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Denny’s listens are an American table service restaurant chain. This restaurant was originally a coffee shop which was named as Danny’s donuts but now it operates seventeen hundred restaurants. The chain includes the United States, Canada, Costa Rica and Mexico.

Now Denny’s menu includes breakfast, Lunch and dinner around the world. The best thing about this restaurant is that it won’t close on holidays; yes this restaurant opens 7 days a week and serves your favorite dishes.

To know its customers well Denny’s offers survey service from which they get to know their consumers well. This survey is not only helping Denny’s to understand their customer well but also you will get a chance to win an exciting prize winning this survey.

There is no fuss in taking this survey. You just need to answer the questions that will be asked in the denny survey and once you answer the questions you will be a step closer to get your reward.

But before jumping straight to Denny’s customer survey you will have to achieve some of the requirements of the survey and also there are some rules that you have to follow to take part in the survey.

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Here we will show you every bit of info to take this Denny’s Listens survey and win the Denny’s survey prize.

Denny’s Rewards

Upon winning the Denny’s Listens survey, you will get the Denny’s coupon, and other prizes from the Dennys. The reward will be:

  • Free Dennys Coupon.

You can use this coupon on your next order from the restaurant.

Denny’s Survey Rules

  • Your age must be above 18 years to take part in the Denny’s customer experience survey.
  • The receipt you get on your purchase from the restaurant should keep that receipt safe because you will need the receipt while taking the survey.
  • Prize cannot be exchanged in cash.
  • You will only be able to apply for the survey if you have ordered recently from the Denny’s restaurant.
  • Only American citizens can apply for the survey.
  • You can only take survey if you are not an employee of the Dennys.
  • This survey can also be taken by calling on the Denny’s Center at 1-800-733-6697.

Requirements to Take Denny’s Customer Satisfaction survey at site

  • The receipt of the restaurant is needed for the survey which you get from the last visit to the restaurant.
  • You can be able to give your honest feedback.
  • Must be able to understand, read and speak English, Spanish and French.
  • You will also need the device on which you can give a survey. A smart phone or Computer device will do fine.
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Steps to Take Denny’s survey at survey

  • You must accept the language you can understand easily.
  • The language options will be English, French or Spanish.
  • Now if you look at your receipt you will see a coupon code, you have to enter that code to enter the survey.
  • Click the next button.
  • Now that the survey starts you will be given some questions that you have to answer.
  • Give all the answers accordingly because your feedback matters to the company.
  • Now here you have to enter your feedback.
  • Now you must rate the staff, cleanliness and environment of the restaurant.
  • After you finish all these steps you have to provide your contact details so that the restaurant can contact you upon your win.
  • Now submit your survey form and wait for the response of the Denny’s restaurant if you win the Denny survey or not.

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Denny’s Contact Details

You can contact Denny’s survey on their contact number which is 1-800-733-6697.


Dennys introduce this survey to take the honest reviews of their consumers so that they can know the needs of the customers well, and to make this survey interesting the survey offers a gift reward that you will get upon winning the Denny’s customer survey. To win the survey and get the reward we have discussed every point in this survey you will only need to follow these steps and you will surely win the prize.

5 thoughts on “Visit to Take Denny Survey and Get Free Coupon”

  1. Just went to Denny’s restaurant#6716. Food was awful and server was horrible. Tried to take your survey and can’t get in to it.

  2. I wanted to take the survey to let you know how horrible it really was. Denny’s#6716 in Tucson. Our server was Elijah S. Our hash browns and bacon were raw. my pancakes had flecks of burnt stuff in them making them taste funny. He brought our toast 5 minutes after the rest of our food. The toast was burnt and cold. He tried to scrape it off some. Even the melted butter he put on it didn’t soak in because it was so cold. We had to wave him down for more coffee and he ran out then said he would come back with more, he did not. We left your restaurant very disappointed and hungry as the only thing good on our plates were the eggs. He never even asked us if our meal was good, and I am assuming that’s because he knew it was not. Elijah also checked us out so we had no one that we could complain to.

  3. There coffee is horrible 3× someone spit or put something in my coffee.The manager was not even able to take my complaints and said i should tip them after they did that which is why she put her panties in there. I asked for a refund and she just offered more of the disgusting coffee and gave me a fake number to there complaint line i tried to use the wifi so that the location would show and faulty websites came to my phone. As it did she yelled out the door she what that would do and answered the phone when i called the lines that were suggested by the manager.

  4. Hubby and I were in the Denny’s #2328 in Virginia today (5/30/22) and although his burger was fine…. my chicken & biscuit bowl was totally inedible! When it arrived, the gravy and biscuits were cold….and the gravy tasted like it had been scraped off the floor and was extremely thin. Our waitress (Tammy N) was pleasant enough and took the price of my meal off the ticket… as I did not eat it. Bless her heart… she was pulled to do so many jobs like Cashier, Hostess and Waitress, although there were at least 2 other waitresses on the floor. This is our “backup” Denny’s as our regular Denny’s is suffering short staffing and there was at least a 30-45 min wait for only like 2-3 staff in the whole restaurant. Better luck next time!!!

  5. Denny’s listens survey site isn’t working. So, they must not really want to listen. I also had issues with store #6716. The server was being run ragged while everything around her was falling apart. A lot of people standing around. When the kitchen was in the weeds, she was trying to expedite, while also taking care of 6 tables. The manager was hanging out, laughing and talking to others not paying attention to what was going on in the store. Food was slow to come out and wasn’t cooked well. Apparently, the grill was turned up too high, pancakes kept coming to the table, burnt on the outside and raw in the middle. Trash was on the floor around a table that was being cleaned. The person walked away and left the trash on floor, and it was still there when we left. It is a shame to see this happen. We have been going to this location for years, and the last two times we have been there, it wasn’t a very smooth or good experience. The server was nice and attentive, everything else fell flat. This was on 7/22/2022 at approx. 1:00 pm.


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