Walmart Customer Service Solutions: Contact Walmart by Email, Phone, and In-Person [2023]

Are you searching for an accurate Walmart customer service number, email address or chat support and cannot find it online? Do not worry; I will explain the exact Walmart email address you should use and share your problems and suggestions or get any other details online.

In this article, I have included all the updated information to help you better understand how to reach out to the company via email and share your question or suggestion. My article has complete information about Walmart’s customer service, so after reading it, you will not need to visit any other website and read outdated information.

Different Walmart email addresses allow you to connect to the Walmart online customer service team. To contact Walmart, you can use [email protected], [email protected] or [email protected]. In case you want to get telephonic support, please use +1-800-925-6278.

To read detailed information on contacting Walmart, you must start reading this article until the end.

Is it possible to email Walmart?

So, can you email Walmart? – The answer is yes. You can contact Walmart online customer service by emailing Walmart’s [email protected].

  • Please include your name and contact information.
  • Please include a detailed description of your question, suggestion, or concern.

You will get a reply from Walmart com customer service team within 24 hours, and they will help you with your question or concern,

Which other methods are useful to contact Walmart Customer Service?

To contact Walmart customer service, you can use their email and phone number. You can dial Walmart’s phone number to contact them 24 hours and 7 days. Once you make a call, Walmart’s official customer service representative will attend to your call and try to help you with your query.

When you make a call, you will have to keep some information ready, such as your name, contact details, and a short and accurate description of your question. Once Walmart’s representatives listen to your questions, they will try to provide proper answers.

If you do not want to speak with the representative of Walmart on call, you can visit the store and meet the store in charge or representative there. If you want to find the nearest Walmart store, you can visit the official website and use the “Find a Walmart Store” option. You must put your zip code in this option and click on the Find store button. You can also use the existing store directory to find the store according to your preferred area.

While clicking the store, you will also find the store details, such as the address you can visit or the phone number so you can contact them. You can then start sharing your question or any concern that you have.

How to Contact Specific Walmart store?

To find a particular Walmart store, you must use the information on Walmart’s official website. Using the store locator tool, you will get all the details you want about any store. You can use the directory to find a specific store and select the state you want. For any questions, the store member will be ready to assist you.

How to complain about the poor customer service experience at Walmart?

If you cannot get a proper solution for your problem and have been facing poor customer service, then you can file a complaint at Walmart’s headquarters. Customers can file complaints about popular topics like returning their products, complaining about the service or the customer representatives.

For filing a complaint, you can use the contact numbers – +1-800-925-6278 or 1-800-WALMART. If you want to complain via email, you can email at [email protected].

You can select the options related to Store Experience, Discontinued Items or Brand, Company Feedback and Questions, Product Questions or Product Feedback, Investor Information, or Community & Giving. For even more specific questions, you will get their sub-points so you can explain yourself in a better way. To complain about specific problems, you can also fill up a form at link and send it to the company.

Once you reach out to the team, they will carefully review your filed complaint and try to reply through the same method you tried to contact them, like by email or call. The team will be able to provide you with better help and resolve the issues that you have.

How to get help at Walmart while shopping?

For any help, you need while shopping at Walmart; you can go to the official customer service desk and speak directly to the representative about your problems. The representative will understand your problem and try to help you out and resolve the question that you have.

How to find the answers to common questions about Walmart?

Walmart may have already resolved similar problems that you are facing before. So, besides reaching out to Walmart’s representative over a call, email or in person, you can read about the solutions on the company’s official website.

You will find the solutions in the FAQs section or similar section that provides you with almost all the solutions to your problems.

To find the Frequently Asked Questions section, Check and find if the question that you have is available or not. You can click on it and find the solution if it is available. Some of these common questions are as follows,

  • How do I find information about my local stores?
  • What is Walmart doing for its associates?
  • How do I access Walmart money services?
  • How many people work at Walmart?
  • Can I film inside a Walmart store?

Highlights about Walmart customer service contact details

Below I have listed the contact details highlights of this article that will help you connect with the customer service team.

  • Walmart Official Website:
  • Official Walmart Email: [email protected]
  • Executive Communication Email: [email protected]
  • Walmart Service Email: [email protected]
  • Walmart Customer Service Contact Number: +1-800-925-6278
  • Walmart’s Toll-free Customer Help Number: +1-800-966-6546
  • Corporate Number: +1-479-273-4000


Walmart provides amazing customer service to all the shoppers, and if you have any questions, feedback or any problem to share with Walmart, then you will need to know the most accurate Walmart contact details. I hope you have found all the details in this article meaningful and accurate. You can choose any method you like, such as email, phone number or even an in-person visit and share the issues you are facing.

If you need further support from me, please get in touch with me using the comment section. I will respond to your comments as soon as possible.


What is the official Walmart corporate address?

Walmart’s official corporate address is as below,

  • Walmart Headquarters: 702 S.W. 8th St.Bentonville, Arkansas, AK-72716, US.

What is the official Walmart’s fax number?

The official fax number of Walmart is +1-479-277-1830.

What do Walmart Money Services include?

Walmart’s Money services include different types of credit cards, gift cards, money transfers (send and receive), and cashing checks. These services help the customers in a great way in getting the best financial support from Walmart.

Does Walmart provide chat support?

Walmart customer service chat is available at the company’s official help page at Here, you need to search and find which types of help you need from the company.

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