Chocolate Cookies
Arby’s Sliders $1 Menu Curry Fry
Small Shake

What is the Arby’s Dollar Menu?

Arby’s dollar menu includes those items that are just available for $1. If you are someone who likes to Grab a meal for only $1, then you will like the items on the dollar menu.

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On which menu can you enjoy Small Fry, or would you get a Small Size Shake or Drink at a mere $1?

But this $1 Dollar Menu is only available from 02 PM to 5:45 PM, so avail this special offer.

What is Arby’s $1 Dollar Slider Menu?

arby's dollar menu

In this $1 Dollar Slider Menu, you can select any of Arby’s slider items at just $1. You have plenty of choices. You have plenty of choices to choose the perfect slider for yourself. Just find out what the special offer is about Arby’s Happy Hours. So you can enjoy all the fantastic sliders in the Arby’s Sliders Happy Hour.

So, please visit the restaurant between 02:00 PM to 5:45 PM during the Arby’s 1 Dollar Sliders,

What is Arby’s 2 for $5 Deal?

Open call 2 for 5 deal. In this, you get a variety of items from the menu. Often you will get 2 for $5 deals within the seasonal specials. You can also get at one of the classics of Arby’s.

what is arby’s 2 for $5 deal

You can always find the best menu items when you participate in the Arby’s Happy Hour.

If you’re someone who thinks about saving some bucks, it would be easier for you to enjoy delicious and fresh food items for a limited time only.

You have to spend $5 if you think about ordering the item from the special menu.

There are other popular deals that you can enjoy in Arby’s 2 for $5 “Favorites You Crave” or in “Mix N’Match” items.

The Limited items will include a classic roast beef sandwich, Cheddar Mac N Cheese, Beef N Cheddar Sandwich, mozzarella sticks, etc.

Every store of the company can customize the items as they see fit. They can also sell items at 2 for $6 if they want to.

What is Happy Hour in General?

Happy hour is the duration when the restaurants provide the regular item at discounted or very minimum rate.

The company can include any item and customize it according to the area and however, they see fit. Usually, in Happy Hours, the customers can enjoy delicious meals at a very minimum price. There are so many delicious appetizers that the restaurant serves to the customers, along with drinks and unique menu items.

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In simple words, a happy time or hour is when the customer can enjoy all kinds of food items at unbelievable discount rates.

What is Arby’s?

what is arby's

If you like going to a good restaurant where you can eat delicious fast food items, you can also consider visiting Arby’s. You can get delicious American fast food sandwiches at this restaurant.

In America, there are houses of restaurant outlets available. Not only in America, but if you travel to UAE, Turkey, Canada, or Russia, you will find restaurant outlets where you can enjoy delicious food.

Many people go and enjoy the signature food items such as sandwiches and meat. Other signature items include balance, crispy chicken, diced pepper bacon, etc. It would depend on the customer’s choice of an item he wants to eat.


If you are looking for Arby’s Specials 2023, consider going to the restaurant during Arby’s Happy Hour. Happy hour is when you can get amazing discounts and enjoy your favorite meal.

Arby’s is a top brand that offers customers the best selection of items to enjoy. Happy Hours of Arby’s is when many customers go to the restaurant outlets and enjoy delicious menu items.

If you like meat items, sandwiches, fries, cookies, and other dishes, just like many other people, you will not get disappointed during Happy Hours at Arby’s.

The deals on Arby’s menu during Happy hours do not stay constant. The company may change the menu items for the timing. You must always check out what’s currently trending on the company’s website. The company regularly posts about the latest deal on the menu items. So, don’t forget to check them out!

Please mark the timing; the Arby’s Happy Hours start from 2:00 PM till 5:30 PM. But the start and close time will depend on the location. Some restaurants are late and at 02:30 PM. Others close at 05:45 PM. Always confirm the timing before you go. If you plan to go during this time, there would be no problem. But you can lose amazing deals if you go a little early or a little late.


How to find out about Arby’s Daily Specials easily?

If you look out for significant price cuts and fantastic deals, then you can solve the social media accounts of Arby’s. During Happy Hours, the company posts social media advertisements to promote the deals. You can find much-updated information if you follow what the company is doing for Arby’s Daily Specials.

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Do Arby’s have Happy Hours late at night during dinner time?

The Happy Hours timing of Arby’s has been the same except for the minor location differences. Since the restaurant decides all the timing and menu items according to the best of its ability and availability, you should follow the schedule and timing of the restaurant for special deals. There are no exceptions as of now at any outlet of the restaurant for any customer to get special deals on selected menu items after Happy Hours.

Do Arby’s $1 Sliders deal to get me only sliders?

Other menu deals are available, such as Arby’s 2-5 $1 Menu items. But in the $1 Dollar Menu, you can get other items and sliders. The $1 Slider menu is different from the $1 Menu because you get drinks, snacks, and meals here

What is the meaning of Arby’s Snack Rush?

Snack Rush of Arby’s is the campaign name of Happy Hours. During Happy Hour, the customers can enjoy a lot of snack items at a very minimum price. Because of this fact, the name “Snack Rush” became popular.

Does Arby’s Serve Quality Meals?

Yes, Arby’s serves delicious items with quality. Many people think that Happy Hours is the time when they would get less quality compared to the regular hours. But it is not so! The quality does not change; you can enjoy the same high-quality meal at any restaurant.

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