Canvas PSU: Helpful Guide to Access Penn State eLearning System [2023]

Canvas PSU Login

Canvas PSU portal – Canvas PSU is the system developed by Penn State for conducting online teaching and learning. It is commonly known as Penn state – online learning system. It is a completely cloud based system, so do not worry about the storage and other requirements.

canvas psu portal

If you have opted for the online course at PSU, then all your studies will be carried out on Canvas PSU.

With the help of PSU Canvas, the students can perform many important tasks such as, checking their current course on their dashboard, download the course material, receive and submit the assignments, and many more.

Let us see how you can login into PSU canvas and access all its features.

How to Login into PSU Canvas?

Kindly follow the below written steps for PSU Canvas Login:

  • Open the official website on your updated web browser –, use the link instead:

click on canvas login

  • Once it is loaded, tap on the Canvas Login icon on the right upper corner of the webpage, or you may directly search for

login into psu canvas portal

  • Now, choose an option to login.
  • When you tap the login button, you will see a screen asking for PSU userID and its associated password.
  • Type your user Id and password very carefully.
  • Once you have entered the correct details, you will be taken to your dashboard, on which you can see course schedule, materials, and most importantly contact your tutors/ faculty.

On your Canvas PSU Dashboard, many courses might be listed, you can view them by tapping on their name one after another. You can access the complete  set of your courses in course tab by selecting global navigation.

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You can check the grades you have achieved in various courses by selecting the option “grade”. Further, there is an interesting thing here, you can see a feedback option, remember to check this always, these are the comments from your instructor on the assignments you have submitted. The rubric icon is where you will find it.

In a case where you have forgotten your password, or are not able to recall it, you may recover the same by visiting page and verifying the ownership of your account by answering a few questions.

How to Access Canvas PSU from My Mobile Device?

Kindly follow the below mentioned easy steps to use Canvas PSU on your mobile device.

  • Visit the Google’s play store or Apple’s app store and search for – “Canvas teacher by instructure”
  • Now, when you find it, tap on install. It may take some time, kindly wait till it downloads and opens up.
  • Upon starting the app, you have to choose your school.
  • Write Penn State or PSU in the search bar, and tap on the continue button. Now, you will be redirected to your web access of PSU Canvas. Add your login information here.
  • Once you have done the process till here, you can now see the list of courses.
  • If you are running out of space, or do not wish to install the app, you may use the mobile web browser for accessing Canvas.
  • Now, you can access all the web features on your mobile device.

Features of Canvas PSU

You can find the below listed features after logging into Penn State Canvas learning management system:

  • Get online education or complete the remaining education
  • Check your profile
  • View your grades obtained
  • Check and update To-Do list
  • Can organize a group discussion
  • Online listing of course
  • Both faculty and students can complete their academics.
  • You may share your thoughts in course discussion boards.
  • Get all the current and latest news of events and happenings around the university.
  • Students can stay organized and focused with the help of Calendar.
  • A major advantage is accessibility of Canvas PSU on your mobile.
  • Canvas encourages a re-grading system, to help students achieve good rank with specific question types.
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So, in this article we have seen what is Canvas PSU, how to login into the portal, what are the key features of using the PSU Canvas, and how to use it on your mobile device. If you like the details we have provided, spread the word by sharing it, and also if you have any question or queries, raise them in the comment section, I will make sure to reply to you as fast as I can. Thank you for reading till last.


Penn State Canvas helpline number?

Find the number below to solve any query you might have on Penn State Canvas Login; 814.865.4357.

I am having an issue in Canvas PSU Login, can I write an email stating my concern?

You can send the email on [email protected] stating your concern, the respective department will revert you as soon as he can.

Is Instructure PSU available on Mobile phones?

Yes, kindly check the above section on – Can I access Canvas PSU from my mobile device, you will get all the details.

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Is there any facility to learn Canvas Penn State – PSU Instructure portal?

At the Canvas learning center, you will get the complete PSU Canvas Training, how to use it and much more.

Is Canvas PSU Edu down?

It’s Canvas.PSU.Edu is working completely fine.

I am not able to view some material on Canvas Login PSU?

It might be locked, because you might have not submitted any assignments, first complete the pending task, then you can access the locked material.

Can you provide PSU Canvas Support details?

You may try any of the below:

Does my PSU Dashboard show my course details?

Yes, you can see many details along with the course details on the PSU Dashboard.

I am not able to perform Canvas Penn State Login?

Check the password, check the browser, or try a different browser, or contact the support.

How can I do Canvas.PSU.Edu Sign In?

Visit and tap on Need a canvas account?

click on need a canvas account in canvas instructure account

And the keep following the guidelines you see on the screen.

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