How Late Is The Closest Grocery Store Open Near Me? Store Timing 24 Hours [2023]

Do you know How Late Is The Closest Grocery Store Open? Well, there may be more than one store in your area if you live in a metro city. But if you live in a small town or community, you may have very few stores around you to shop for grocery items.

Your nearest grocery store may open late, around 9 P.M., if you want to shop late. If there is more than one store, all may follow the identical opening time. Some stores may stay open for an hour and close at 10 P.M. So, you have limited time to shop for your grocery items.

Some stores may stay open late, but not all. Most of the grocery supermarkets will remain closed on Sundays. During holidays also, the store has to manage the employees’ and customers’ expectations, so it will consider changing the store’s schedule. You can also expect the store to stay closed during holidays.

If you are short on groceries and looking for a store open till midnight, you will struggle to find the right option.

I will help you understand the different store timing and conditions so that you face no trouble going to any store to buy urgent groceries.

For how late is the closest grocery store open near me?

how late is the closest grocery store open near me

  • The stores that are near your area follow their schedule. Some may open around 9 P.M. for late shopping. However, there is no rule of thumb that all stores will follow the same time and plan. In a small community, very few people may live and shop around the area till midnight.
  • So, if people do not buy groceries too late, the grocery store around you may close a little earlier. But all the stores understand the community and its needs. Therefore it will keep the stores open for quite some time until it darkens.
  • If you like to shop around Sundays, you must first check if your nearby store is open. In a small community, almost all the stores stay closed on Sundays.
  • During holidays, the store understands that most people will be busy celebrating and may not come as frequently as they used to. So, the grocery stores around you will stay closed for all the customers. So, please confirm the closest store open time.

You must find out if your local grocery store is open on Sundays or not.

Nearest Grocery Store Open Timing

nearest grocery store open timing

So many retail store brands start their business early in the morning and close around midnight. Although, many retail brands may consider closing it early. The store opening timing generally stretches to 12 hours.

Please read and remember to send some of the popular US retail stores open and close.

Retail Store Name Opening Time Closing Time
Walmart Inc. 09:00 A.M. 09:00 P.M.
Kroger Co. 09:00 A.M. 09:00 P.M.
Albertsons Companies, Inc 09:00 A.M. 09:00 P.M.
Ahold Delhaize 09:00 A.M. 09:00 P.M.
Publix Super Markets 09:00 A.M. 09:00 P.M.
ALDI Grocery Store 09:00 A.M. 09:00 P.M.
H-E-B Stores 09:00 A.M. 09:00 P.M.
Whole Foods Market 09:00 A.M. 09:00 P.M.
Wakefern Food Corp. 09:00 A.M. 09:00 P.M.
Meijer Inc. 09:00 A.M. 09:00 P.M.
  • Now you can see that stores start at 9:00 A.M. So if you wake up early and complete your shopping on any regular day, you will get all the items nearby your area. You will not have to remember the timing because most stores follow the same time for opening.
  • Whether you select Walmart, Whole Food Market, Aldi, or Albertsons available in your area, it is ok if you go after the opening time.
  • The closing time for all the popular retail stores is also the same. Best stores will close around 9 P.M. If you plan to go on an excellent tour for late-night shopping for groceries, you may be disappointed.
  • Out of all the above stores, almost all the stores will stay closed on Sundays. But if you go to any Walmart stores, you will also get your grocery items on Sunday.
  • Usually, on Sunday, the company follows a schedule from 6 A.M. to 10 P.M. So, you can shop as early as possible on any Sunday at Walmart. And you can also shop as late as possible. So, check if the nearest Walmart grocery stores open late on Sundays or not.
  • When you visit your nearby Walmart grocery store, kindly confirm the timing for all Sundays. Usually, all stores, including Wal-Mart, will stay closed during holidays or an emergency lockdown.
  • If you regularly shop from your favorite store, you may have an idea about the opening time and closing times.
  • Every store has its different timing. You have to keep yourself updated about the schedules of the store. The time is not that hard to remember except during holidays.
  • If you visit any other community or area, the timing may change. In other states, the timing will not stay the same for all stores.
  • Some retail brands keep their stores open during the entire week. Also, remain closed around 10 P.M. You will get all the items you need from any nearby stores at any time you want.
  • Save your time by visiting any nearby store to get your daily grocery items.
  • If you travel to find the best grocery store around your area, you may lose both stores.
  • The grocery stores also follow the local closing time. Let’s say all the businesses and shops close around 9 P.M. The grocery store may also decide to close at the same time or at least half an hour later.
  • Very few stores may stay open till 11 P.M., But you have to know which stores are open till this late.
  • If someone in your family worked at one of the grocery stores, then you may get the best idea from him. Usually, the employee is not about the opening time of their stores and other stores. They also know about the closing time of other stores.
  • If you are curious, the store manager will guide you about the opening and closing times of the grocery store.

