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In this article, we will try to explore Aka.ms/remoteconnect and how this website helps Minecraft players to play the game on different devices. You must have your Microsoft Account to access Aka.ms/remoteconnect. This link is a web portal which allows the Minecraft players to cross play on platforms such as Xbox One, PS4, PS5,

They can also use Aka MS Remoteconnect to play Minecraft on Android smartphones and iPhones.

Minecraft Crossplay with Aka MS Remoteconnect

Minecraft has become one of the most beloved games among kids, teenagers, and adults. The players turn on their multiplayer settings and start playing the game. But like all the games, sometimes they face certain technical issues like the issue related to connectivity. We will discuss that in this article for your knowledge. If you connect your PS4, you can play Minecraft across various platforms with the help of Aka MS Remoteconnect.

Playing Minecraft with PS4 will not require you to have a Microsoft Live Account but option one is available for you. If you have your Microsoft account, then you can do Crossplay on devices other than PS4 or other consoles with the help of Aka.ms/remoteconnect website. You can connect your PlayStation 5 or Nintendo Switch as well.

It will also be possible for you to transfer purchases made on the Marketplace to other devices. You can also transfer Market Store to other devices.

What is Aka MS Remoteconnect Error?

Aka MS Remoteconnect Error Message appears most commonly when the players play Minecraft on platforms such as PlayStation or Nintendo Switch console. The problem stays the same with PlayStation-4, and PlayStation-5. It also appears on Nintendo Switch device and also on Nintendo Switch-Lite.

Aka MS Remoteconnect Error Message appears because the Minecraft players are required to have an active Xbox Live Account to play Minecraft on cross platforms.

The moment you see Aka MS Remoteconnect Error Message, go to Aka.ms/remoteconnect website.

When this error message shows on your screen, then it is a problem. But often you will also face “https aka ms remoteconnect not working” problem. If your Xbox Live Account is already used by someone else then this problem will appear.

What is Aka MS Remoteconnect Error

Let us talk about https aka ms remoteconnect, not working problem.

Enter the Minecraft Code

But before doing anything, you need to click on the below link https://aka.ms/remoteconnect.

Even after clicking the link, if you still face the above problem, then you can say that https aka ms remoteconnect, not working.

Enter the Minecraft Code

This link will take you to https://login.live.com/oauth20_remoteconnect.srf which is aka.ms/remoteconnect Minecraft Login page.

  • Enter the 8 Digit Code “2FRBVP2H” as displayed in the reference picture above about aka.ms/remoteconnect Minecraft Login. You can see the “Next button” below. Now click on it.
  • Now there is a “Play” button displayed on your device’s screen, click on it. It will take you to the https aka ms remoteconnect website.
  • Then you will land on the home screen of Minecraft Game. Click on the Swipe button to reach the “Friends” tab and click on “Add a Friend” to add your friend.
  • After that keep adding your Microsoft Game tabs one by one to find your friends.

This Aka.ms/remoteconnect Login link will help you to access your Microsoft Live Account and link your account. Entering the code in Aka MS Remoteconnect link will help you solve the “remote connect not connecting error”.

You need to Link your PS4 with a Microsoft Account so make sure you only use the Microsoft account which you want to connect with your Playstation Network account. The Microsoft account you select for your PS (PlayStation) Network will be permanent. So Link your PS4 with a Microsoft Account carefully and wisely.

What is Aka.ms/RemoteConnect?

Now, if you are new to Minecraft or have not faced the problem yet, you must have a question in your mind i.e. “What is Aka.ms/RemoteConnect?”

https aka ms remoteconnect is thebest online site that helps players to connect to different devices. https aka ms remoteconnect website is a safe and legitimate.

When you click on the link, it redirects to a page that is hosted on Microsoft Website that takes you to https aka ms remoteconnect account.

Your https aka ms remoteconnect account will not change and every time you will have to use the same account so if you wish to link another account of Microsoft which you have not used as a Microsoft Live Account then you can also do that.

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Contact to Service Team – Minecraft

Now you have learned how to enter Minecraft Code and connect your Microsoft Account using https aka remoteconnect, let us follow the simple steps to set up Minecraft Crossplay. It is as easy as https aka remoteconnect.

If you have read our article carefully about aka ms remote connect, but are still facing the problem even after using aka ms remote connect, then you should contact the Minecraft  Service Team.

Click on the link above and fill out the contact form to let the Minecraft Service Team know about the problem you are facing about ms remoteconnect.


While filling out the form, you will need to select the preferred language. You also need to provide your contact details along with the platform on which you are trying to play Minecraft. Choose the best reason to connect with the team and why they should get in touch with you. Also let them know the type or nature of your problem which mostly would be ms remoteconnect.

If it doesn’t help to solve your aka ms remote connect problem, then you can visit their location. The address is given below.

Mojang Studios,

Söder Mälarstrand 43,

Stockholm, Stockholm 11825



We thank you for reading our article carefully. We are sure that you have found this article about https aka ms remote connect, very useful.

If you have any questions about https aka ms remote connect or about this article, please feel free to write your comments below as it would also help others.


Is it possible to play Minecraft on both the PS4 and the Xbox?

Yes, users can play Minecraft on other devices as long as they are using the same version of the game and edition.

So, what is aka.ms remoteconnect?

The website, aka.ms remoteconnect, helps users to play Minecraft on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. Minecraft can be played with your friends and you can use other devices with the help of this website. Paste the code from your device or app when prompted.

Is Aka Ms Remoteconnect secure?

Yes, https://Aka.ms/remoteconnect is a secure Microsoft website.

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