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CSULB Okta Login – MyCSULB Student Portal Access Guide 2022


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Hello friend, welcome to one of our login articles. Today we will talk about MyCSULB Login. We will see how to perform MyCSULB Login on the official myCSULB portal. We will guide you about login steps, requirements, and the basic information about mycsulb.

Let us begin by knowing what mycsulb is.

About myCSULB Portal

Csulb portal is Ace portal for students where I can access all the details about the studies and much more using csulb login. This portal is easy for accessing the information easily and the csulbokta – portal is completely home-based.

About myCSULB Portal

The student can access this portal using their csulb login. And easily launch okta csulb – portal by clicking on the myCSULB button available.

For students to access information easily, csulb okta – portal is designed in sections.

With these given sections, students can get whatever information they need. The students can also get the summarised information on csulb okta – portal. The summarised information of csulbokta includes the points like contact information, class schedules, and outstanding balance.

This portal provides flexibility and choices with which the students can get access to all the information available, and also all the transactions available

Now that you know about csulb.okta – portal, let’s talk about the basic requirement for mycsulb login

Mycsulb Login  Requirements

  • The official portal web address of sso csulb at
  • Your csulb okta login – student id and password
  • Updated web browser
  • Laptop, personal computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Uninterrupted and reliable internet connection

Now let us see the login steps of okta csulb

Login at MyCSULB

The below steps are carefully written for you so that you can successfully log in to sso csulb portal. Please read them carefully.

Login at MyCSULB Portal
  • Now as per the image above, please enter your csulb student login – email, phone number, or Skype ID.
  • Click the next button to proceed ahead with csulb log in.

Now you know about the login step of mycsulb okta. Latest talk about the password reset procedure

How to Reset Mycsulb Okta Password

If for some reason you do not remember your mycsulb okta password or want to reset your existing password, please follow the below simple steps

click on cant access your account in csulb login page
  • Now as per the image above click on the “Can’t access your account?” option available
select work or school account option
  • Now, select “Work or School Account” option.
enter details and click on next to reset mycsulb login password
  • Enter your username or Email Address and solve reCaptcha in the image and clink on Next button.

Csulb Portal Login Help and Contact Information

If you first time tried to open csulb portal with your csulb student login, you may face some difficulties. And if you regularly open it and still face the problem with your csulb portal login, then in both cases, immediately contact My-CSULB. You will be guided through fixing the problem you are facing as fast as possible.  

Please use the below information to contact okta csulb.

Official sso csulb website –  []

Technology helpdesk contact number: 562 985 4959

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My web browser cannot load the website csulb.okta on my device.

In this case, please update your browser with the latest version or try to open the csulb.okta website in another Browser

Can I check the schedule of my class with csulb login?

Yes, you can check your class schedule with csulb login.

I want to reset my csulb student login password.

First of all open the official URL of the website for csulb student login. Find the “Can’t access your account?” option and follow the steps.

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