About Grocery Store

about grocery store

When you visit any grocery store, you have all the daily food and household items available. You can buy any things you think are part of your life.

Most people work 9 to 5 jobs and find it hard to shop for groceries during the daytime. Therefore, they look for the best closest grocery store open late.

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If you have to travel alone to do your job, then you may take time commuting from one place to another. So you may not get enough time to shop for groceries. If you have kids, then managing your schedule can be very difficult.

Like all the other people, you will have to find time to shop for groceries.

Grocery stores may provide you with all the everyday items for household and food items, including fresh vegetables and fruits.

Today if you are too busy, you can order your groceries online. There are so many applications available online that would help you order items effortlessly. You can also visit the company’s official website to collect the necessary information.

Which is Better: A Grocery Store or a Convenience Store?

The significant difference between a grocery store and a convenience store must be the supplies.

  • If you go to any grocery store, you will get not only your daily household items but also all food, frozen food, daily supplies, extraordinary items, and others.
  • Grocery stores will also offer you a convenient way to shop. You can use a shopping cart when you are in the store.
  • There is also a good parking facility nearby grocery stores.
  • After shopping, if you forgot something to buy, you can go back and find that item.
  • You will also get a shipment to your company zone transport system.
  • Grocery Store have long aisles and enough space to move around. You can take your family there and enjoy a good shopping experience.

Grocery stores have their benefits. You can find all the supplies that you need in one place.

  • Convenience stores are a little different in terms of supply and facilities. Usually, in such stores, you will find only a few items essential to your daily needs.
  • Convenience stores do not offer shopping cards or shopping baskets.
  • You will find newspapers, coffee, small items such as candy, soft drinks, lottery tickets, confectionery, magazines, etc.
  • You can visit any convenience store
  • if you need some essential items urgently.
  • You can pay for the items in front of the cashier’s desk if you have cash.

Remember, convenience stores are not like the stores that sell groceries. You will not find many items and brands available in the local convenience store. These stores work as a life-saver when you cannot find the product of your favorite brand. If you do not know what time does Convenience store open? So, they can find this information from the nearest store.

Is buying items from the grocery store safer and more accessible?

buying items from the grocery store

  • Grocery stores have established themselves as go-to places for all the grocery and household items you require.
  • Many people consider shopping in stores a traditional method compared to the current technology. You can go to online stores and quickly buy whatever items you need from your home or any comfortable place.
  • Online shopping has main disadvantages also. You may get expired or not the products as per the expected quality.
  • Online you have various products available, but not all of them are available for sleeping in your location.
  • Save yourself from all the trouble, and you need to consider buying groceries from your nearby store.
  • If you find some low-quality products, you can set up your nearby store and return the product as per the policy and guidelines. You can also request the store manager to order some new products or brands. Usually, all the store managers are very receptive to your requests. So they may consider your request.
  • Many people consider online shopping a simple and effective option. But it is a very time-consuming process.
  • When you order online, your order may reach you within at least two days or up to a week.
  • In online shopping, you may also get your shipment broken or lost.

So, exactly how late is the closest grocery store open?

So, here we come to the final question – “how late is the closest grocery store open?”

  • The short answer is you cannot know for sure.
  • Every store has different schedules to follow. Every one of them follows a very different schedule from the other.
  • Some stores open at 9 A.M., but they may start the operation calculator.
  • Some of the stores may not have the items that you need. Even if you go early, you may not get the desired grocery item.
  • Store hours are related to the community and customer convenience. Also, brands keep their operation hours similar in all locations.
  • If you travel or migrate to a different state or stay there for some time, then there is a chance that you may face inconvenience while shopping in certain grocery stores. This time will change, and you may not be comfortable adjusting yourself in just a few days.
  • It is all good when you shop at any store unless you don’t know about the time for the weekend.
  • Do you know the answer to “grocery store open late near me?” If you know about it, then check the timing for the holidays.
  • You will save a lot of time when you shop from the closest grocery store.
  • If the closest store near you does not stay open during weekends or holidays, consider going to a different Store to shop for groceries.
  • You’ll have to check other grocery stores if you run out of your best options. Check if the stools are available on Sundays. If they are, you save a lot of trouble finding the item you need.

Are Supermarkets Near Me Open?

If you have supermarkets in your area, then you are lucky. Supermarkets have a fixed schedule and timing. The supermarket includes all the items that you need in your required quantity.

