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Hey guys, Let us learn about – https // Sign In. If you are not aware that the have no idea about what is Microsoft Authenticator App and how to set up Multi-Factor Authentication for your Microsoft account, please read this article with attention.

You have to read this article to find the information about the URL Follow the step for the Aka Mfa Setup.

This article will guide you on the for Multi-Factor Authentication on the website URL

About Https Aka ms mfasetup

The https aka ms mfasetup is a Microsoft multi-factor authentication website that allows you to give 2 different Multi-Factor Authentication proofs that you should know before you login to your account. The verifies your individuality. First you need to visit the website https aka ms mfasetup.

How to Setup Multi-Factor Authentication on Microsoft

For Multi-Factor Authentication, there are three authentication options.

SMS: When you attempt to sign in, you will receive an sms with a verification number. In the log-in interface, enter the verification code that has been offered.

Mobile Application Push: This option sends users a pop-up notification on your tablet or smartphone, questioning whether to accept or reject it.

Mobile Application OAUTH: The MS authenticator app generates a Six-digit code for verification that is regenerated every half a minute. This is essential if you are in a region where cell coverage is poor.

What is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?

While logging into Mfa Setup Microsoft online accounts with authentication, the verification of what you are and are you the one you claim to be. Earlier the authentication was done with a simple password or passcode whatever you want to call it and with your username or user ID. But with Microsoft’s Multi-Factor Authentication.

The usernames are easier and you can discover them easily. The username usually consists of your Email address so you need to remember your email address only. But passwords are a bit difficult to keep in mind. It would not be wise to keep only one password for every single website you use or the account you open online.

Unfortunately, that isn’t the ideal method of doing it. Usernames are frequently easy to recognize; in certain cases, they are also your email address. Although passwords might be impossible to memorize, many use simple ones or use the same password across many sites.

In this two factor authentication process, the user has to choose the combination of 2 different factors 1. Something only you know and 2. something you possess.

Password is easily retractable, but the second factor is – what you possess is quite complex to.

Trace you back. Something you possess includes – a secure USB device or smartphone, a secured PIN, facial recognition, or fingerprint. Login Step by Step Guide

You are requested to follow the below-mentioned simple steps to access your Aka ms mfasetup portal.

go to microsoft sign in page

  • Enter, either email, phone number, or skype address.
  • Click on the next button

Multi-Factor Authentication Online

enter required details and click on sign in

  • Type in your Login credentials and press login button.
  • Hit the next button, to know the further details.

Set up the method you prefer for authentication:

There are various methods to set up a Multi-Factor Authentication, we will see one by one:

Multi-Factor Authentication Through Text Message

  • Select “Authentication phone” from the list of options

setup multi factor authentication via text message

  • Enter your phone number, please make sure you can receive a text message on this number.
  • Click on “send me code button”
  • You will receive a code, enter that in the box given below.
  • Kindly enter the code you receive on the enrolment page and your authentication process is done.

Multi-Factor Authentication Via Mobile App Push/OAuth

  • Please choose the Mobile App alternative from the drop-down menu.

setup multi factor authentication through mobile app

  • For verification, select Receive notifications.
  • Please then click the Setup button.
  • On your Smartphone, download Microsoft Authenticator app using App Store (iOS- apple ) or the Play Store from Google (Android).
  • Launch, on your On your smartphone, the Microsoft Authenticator app.
  • Click the + sign for adding an account and next choose either “Work or School Account.”
  • This application-Microsoft Authenticator will increase your smartphone’s camera.
  • Use camera for QR Code appearing on your computer screen.
  • It enables the device to do Mobile App OAUTH.

Multi Factor Authentication Using Phone call

  • Security Info – Edit.

set up microsoft authenticator app

  • Please choose Phone.
  • Please enter your phone number, either mobile or landline.
  • Select Call Me and then press the Next button.
  • You will be contacted by Microsoft. To authenticate the login, type #. 

How to Setup The Microsoft Authenticator App

click on plus icon and select work or school account

  • Please choose between the Work and School accounts. Scan the QR on PC screen using phone.
  • You cannot use the camera of phone, you’ll then need to provide a 9-digit cod on the URL.

set up microsoft authenticator app

  • On your phone, a test approval popup will appear.
  • Please click the Approve button.
  • This generated code can be used when requested Microsoft multi-factor authentication.

How to Setup Microsoft 365 sign-in for multi-factor authentication?

Once your admin has approved MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) for your company and account, you must configure your user account to use it. This shouldn’t take more than a minute.

You add an extra degree of security to your Microsoft 365 login account by enabling Multi-Factor Authentication.

First put your password, then randomly created verification-code given or provided by the app – Microsoft Authenticator App or sent to your phone.

  • Log in to Microsoft 365 with your school or work account and password as normal.
  • Click Sign in, then add more information.
  • Click Next button.
  • It is a free Microsoft Authenticator is for the Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Press Next and do as directed on-screen to add this account on your mobile.
  • Select – “I wish to set up a different way” if you’d rather get SMS messages on your phone.
  • While authenticating the device, you will be inquired by Microsoft 365 about the phone number and will be delivered an SMS-Text Message of 6-digit.
  • After you complete the instructions to designate your alternate verification method, the next time you log in to Microsoft 365, you will be required to provide extra verification information or perform an action, such as inputting the verification code from your mobile phone.

The apps that do not support Multi-Factor Authentication, create password for them.


So, thank you for paying attention to the Multi-Factor Authentication process using https // sign in website. We hope you have learned great information about the Microsoft Authenticator App. The Mfa Setup Microsoft website allows an easy authentication process and our article clearly explains it in great detail. You are supposed to read the information that is provided in our article and carefully implement each step so that you have no trouble getting through the process of your Multi-Factor Authentication process.

Aka mf Help

The above Aka mf help guide will enable you to get your queries solved.

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Why is it important to do Mfa Setup Microsoft – Multi-Factor Authentication on

By doing the Multi-Factor Authentication on the website is for providing additional protection. With the Aka Mfa Setup on the, any organization can enhance its security and provide an additional layer of protection.

Does MFA take too much time to Mfasetup?

The Multi-Factor Authentication takes less than a couple of minutes. It includes simple steps with simple instructions. The Microsoft multi-factor authentication process lets you successfully secure your Microsoft 365 Sign in and account.

Can all the applications support the MFA – Microsoft’s- Multi-Factor Authentication?

Not all the applications support the MFA-Multi-Factor Authentication as some may not support the authentication. So those applications that do not support the Microsoft-Multi-Factor Authentication-MFA will require you to set up a password instead for security.

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