Complete Guide on Dollar General Portal – DGME Employee Login 2022

Dgme Employee Login

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Welcome back. Today’s article is about Dgme employee login.  We are going to talk about the portal Dgme and the information like what is it, what benefits the Dgme employee gets using Dgme employee login on the portal, and what an employee would require to log in Dg me portal. And we have also covered a complete login guide with steps to help the employees successfully log in to the Dg me portal.

With Dollar general login, the employees get many benefits like checking work schedules, Dg paystub, checking the work-related information, checking payroll information, W2s information, etc.

Not everyone may know about the Dgme portal let alone the Dgme employee login. So this article will make the steps of logging into the portal very easy for everyone who is reading it.

Before we continue to explore the benefits and login requirements of using the Dgme portal, let us understand the company Dollar General company.

About Dollar General Company

Dollar General Corporation is a USA-based company. This company is popular as a discount retailer that runs a chain of more than 17,000 varieties stores in the whole country. There are many products that Dollar General offers to its customers. In a few words, all the products required by the people on the daily basis are available with Dollar General.

about dollar general company

The Dollar General stores offer great national brands like Energizer, Procter, and Gambler, Coca Cola, Unilever, etc. to name a few. Dollar General also provides products from private brands to its customers that are not much expensive and serve the purpose.

The Dollar General is a family-owned retail business that is located in Tennessee, (Goodlettsville), USA.

Dollar General was founded in 1939. At that time, it was known as J.L Turner and Son. The founders of J.L. Turner and Son (now Dollar General) were James Luther Turner & Cal Turner.

The company is also good to care for its employees to provide all the basic facilities and more. Starting from Paystub dollar general to accessing employee benefits and other relevant information, Dollar General Portal makes the work-life of the employee easier.

Now let us understand about the employee benefits.

What are the Dgme Employee Login Benefits?

  • Competitive Pay
  • Health benefits
  • Insurance benefits
  • Supplement insurance benefits
  • Legal benefits
  • Accident
  • MetLaw legal plans
  • Parental leave
  • Use of flexible spending accounts
  • Adoption assistance
  • Identity Theft protection benefits
  • Investment opportunities for retirements
  • Retirement saving plans
  • Short-term/long-term disability
  • DG Day dress
  • Fitness Center facility
  • Annual bonus pay
  • Paystub dollar general timely updates
  • Paid vacations and paid holidays
  • Recognizing reward program

The Dgme Employee benefits can be categorized into Health benefits, Retirement benefits, Compensation benefits, Rewards benefits, Store support Rewards.

Benefits of Using Dgme Employee Access Portal

  • Checking work schedule
  • Checking Dg paystub
  • Payroll information
  • W2s
  • Employee information

With the Dgme employee access login, the employees can get access to the other general benefits that the employees should have.

Dollar General Employee Portal Sign In Requirements

  • Website Official URL address of Dgme employee portal –
  • ID & password of Dollar general employee login
  • Latest web browser with updates
  • Personal Computer, Smartphone, Laptop, Tablet
  • Uninterrupted internet with good speed

How to Login to Dgme Employee Portal Account?

If you wish to log in to Dollar general employee portal successfully without any problem, please use the steps given in their correct order.

login to dgme employee portal

  • Add Login ID
  • Type Your Initials (Your First Legal name and Las Legal Name)
  • Add your password
  • Click Login

If during the above steps, you do not remember your password for Dollar general employee access.

How to Reset DGME Employee Portal Password?

The password is very important for Dollar general employee access you do not remember your password, you should not worry. Without your password, you may not be able to check necessary information like Dollar general pay stub related information or work updates.

click on forgot password in dgme employee access login page

  • Click Forgot Password?

enter required details and click on submit to reset dgme employee access login password

  • Enter Employee ID, First Legal Name,
  • Add SSN – only the last 4 digits
  • Type Birth Month, Birth Day and Birth Year
  • Click Submit.

After completing the above steps, it will take no time for your to log in to the Www dgme com portal. After logging in the employee can check up on the details like Dgme com paystub or dgme work schedule.

What are the Steps of Dollar General Coupons Login?

For coupon login, go for these steps. You will need your Dollar general coupons login – credentials with you.

login to dollar general coupon account

  • Click Sign In.

Keep following the instructions when appear on your screen.

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Dollar General Employee Portal Login Help and Contact Information

You will need customer support because if you are unable to log in or face technical problems during your login, then you need to know whom should you contact.

Official DG website for help:

Customer Care Phone number: 877-463-1553

FAQs – dgme

Dollar general paystub – what is it?

The Dollar general paystub means the paycheck that the employee receives each month. To check paystub online the employees can use Dgme paystub login. With Dgme paystub login, the employees receive important updates about the Dollar general pay stubs on their devices.

This portal makes accessing Dollar general pay stubs very easy for employees.

If you have any trouble using Dollar general pay stub, please contact the helpline.

Who else can access the portal Www dgme com? And what they do with that access?

Only the employees of DG are allowed to access the portal. They can access the portal for Dgme com paystub or check or update their personal information, accessing info on W2s.

Is there any Dgme app for smartphones?

Yes, you can download the Dgme app using the below links

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