  • Almost all the supermarkets open at 6 A.M. So you can get there early and shop for the items you need for the day or week.
  • The supermarket’s closing time is around 10 P.M. See more time to shop late from your nearest open supermarket.
  • Are there any 24 supermarkets near me? – No supermarket will stay open for longer. A supermarket cannot work like this due to so many limitations
  • Supermarkets offer you almost all the items that you need.
  • You can check the closing time for opening time online or confirm it on the call support of the store. You can also pick up groceries on the way home.

How to Find Local Supermarkets Near Me?

Can you call a local supermarket when it is near your house? The local supermarket will be near the community where you live.

  • If you are new to the area, you must find the store yourself. You can ask the people around you or use any mobile application, maps, company website, etc.
  • Some local superstores will stay open late but not well. If your community is small and only one store near the area, you can expect it to close early. If your community is large and many people shop till late, the store may close at 11 P.M.
  • Before assuming the timing of the store, you can confirm it with the supermarket.
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What is Local Grocery Near Me?

what is local grocery mear me

Do you know in your area what grocery stores are open today? – Well, if you are asking if the local grocery stores are open on regular days, then sure, they are available. But just like convenience stores and supermarkets, your local grocery store may have different timing.

  • Check the local grocery store’s regular, Sunday, and weekday timing.
  • If you’re visiting a supermarket, you should know the opening time before the visit.
  • The local grocery store and supermarkets both may have similar or different times. Local stores depend more on the people living in a community, so the timing may be according to most people.
  •  Please keep the local store contact number saved on your mobile phone. You can confirm if the store is open or closed during the holidays or the weekends.
  • Local stores may not have a website, but please check the timings, offers, special deals, and other essential updates if they do.
  • Local grocery stores have one great advantage: you don’t have to travel too far to get your groceries.

Do Grocery stores serve late-night snacks?

Many people like to eat late-night snacks. If you are late and don’t want to cook, you can enjoy snacks late at night.

  • Please keep searching until you find the nearby stores open to serve late-night snacks.
  • You can maintain your health if you are a healthy person who does not follow late-night meals. But if there is no other way and you are hungry, you must visit the nearby store that offers meals late.
  • Usually, stores provide late-night snacks or meals at specific times. The snack hours may not last for long. So you have to hurry.
  • The stores are open 24 hours and may provide more details about the different snack timings.

How to find any grocery stores open near me?

how to find any grocery stores open near me

Sometimes, you struggle to find a nearby store that sells you grocery items. The reason for this is all the stores have their different timing.

If you want to determine the best time to go to the nearest store, you must know about the store’s operating hours. Many want to know the answer to the 24-hour grocery store near me.

To find the nearest grocery store hours of closing and opening, you must take the help of online maps and store support teams.

You can ask the local store manager or any other staff member about this. You may use many tools to find which supermarket or store you can visit to buy groceries.

Most tools to find the nearby grocery store or supermarket are available online. You will also find basic information about the store and its products. Suppose a supermarket happens to have a website. In that case, it will make things significantly easier to contact the representatives or staff members and find out more about the timing and product availability.

  • To find a store’s contact number, you can type the store’s name in your Google search.
  • Even the smallest store will have a Google account and their address registered.

Here are some other tools that you can use to find the best place to buy groceries.

Using Google Maps:

Google maps may be the best tool that you can use to find any location. In Google maps, you can find the nearby store location that offers grocery items.

Using the internet browser:

  • Open your personal computer and access the browser.
  • Open Google Maps.
  • Search for “groceries stores” or locate the symbol of a supermarket in the quick menus.
  • Press the enter button.
  • You will see the list of all groceries stores based on your location.

How to find out if my nearest supermarket has closed?

Google maps help the customer find the store for what they are looking for. There are so many other functions that you can use by accessing Google maps.

  • When you access the portal, you will find the status that says “Open now.” It means that the selected store is open at the moment.
  • The status -“closed” refers to the selected store being closed at the moment.
  • You can see the opening and closing times of the grocery stores near you by checking the status.
  • Some stores will have a status saying “Open for 24 hours”.
  • By scrolling down, you may find a list of other stores as well that are nearby to your area.
  • You may choose a different store to buy groceries if you see the closed status.
  • Besides open and close options, there are other options in the drop-down menu; you can explore them to find more interesting facts about the store.
  • You can also check the reviews and see if the people are delighted with the grocery store and its services.

Where are the best Global Supermarkets available?

You may not know all the names of the shops around you unless you have lived in that area for longer.

If you are new in the area or just moved in, you must know about the shop name, area, open time, close time, and any other general details. You may also read the reviews if there are or be the first one to place a review about the store’s service.

7/11 General stores (24 hours store)

7/11 general stores

You may find about 10,000 stores of 7-Eleven. 7/11 is a convenience store chain that stays open for 24 hours. You will be surprised at how many things you can find in the store. If you have never visited any 7/11 store before, you must consider visiting once. You will find many such stores throughout the USA that would sell your groceries at any time.

