Brightspace Purdue Login – Complete Guide to Login to Purdue University LMS [2022]

Brightspace Purdue Login

Brightspace Purdue is an LMS or Learning Management System that Purdue University has used. This LMS system is centrally supported and developed by D2L that includes instructional materials and the interaction done by students.

How to Access Brightspace Purdue Login Portal?

Kindly follow the steps for accessing Purdue Brightspace login portal,

access brightspace purdue portal

  • Now you will have the Purdue University Brightspace login page open on your screen.
  • Here you have choose from
    • Purdue West Lafayette
    • Purdue Fort Wayne
    • Purdue Global
    • Purdue Northwest
  • Now please select the most applicable option.

login to brightspace purdue portal

  • Please type your valid Purdue username.
  • Then please type your password linked to your account.
  • Now please click on the Login option to open your Brightspace Purdue login LMS / Learning Management System.

How to Brightspace Purdue Grade Feedback?

For each assignment, you will get the right feedback via written, rubric or audio means or you can get the combination of all of these.

Do you know what Rubric is?

Rubric is a tool for scoring. It accurately shows the expectations of the performance for a work assignment. A rubric is useful in separating the assigned task or project into different component parts. It provides a clear description of the work characteristics related to each and every component. These descriptions are at different levels of the skills or mastery.

Below I have explained simple steps of accessing the Brightspace Purdue feedback while publishing the graded material.

  • On the Brightspace Purdue login website, search the “Course Tools” menu and from it you need to find the “Assignment”
  • You will be able to know the details about the submission of Course Assignment. You will also get the details of “Not Submitted” assignments. But you will not find the discussions listed in the Course Assignment.
  • On the portal, you will be able to see the details of Grades, Feedbacks and Submissions. You can access the benefits by clicking on “Read” or “Unread” options or buttons near to the Feedback.
    • What does Read mean? – You have read these feedback
    • What does Unread mean? – You have not yet read the feedback.
  • Find the “Grades” from the course.
  • Now you need to go down and find Discussions in the course. You will find the feedback you gave listed to the right.
  • Occasionally, the instructions may give you specific feedback by giving feedback. You can open the Grades and see this Feedback.
  • You can access the View Graded Feedback option to find the particular feedback you are looking for.

How to Use Kaltura for Your Video Assignments

use kaltura for video assignments

Kalura can help you upload videos to your Brightspace Purdue Discussions or Assignments. Kaltura will help you further to upload your videos safely so that only your instructors or your classmates can see.

All your Assignment videos you upload using Kaltura will be viewable by your instructors. The instructors can see the videos uploaded to Discussions are visible by all the people who has direct access to Discussion Forum.

  • First, you need to access the D2L Brightspace Purdue login portal and select the course for which you are planning to upload your video.
  • If your assignment is a video assignment, then you need to click the name of your assignment first in the right module. Also, you can click on the Course Tools and then select Discussions using the menu and click on it.
  • Click on the Insert Stuff button it will be on the top at the right corner.
  • Now you must add the Kultura Media.
  • Now find the option + for and then click on the Media Upload (it will be available in the drop down menu)
  • Now click on the video file and perform a drag and drop of your video from your PC to the online window on your browser. Now you need to find the button + and click the option File To Upload to find the file for upload. Now you will need to scroll down to find the pop-up window and you will get the list of options. Now wait as your video gets uploaded.
  • Now the video will take a few minutes in the Kaltura conversion process.
  • Click on the Refresh icon on the right side to the top and find the option Add Kaltura MediaScreen to check on the video.
  • It will be a few minutes for the video to be ready and once it is ready, please click the </> Embed option. It will on the right side of your page.
  • You will have a very useful option to view your video also. Now the next step is to add that video to the Discussion or Assignment option by clicking on the Insert button.
  • You will find the video added to the Submission window. Now you have the option to add either text or any other content. Once everything is complete, click on the Finish button.

Steps to Enable Brightspace Purdue Notification

You will not get the automatic updates and emails for the courses by Purdue Brightspace on your email. To get all the notifications and keeping yourself up-to-date about the details from your instructor, you need to manually sign in for the notifications.

  • On the official Brightspace Purdue login portal, click on the Name option and then click on Notifications from the menu.
  • Please select the email address on which you want the notification for. It will be available below the Contract Method. Please use your Purdue Email so that you can get the best results. You can also change your email by clicking on Change Your Email option setting. Now please register your Mobile number as well if you want.
  • Please now select the frequency which will be available under Summary. On this frequency, you will get all the Brightspace Purdue notifications of your activities.
  • Below the Instant Notification option, you will have to select the elements for which you want to get notifications. Please add the Announcement as well in your options.
  • Kindly go below the page by scrolling to customize your page. Please select the option – “Allow future courses to send the notifications”. With this setting, your previous setting will be updated for the courses of the future.
  • Now please click on the option – Manage My Course Exclusions. It will help you remove the courses for which you do not wish to get the notification.
  • After that please click on Save button.

Brightspace Purdue Login – Contact Details

I hope you have read all the details of the Brightspace Purdue portal carefully. In case you are still facing issues then please use the contact Bright Space Purdue contact details.

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Now you have a clear idea about the Brightspace Purdue login and all the important steps. In case you are still having some critical issues related to the Brightspace Purdue login, please comment to me, I will try to fix it.


Is Brightspace Purdue login safe to access?

Yes, you can open the official Purdue portal with your Brightspace Purdue login without worrying about the safety.

Whom should I contact for the Brightspace Login Purdue related trouble?

You can contact the 888-522-7747 number for Brightspace Login Purdue related issues.

I am facing technical issues on Brightspace Purdue Global, whom should I inform about it?

You must contact the Purdue Global Brightspace technical support email : [email protected]

Does the Purdue Global Login Brightspace have a good interface?

If you are using the Purdue Global Login Brightspace for the very first time, still you would find the User-Interface very much easy to understand and use.

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