  • Use google Maps to find nearby 7/11 stores.
  • Use third-party apps to check the details.
  • You can navigate the direction of the grocery shop nearby your area and check all the details regarding the hours of operation.
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Walmart store (Not 24 hour sure)

walmart store

Walmart has nearly thousands of stores in all countries. Opening and closing schedules of Walmart stores is fixed. All the Walmart stores can provide you all kinds of groceries needed.

You can use the features of the store-locator from the official website to locate the nearby Walmart store.

Cub Foods (24 Hour Store)

cub foods

Cub Foods is mainly limited to Minnesota. You will find about 80 stores located in Minnesota. The Cub Foods store details are available on its official website at You can contact the customer support team or check the store locator and get all the details.

Winco Stores (24 Hour Store)

winco stores

In the entire United States, you will find so many Winco stores that you can visit and see all the grocery items. These stores are available in Arizona, Oregon, Texas, Oklahoma, Nevada, Idaho, California, and Montana. If you live around Utah state or Washington State, you will find almost all the stores that stay open for 24 hours.

You can check the website and find all the relevant details about the store online or using a mobile app or store’s locator application on the website.

Safeway Stores (24 Hour Store)

safeway stores

There are more than a thousand Safeway stores in the entire United States of America. If you don’t know the fact about 24 Hours Safeway Stores, then yes, many Safeway stores stay open for 24 Hours.

You will find only a limited number of stores that stay open for 24 hours. The company decided to limit the stores that used to remain open for 24 hours.

You can still search the stores that stay open for more than 24 hours. Use your Google Map application, or you can check the company’s official website.

Hy-Vee Stores (Not 24 hours stores)

hy-vee stores

You may find HY-VEE stores in these locations if you live in Kansas, Wisconsin, Illinois, Nebraska, Minnesota, Missouri, South Dakota, or Iowa. Hy-VEE does not stay open for 24 hours. But if you go and visit the store, then you will buy the groceries that you need.

Giant Eagle Stores (Not 24 hours Stores)

giant eagle store

Giant Eagle is available in more than 400+ locations like Maryland, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. Find the nearby Giant Eagle store and get your daily supplies and groceries.

To find out about the store, use store-locator or use Google Maps. You will find the store.

Besides the above stores, other stores provide grocery items such as Meijer, Harris Teeter, Price Chopper Supermarket, Kroger, Wegmans, etc. These stores are not open for 24 hours, but you will find all the groceries and supplies you need.

What can you purchase at Grocery Stores?

If you do not know the products available at Grocery Stores, then the below points will help you. For daily life’s needs, you will require food, supplies to store, conventional items, and confectionery. I have listed all the grocery items that you need.

  • Vegetables, Fruits, and Cereals
  • Seafood, Meat, and related items.
  • Frozen Food items like desserts and others.
  • Essential food items for food storage such as bread, juices, corn, etc.
  • Conventional items such as Rice, Flour, Sugar, etc.
  • Dairy Items
  • Bundled Food items
  • Snacks and other storage foods.

There is no limit to what you can buy at any grocery store. The stores are not limited to just the above items. But you can also purchase other household items that fulfill your daily needs. The grocery supermarkets, shops, local stores, or any name you give are the essential places that provide you with all the best supplies for yourself.

These stores may also offer you some discounts, offers, coupons codes, and best deals on selected items.


In the end, you may have gotten the correct answer to the question “How Late is The Closest Grocery Store Open?”. Although many stores stay open for 24 hours and provide grocery items, you must understand that not all stores will remain open.

Buying groceries is a fundamental need for any customer. If you are new around the area and cannot locate the nearby store or its timing, you must confirm the timing with the local community and get help. You can randomly ask about the store’s location and find all the details. Or you can use Google Maps and other applications to help yourself out.

Some stores offer people a chance for late-night snacks and meals also. You can contact your nearby store and get the details about opening and closing times.

How did you like this article? Did you find the information that you were looking for? If you have any doubts, I am here to listen to them. I will try to provide the best possible answer to your questions or doubts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the grocery crowded at the time of late shopping?

Typically, these stores have less of a crowd. Not all people have a habit of late-night shopping. If the customer regularly gets free late, then these stores help. Check out the timing and find the suitable items that you need for yourself or your family.

Why do the stores have to stay open for 24 hours?

Not all stores need to stay open for that long. But it is good to have some stores open at the time of need. The stores are available for 24-hours straight to help the customers get all the groceries and household items they want.

Is Kroger the oldest chain of groceries?

Yes, Kroger has been around since 1883. The business has been standing for more than 100 years. It is one of the best and most successful brands in the country.

How Late Is The Closest Grocery Store Open during holidays?

Holidays and weekends are the two times grocery stores may not open during regular hours.

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